Unit 46-LO3 Develop a social media strategy for a creative media organization, based on client need, market, and user research-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

A creative media organization requires a social media strategy to help them reach its target market. This article will explore the three main considerations when developing a social media strategy, and how this can be applied to the creative media organization’s situation.

First, it is important to determine who your target audience is; are they creatives? Do they have an interest in art? It’s also important to consider what tone you should take: professional or casual. Finally, you want to decide if you want your posts to be more informational than promotional. When these factors are considered, there are many ways for the creative media organization’s social media strategy will work best for them!

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Social media strategy:

Market research

Market research is an important step in the process of developing a social media strategy. A few things to consider are your target audience, competitors, and what you want to be capable of by implementing social media on your company’s account. It is important to know your target audience, as it will help you determine what kind of posts are best for them. It’s also important to have competitors in mind when deciding your social media strategy.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is just one of the many processes you can implement to craft your social media strategy. Researching what techniques your competitors are using on their social media accounts or websites, and utilizing those same tactics can help improve your communications. It is also important to note that designing and implementing an effective ‘social’ marketing campaign is entirely dependent on the goals of the business or product being sold. Granted, there are a few general types of marketing campaigns that apply across all industries; yet, these strategies should always be innovative for each brand or company and its future goals to incorporate critical success factors for a company’s target audience.


A Social Media Strategy aims to use the various social media platforms to attract and engage new followers, assistance achieving large target audiences. Put another way, it’s the best way for your business to reach potential customers and future customers with a high search engine ranking.

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That’s why you need a social media strategy. It will help you use great platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest to get more clients for your company or organization – all because these platforms are only limited by one’s imagination!

Content Strategy

A content strategy is a process of adapting the content of an organization’s materials to align with a defined goal. When adapted to social media this may come in the form of strategically posting content designed to get followers, likes, shares, and other engagement metrics up. Organizations need to analyze their social presence by analyzing follower graphs and Demographics on sites like Facebook. From there they have a better idea of what will best serve them through targeted marketing, customer service, or information dissemination strategies. Content strategies are also useful in establishing consistency across multiple platforms by using themes that tie all brands together for cohesion.

Social media and other marketing/advertising:

Coordination and convergence

With the rise of social media, there are more opportunities for marketers to communicate with people. More and more people are using social media. Marketers have two options when it comes to using and coordinating social media efforts, focusing on convergent campaigns or divergent campaigns. A divergent marketing campaign is a strategy where different messages are conveyed on each platform such as being funny on Twitter and informative on Facebook. Convergence occurs when all communication channels lead up to one central message, usually in the form of an overarching theme or event.

Shared assets

For advertisers, this is a great opportunity to share their product with millions of people for free. What’s even better is that these platforms are curated to show ads – so there’s no need for advertising agencies or marketers to target every single person. Instead, they can just send their ad out into the world and let it do its work!

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Take Coca-Cola as an example. Few brands on Facebook bring in more engagement than the Coca-Cola brand. It has 58 million likes and followers. The company has been around since 1892 when a pharmacist made it called “Pemberton’s French Wine Coca.”

Content management:


Content management is how you manage your content. Content is anything like text, images or videos, social media posts and blog posts. Sometimes they call it “content marketing” which makes sense because it’s related to managing your content and one leads to the other.

When you are beginning a project, it is important to plan out your message. You want to have a clear direction before you start working on the project. This will make it easier for you to do your work. A little prework will save you a ton of time down the road!


Dissemination is a broad term and can have many meanings. In this context, dissemination means communicating information to an audience.

Mass communication is when you share information with a lot of people. There are four types of mass communications, including traditional media like newspapers and magazines. Newer types of mass communications include blogs, social networking sites, and websites. You can also create flyers or put up posters to share information with people too.


Visibility is given to your content by time. Be that as it may, you can also make your data more straightforwardly available by following these guidelines:

Seeking out the position of more noteworthy sites in Google; for example, You can find the Wikipedia page entitled “List of 100 most-visited websites” here. Many businesses want to help their customers with their websites and search rankings. They want people to find them and buy from them. So they will advertise on the Internet, or put ads in magazines or newspapers.

Professional social media management

A professional social media management service might be able to significantly decrease the time you spend on social media. They can produce interesting, and shareable content for your company’s Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or other channels too.

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No matter what size of business, it is worth it to have a professional social media strategist. They will help you have a good image and get more customers. If any of this sounds confusing, do not worry about it – just contact someone who knows what they are doing!

Social media analytics

Social media analytics is a type of web analytics in which people use social media sites to collect data. Different companies will use different tools, but the 2 main types are insights and dashboards.

A lot of people treat their website primarily as a way to sell products while forgetting that they should be capturing information about their customer base so that they might market more efficiently.

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