Sample Dissertation Proposal on Global Warming

July 13, 2023 | George Orwell | 1791 views

Graduates and PhD students are assigned with dissertation proposal writing by the professors and mentors before writing the dissertation. If the dissertation proposal gets approved only then students can write the dissertation.

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Sample Dissertation proposal on Global Warming 

Here is a environmental research proposal example that is written below by the Students Assignment Help experts. The sample is going to help the PhD students who are unable to draft their dissertation proposal with perfection. So if you are also facing the trouble to put your dissertation proposal in regular format and structure just try to read the research papers on global warming.


The issue of global warming is affecting every single life these days’ people are dying of land sliding, flood, and drought which is a result of global warming. So it becomes very crucial to address the issue on a formal ground to curtail its growth further. Here in this dissertation, we will try to focus on the major consequences of global warming, its source and solutions as well.

It will be done by focusing on the major reasons which are giving rise to global warming like luxury electronic goods at home and rise in traffic on the roads. The topic of the dissertation writing revolves around the genuine and authentic study on global warming so that authentic solutions can be derived for it.

Body of Sample project proposal on Global Warming

Research Methodologies Researcher has use 

Both qualitative and quantitative methods for conducting research on the topic of global warming . With the help of quantitative data, we can figure out the impact of global warming on human life and tragedies caused in the past. At the same time, we will be able to know the points on how to get rid of this issues.  That is how it can be possible to reach the best solution on the topic for a dissertation.

The motive of the dissertation writing

  Aim of research is to analyze devastating impact of global warming on the vegetation of polar reasons. In the past couple of decades, we can encounter a huge rise in global warming. With the help of the topic, readers will be able to understand the entire issue of global warming and how it can be related to the environment and human life. The dissertation is also focused on finding relevant solutions to deal with the issue of global warming to minimize its impact on the environment and human being.

Literary review

The high impact of global warming is taking away many lives every year through avalanches, flood, and drought. That is why it becomes very crucial to understand it on minor grounds and solving the issue efficiently. It has been a long time from when the scientists and other environmentalist are working towards suitable solutions to check global warming. But still, none of them is much successful in the deed.

Ethical issues and your dissertation

Researcher has plan dissertation very carefully by using only authentic resources in the research work to avoid any ethical dispute. There will be no direct and indirect attack on any person and living being on the basis of a biased approach in the dissertation. The dissertation is away from any account of an ethical uproar as it does not hurt any sentiment and believe of the people from across the world.

The time that will be taken for writing the dissertation

The minimum possible time need for completing the dissertation .

In order to produce the best piece of the dissertation by doing ground-level research this much time is very crucial .Writing in a hurry can destroy the essence of the paper . It  will not produce anything [productive out of research for society. That is why one month’s time students need for writing the dissertation on the topic.


So the overall dissertation will focus on the various environmental aspects .

To reach the solutions for global warming  researcher has use various online and offline resources .

Suggested global warming research proposals topics

Below are few topics on which you can write research proposals these are:

  1. Effects of global warming
  2. Causes of global warming
  3. Influence of global warming on human behavior.
  4. How dangerous is the threat of floods which global warming cause?
  5. Is global warming a myth?
  6. What are global reports on climate change?
  7. Influence of global warming on biodiversity.
  8. Effect of global warming on plants.

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