Unit 46-LO2 Discuss the uses of social media and their impact on the market and audience-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

Social media has changed from a simple way to talk to people, to something that is used for marketing and advertising. People can use it as a way to express their opinions, show support, and spread the word about your company or brand. When you are making your plan for social media in the business world, it’s important that it fits into your overall strategy. This could mean using one platform like Instagram or Facebook over another like Twitter. For these reasons, you should think about what platforms would work best with the audience before jumping right in.

In today’s digital age, we are constantly checking our feeds on social media apps for updates from friends and family, brands we follow, and information about TV shows and celebrities.

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Social media use by individuals:

Social networking

It is like a virtual world. People use it for communication, but it can take the place of real human interactions. It can be helpful and entertaining, but when you use it all day, then it becomes too much. You need to step away from the computer and do something else at least once every day.

One thing that people forget with social media is the face-to-face time they can have with other people. Some adults use social media to stay connected to their children who are far away. Social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace help them do this.

Personal objectives

Creators of social media use it for the following objectives:

  •  Interact with other users.
  • Share ideas and information.
  • Build a personal reputation or presence.

For brands or organizations to communicate with their customers, employees, stakeholders, and the public.

For individuals to keep in touch securely through insecure communication channels like email newsletters, bypassing website limitations such as paid subscriptions.

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People are using social media for entertainment and to explore their identities. They can use it based on their own needs. For example, they might want to find information about something or talk with a public figure. They might also just want to share personal moments of when they were indifferent moods or talk with people from other cultures.

Social interaction

We all know that social interaction is important for our mental health. But it has many other benefits as well. It can help us fight off infections, lower our blood pressure, and increase the flow of blood to the brain. All of these things together mean that you are more likely to live longer when you have a lot of social interactions.

Research has found that social support also helps heart disease. When people with coronary artery disease were asked why they didn’t smoke or overeat, 70% of them said they had a real need for emotional and practical support which motivated them not to give in to the pleasures related to smoking or eating too much food.

Consumer-to-consumer recommendations

Consumer-to-consumer recommendations have been on the rise in recent years. They are one of the most convenient ways to find information about a product or service. As these review networks continue to grow, they are set to increase even more.


Blogging is a tool that can help you. You can read lots of blog posts, but you can also post your own posts. Blogs make it easier for people to find what they are looking for and stay up-to-date on new things in the world.

It is very easy to start your own blog. You just need a computer and an internet connection. Sometimes, people want someone else to design their blog for them. The best part about blogging is that it can be done alongside other jobs without any trouble at all! It’s completely free too!

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Social media use by organizations:

Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 is a way to use Web 2.0 technology in your company. One example is Chatter, which helps people with jobs stay connected and know what’s going on at their work. It helps people talk to each other, share documents, and stay connected.

Corporate Use of social media: Brand building, the culture of the company, positioning in social networks

Corporations use social media to increase their brand recognition, figure out what people are doing, and create a culture. Businesses use Facebook to talk with customers about special offers, new products that will be in stores or online, or jobs that people can get through the “Apply Now” section on their website.

Social media is where you can promote your donation to a non-profit that does not need much money. Here is an example of one in Toronto. It does not have as much money, but we still want to give them something.

Social media engagement: Customer service, shared values

Customer service should be a priority. You need to repair any damaged goods and you also need to make sure that the products are of high quality. Instead of deactivating an account with suspicion of inauthentic use, it is better to have an ongoing dialogue about what genuine engagement looks like. Ask your users and engage with them on social media channels with the same authentic guidance you would endorse offline.

Lots of brands use social media to either talk to customers or advertise. Social media is easier to find than any other way of talking with people. Using social media can improve your reputation quickly – even if you had a bad relationship with people before.

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Communication and advertising: Internal communication, external communication, contents, platforms

Internal communications are messages that you send to your employees. They are not for people outside of your company.

External communications are messages that you send to people outside of the company, like on TV. It’s different from a meeting or conference call because it is not just for employees.

Content delivery is important because social media has created many ways for people to find information about your business. You might not want them to, but they can.

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs offer different benefits. You can use them to target different audiences.

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