Unit 24 Digital Marketing Assignment Sample – BTEC-HND-LEVEL 4

This unit helps students understand the digital marketing field and helps them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a part of the digital marketing team. This assignment sample develops knowledge of the skills and tools needed to work as a member of the digital marketing team. The assignment aims to promote student learning in the form of developing a shared vision, development, and adoption of new products and creating efficient digital marketing campaigns.

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Assignment Solutions of Unit 24 Digital Marketing– BTEC-HND-LEVEL 4

Digital marketing is an integral part of every successful software company. As the landscape keeps on changing, marketers need to deliver out-of-the-box marketing strategies and approaches and stay ahead of rivals.

The key goal of this unit is to discover ways by which marketers use technologies and digital marketing tools to achieve their goals.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of opportunities, challenges, and their effect on the digital environment.
  • Examine tools, channels, and platforms, comparing brick-mortar and other marketing channels
  • Students will determine how to organize digital marketing tools, and set up multichannel workflows in an organization.
  • Assess progress-tracking tools, and take measures to implement digital marketing strategies.

LO1: Demonstrate knowledge of opportunities, challenges, and effects on the digital environment.

It compares and contrasts digital marketing and traditional marketing concepts. This section highlights the key benefits of digital marketing strategies. It provides an overview of the marketing landscape, and a simple definition of digital marketing.

Opportunities of online marketing: It discusses the importance of understanding customer perspectives in developing effective business strategies.

LO2: Examine tools, channels, and platforms, comparing brick-mortar and other marketing channels.

This section explains how organizations make use of online marketing platforms to generate revenues and the role of marketing communication concerning 7S principles. It tells about different digital marketing techniques and tools that support business growth and expansion.

LO3: Determine how to organize digital marketing tools, and set up multi-channel workflows in an organization.

This section focuses on the opportunities and challenges of an online marketing channel and the need for multichannel platforms. The role played by marketing communication channels in ensuring consistency of client experience in all marketing aspects.

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P1: Overview of Digital marketing landscape, compare and contrast digital marketing with traditional marketing

Digital marketing is slowly & steadily gaining ground. To such a point, business enterprises & start-ups are evading traditional media. While large businesses are continuing with traditional marketing, digital marketing emerged as the primary endorsement and communication media for brands.

So what is a digital marketing & how did digital marketing overtake traditional marketing? Let’s find out. We will start by defining traditional marketing & then proceed to the relevance to digital marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional advertising has numerous facets. For example, it incorporates substantial things like print advertisements in magazines or papers, business cards. Traditional business endeavors include commercials for TV or radio, banners & billboards, and announcements. It’s the conventional method of reaching audiences or lead generation.

What are the drawbacks of traditional marketing?

  • Timing: Traditional marketing utilizes static content or advertisements for promoting products and services. You can’t change printed classifieds until you put another advertisement. But in the case of online promotions, you can easily refresh your page & edit it.
  • Expenses: Each time you run business campaigns, you need to pay. Adding new items or services pages to your site doesn’t imply extra expenses if you already have a professional for updating your service/product information. Traditional marketing concerns might charge per campaign for mailers or fliers. On the Internet, your advertisement is available to the entire web browser and its users.
  • Customization: With traditional conventional marketing, it is difficult to target specific clients. Traditional marketing targets Specific market sections, not an individual. However, on the Web, it’s possible to track what an individual has seen and provide relevant suggestions.

Now that you got an overview of the shortcomings of traditional marketing, let’s proceed to the aspects and benefits of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of online media to promote services & items. Online platforms incorporate paid advertisements, social media, contributing to blogging, and more.

Digital ad expense in the United States will increase by 85% between 2018 and 2023. That is because people wherever are increasing their screen time, and Digital marketing empowers advertisers to target who they’re searching for, not just depending on their gender, location, or other important variables. But also based on their latest activities, purchase behavior, interests, and so on.

  • Each company has its objectives. However, the majority of the enterprises aim at reaching targeted audiences and persuading them to buy. To do this viably, you need to exploit the essential advertising technologies and resources. It is how digital marketing comes in handy.
  • You may or may not know this, 77 percent of American people own a Smartphone and are probably going to utilize that Smartphone or another cell phone for news, social media communication, and other activities. Computerized advertising encourages you to contact them while they’re doing this.
  • Most of us practically do 80% of the shopping online. Digital marketing enables you to appeal to these individuals and hence facilitates business expansions. With Google Shopping Ads and brand awareness programs, you can grow your brand recognition and increase sales.
  • Generally, customers connect more with marketing materials that combine multiple media types, including photographs, video clipping, and audio. It is far faster & easier to fuse all this content into digital marketing campaigns than any other publication.

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P2: Determine key customer insights that facilitate the growth of digital marketing.

Marketing insights are logical thoughts and conclusions that rely on surveys, market surveys, and more. Morgan Shorey states that insight is a truth that’s yet to be leveraged. Once leveraged, it yields revenue for companies.

After all, data is meaningless until one extracts directions, meanings, or objectives from it. After analyzing data, marketers obtain information that allows them to shift marketing strategies, facilitating business growth and expansion.

How did industry giants gain from leveraging consumer insights?


Always launched an online campaign called Like a Girl based on insights of girls experiencing puberty. The campaign reported that 49% of girls are scared of failure, and don’t try out new things during that interval.

The company launched a campaign that would encourage young ladies, as part of their intended audiences, to keep going with the change.

  • Nike

In 1980 Nike unleashed a campaign emphasizing the role of fitness in regular life. Nike and its agency partner realized that exercising was not always glorious for average clients. Likewise, the brand interviewed elite athletes. Over time, social listening and consumer insights came into play.

The company realized that the majority of target audiences are commoners who deferred Exercising. The company’s Market insight was the driving factor behind the campaign in 1988.

Let’s Do it campaign transformed into a tagline that spoke to clients ever since.

  • Sun Life

This company launched a campaign, addressing people over 50. It explained how they got portrayed by social media platforms as if they were asking for medications with declining health conditions.

The company found that people of demographic found that about 0.7 of people felt that they didn’t appear on social media advertising.

Sun Life conducted market research that indicated 50 plus people felt it was the best time of life. Taking into account the customer perspectives, the company unleashed 50+ enjoying people campaigns.

M1: Assess digital marketing channels, and how they meet organizational goals

As mentioned above, the distribution channel influences major marketing decisions including product development, price, organizational structure, and HR management. This section provides you with effective marketing strategies, and things to consider when choosing one channel over the other.

  • Direct Sales

Direct sales is a product distribution model that’s suitable for selling mid-range items that you don’t buy regularly and has a long life span. Marketers use direct sales for stationery items, jewelry, or air purifiers.

Direct distribution means that manufacturers implement tools to directly connect with clients without involving intermediaries, and dispatch the products themselves. The best part of the communication channel is that it connects companies with the end-users.

Features: As soon as you connect with the target buyers, they would try to understand if the product meets their needs. A significant portion of the communication revolves around the product features. If product features appear appealing to the consumers, they would buy it.

Benefits: Now that you captured the client’s attention by outlining product features, you need to explain to them what makes the product stand apart from the rest.

Intimacy: You grabbed customer attention, but it doesn’t mean that you closed the deal. Explain that you have the best interest for customers, go off topic if you have to.

  • Distributors and brokers

If a company chooses to work with brokers and distributors, they need to delegate a portion of work to these intermediaries. They act as a subsidiary to the manufacturer when they represent them before the target customer.

Broken distribution channels are common in the food industry, but before contacting brokers, manufacturers have to ship products to stores themselves. While the broker manages the sales, the distributor dispatches products to store locations.

Producers prefer to work with retailers and wholesalers as they purchase products, and take the risk on themselves in case products don’t sell well.

The following strategies help Companies to develop and maintain the relationship with brokers:

  • Establish a retailer base:

Apart from traditional retailers and wholesalers, companies can benefit by asking big buyers if they want to become their retailers. They can give lucrative offers that retailers can’t turn down.

  • Ensure that business activities and endeavors get complimented by your retailer’s workflows and efforts. Don’t allow your regular activities to stop you from ensuring that products reach your customers.
  • Establish a bond of trust.

Irrespective of the profitability and interest of the retailers, you should make them a part of organizational culture. Focus on establishing a bond of trust and loyalty.

  • Share feedback

Wholesalers and retailers share a common goal to make the products available in the market. Processing and gathering feedback from retailers help you improve customer loyalty and brand image and gain insights into the development process.

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M2: Analyze the digital marketing tools used by companies to meet organizational goals

  • Search Engine Ranking

According to Google Officials “since 2015, more research gets conducted via Smartphone phones than on laptops or computers.” Majority of consumers made search engines research while looking for local businesses. That’s why Google’s search results presently favor sites optimized for local search by including location-based data and area-specific key phrases.

Apart from optimizing your site for local search, claim your business location on local search registries like Google My Business and ensure that your name, address, and telephone number (NAP) data gets recorded in the same manner on all the local search directories. You shouldn’t use “St.” in one posting and “Road” in another. If your NAP changes vary from one posting to the other, web browsers won’t be able to remember it as the same business. It might harm the search results.

  • Email Marketing

Out of 10 businesses, seven use email marketing strategies, making it the third most popular digital marketing tool. Approximately half (47%) of users across demographics browse their email on mobile gadgets. 81% of those populations have their smartphones (rather than tablets). What’s more, the majority of emails are open on Smartphones.

When forming email marketing strategies, make the messages “mobile-first.” Keep messages short, while maintaining a single-column format. Use space so it becomes easy to tap on buttons or links in the email.

  • Social media promotions

Social media is the primary marketing tool used by businesses. 83% of companies make use of social media marketing. Statist claims that about 77% of Americans have active profiles on social media platforms. You need to ensure that you’re active on social media channels, & where your clients are investing time.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on content creation. In addition, create blog posts, infographics, white papers, and tutorial videos that can be shared digitally. The main objective is to grab the attention of clients for reading your posts and making desirable decisions.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) publicizing

Pay-per-click digital advertisements get displayed when clients do a Google search for the terms used in the advertisements. As the name suggests, the PPC campaign needs you to pay only when people tap on your online advertisements. One of the well-known places for PPC ads is Google (incorporating Google Ad Words). However, advertisements on Facebook and other social media channels often get regarded as PPC.

P4: Examine the development of digital marketing channels when compared to physical channels

Companies use the above-mentioned Digital marketing channels independently or as part of their online marketing campaign. It’s imperative to define company objectives before choosing appropriate marketing channels.

Following are the purposes for choosing digital marketing channels:

Promoting Brand awareness:

It includes product promotions and making consumers familiarize themselves with the company’s services and products. If it’s your business goal, use social media channels that provide brand awareness like the following:

  • Engaging intended clients over social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • To promote visual content over social media channels.
  • To promote visual elements over Instagram and Twitter.

Most companies promote their services and products over social media platforms. Customers are adopting the concept of E-commerce and getting familiarized with online purchases. If it’s your business goal, use social media channels that would increase your company’s sales.

  • Google Shopping
  • Google Display
  • Amazon Resellers
  • Affiliate Marketing

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