Writing Results Section of a Dissertation

July 13, 2021 | George Orwell | 1870 views

When you have completed the collection and analysis of the data, then now it is time to write the results section of your dissertation.

What is the results section of the dissertation?

The results section of a dissertation reports the precise and brief findings of your results. All results are to be stated in a logical order. You can use graphs and tables to show any specific results.

The length of the results section depends upon the amount of data collected and analyzed. The results should be precise and clearly answer your research problems or research questions.

When to include a results section in a dissertation?

The inclusion of a results section depends upon the field of your research, you might not want to include a separate section for the results because in some analysis such as qualitative research the results are often combined and discussed in the discussion section of the dissertation.

But in most cases when you are using empirical research it is suggested to discuss the results here only as it gives the clear idea to the reader of what your key findings are.

The results section is always written in the past tense. Do not include the subjective results here, you can consider including that for the discussions section.

Research Results For Qualitative and Quantitative research

Qualitative and Quantitative research is used widely and commonly in the dissertation. We will discuss the results section in both the research.

Results in Quantitative research

Quantitative research often has statistical results. For eg:  Surveys and experiments.
You will have to report descriptive statistics to describe proportions, averages and another variability of the data. The most sensible way to report a quantitative report is to stick around your research questions and problems.

Keep these points in mind while writing:

  • Keep in mind the type of analysis you have used in your research.
  • Write a brief summary of the results with respect to descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.
  • Include a brief description where the research questions have been answered and how it has been supported.

If you are unsure what to be included in the results you can check the section of other researches you are referring to have an idea of what should be included.

You should consider both negatives and positives of the results. If your findings are not according to your expectation you still need to include them. Do not write in the descriptive form be brief save the descriptions for the discussion section.

Tables and figures:-

In quantitative research it is a good idea to include tables, charts and graphs to increase the engagement and interest of readers they present the data in a more precise way. Make sure it accurately reflects the results.

State the table and figures with proper markings and title so that data can be represented in a clear way.

Results in Qualitative research

The qualitative research has not specific data which directly shows the results of the dissertation. It is a subjective research method and requires discussion over patterns.

For each of the key findings make a general observation. For example- mention the repeating point of agreements and disagreements. The individual response, patterns, trends etc. You can clarify these points with direct support.

Results Vs discussion Vs conclusion

Results section focuses on providing the key findings, brief observations related to each of the research questions.

Words like ‘appear’ ‘suggest’ and ‘imply’ should be avoided in the results section and should be saved for later use in the discussion section, where the descriptive discussion will be written.

In the conclusions section, you make your interpretation of the results into an overall answer to the main research questions. The conclusion is sometimes included in the discussion but often written as a separate page.

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