Tesco Human Resource Management Essay Sample

Tesco plc is one of the most well known company in the UK formed in 1919 at London. It has started as grocery retailer but later it expanded their business into different markets such as health, electronics, merchandise, furniture, toys, telecommunication, petrol and financial services. It is also recognized as the human resource management company to promote employees skills and development.

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Now, this essay will provide an insight on how human resource management team of Tesco focuses on the mission, vision and goals of the company effectively to develop growth in their revenue. With an importance of implemented HR practices of the company, let’s understand Ansoff matrix of Tesco UK to highlight their marketing strategies with an aim and purpose of increasing their sales into new markets.

Human resource management functions of Tesco to achieve the company’s purpose and goals

The Human resource management team at Tesco with an effective structure and culture to meet the company’s requirements and goals. According to the Tesco human resource management policies, the HR professionals at Tesco are successful in achieving the organizational goals. Tesco is considered as one of the best in human resource management in supermarkets. The Tesco HRM practices incorporate their functions related to the growth and development of the employees. So, the listed HR functions must be seen as the part of the company success.

  • Integration: This function is closely connected to the inclusion of healthy relationships between manager and employees and focuses on balancing them at every point of time. Thus, Tesco puts much emphasis on making their industrial relations strong and healthy as compared to other multinational companies in UK.
  • Training and Development: To build a brand rather than just a product, the training and development of the employees is very necessary. Success attracts to those companies which focuses on hiring and creating talented workforce. Therefore, Tesco talent management strategy focuses on high-quality training and development programs for the employees at their premises in order to develop and update their employees.
  • Effective Leadership: The HR team at tesco effectively focuses on directing their employees towards one common organizational goal. It’s not an easy task to instruct and direct every employee to acquire leadership qualities. However, HR professionals at Tesco are experts strategizing and assuring the innovation and forward thinking business ideas deeply rooted in every employee.
  • Performance management: By incorporating different strategies for accelerating the performance of the employees, the HR managers at Tesco ensures that every employee must feel motivated throughout their work in order to achieve organizational goals. The reward system includes incentives, bonuses, promotions and more decided based on the performance of the employees. Thus, Tesco does the great job in developing their reward system for the employees.

Significance of Human resource planning at Tesco

There is much importance of Tesco human resources strategy and human resource planning in the organization. The human resource planning is defined as the process of estimation of employees required in completing the task. The crucial aspects of the human resource planning at tesco are in the following way:

  • Providing equal opportunities to all: The HRM of the Tesco ensures that every employee gets equal opportunities to grow and develop their skills. HR team at Tesco assures that every employee is equal and should not be biased based on the discrimination. Thus, they offer equal opportunities to female and male both based on their eligibility and performance of the task.
  • Ensuring future manpower needs: Tesco HR system ensures they have enough number of individuals for the better functioning of the organization. Maintaining the manpower at workplace must be the major responsibility comes under the human resource planning. It ensures that availability of the employees with the organizational duties and project must meet.
  • Employment Improvement: The role of strategic human resource management within Tesco plc, is to improve the skills of their employees on the different stages. It ensures that every individual can deliver their best as much as possible to the organization. Tesco make sure that employees must achieve their highest potential to fulfil the organizational goals.
  • Recruitment of diverse Workforce:By recruiting diverse number of individuals according to their set of skills and competence, Tesco Hr team believe in making workplace diversity. Moreover, diverse workforce helps in meeting the different customers’ needs. Thus, the core purpose of HR planning at Tesco is to select and recruit the skilled and qualified professionals to fill the different job vacancies and positions.

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The Role of Tesco HRM to maintain the mission and vision

The mission statement of Tesco is “We make what matter better, together”. The Hr management team at Tesco have responsibility to maintain their mission, vision and goals of the organization in the employees so that they can strive for growth. The statement of mission clarifies that everyone is the part of the success of this company. Thus, tesco HR model creates an environment where every individual can accomplish their goals to their fullest potential being and can contribute to the growth of the company. The mission statement has some key aspects such as

  • Improving Health: Tesco has huge reputation in the UK and around the world just because of their focus on improving health with an attitude of not compromising in the health of their customers. The HRM at Tesco ensures that every operations and products should meet the hygiene policies of the company.
  • Distinguished quality: Tesco being a company from over 100 years distinguishes their products and services in quality from other companies. The quality assurance in their products makes them reliable service provider to its customers every time they get. Shoppers can make better choices from the different products they can choose which create the sense of mutual understanding and supporting the bond of friendship.

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