Unit 4 Management and Operations Assignment Example UK

Find assignment sample on HND Unit 4 Management and Operations. This course analyses the roles played by the manager and leaders in the operation of a business. how they work together to Utilise the resources through Several models and strategies to see that the organization meets the objectives and goals set by them.

This assignment evaluates the Management and Operations skills followed by the organizations and the specific pros and cons of each method.

It assesses the Operational and Managerial needs that vary from one organization to the other, relying on the nature of the leadership and management skill.

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Compare the roles and responsibilities of managers and leader

  • Manager: Managers are the individuals that drive the Goals and objectives of the organization by following the plan that got assigned to them. Also, to meet the organizational goals, managers need to develop and establish strategies to make sure that the workforce performs in a way that meets the organizational goals.

Moreover, the positive aspect of the managers is that they are distributed at different levels of the organization, which allows them to manage tasks across multiple departments.

Further, managers deal with the appraisal of the teams, the assessment method depends on the performance of the individuals, and how they perform the task.

  • Leaders: Leaders are the individuals that receive that task submitted by employees of an organization. Just like managers, leaders Motivate the task force to the use of leadership and communication skills. They can motivate the teams to accomplish their goals and objectives, the best part of leadership is that they can influence and inspire individuals to perform at their optimal level.

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What are the differences between a leader and a manager?

Manager: The responsibility of the manager is to manage the employees working within an organization and to maximize the use of the available resources.

A manager uses Interpersonal and Human relation theory to understand relationships between the employees, And analyze the desire and needs of the individuals. The theories and principles used by the managers include theories of X and Y, Scientific theory, and administrative theory.

Leader: The responsibility of the leader is to lead the team and look after the employee’s performance, and motivate them to increase their productivity and performance.

A leader uses a mix of theories and principles such as trait theory, behavioral theory, transformational theory, transactional theory, transformational theory, and contingency theory. In organizations like Barclays, leaders make use of the behavioral theory so that they can analyze the behavior of the worker.

Different theories and models of the Leadership approach leaders in an Organisation helps to motivate the employees and assess their needs and Desire. Apart from that, leaders analyze changes that arise in the external environment And make decisions so that organizations can gain benefit from these changes.

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Behaviour Theory of leadership

This Leadership Theory focuses on the Leader’s behavior and how they use their skills in the best way possible. behavioral theory is the critical tool in analyzing the potentiality Of leaders for specific situations. Here, the behavioral approach is the situation that

Systematic Leadership Theory

It is the Leadership attribute that emphasizes the outcomes of the action rather than the steps or processes. So this theory focuses on the outcomes that are being obtained by the activities. Activities are being planned earlier and the outcomes get matched with the desired results. In a financial organization, there are several departments or divisions, and each department has its objectives and goals.

Situational Leadership Theory

This type of leadership focuses on the different situations that arise in the organization. Any situation or case is randomly chosen by the leaders and solutions get figured out. This strategy is used to find multiple solutions to meet the organizational objectives.

Evaluate and assess the weaknesses and strengths of the leadership approaches mentioned above

Each approach has its own goals and objectives. It depends on the situation that rises within the organization.

Situational leadership approach


  • This approach analyses the situation effectively.
  • It is a creative approach.
  • It analyses the skills and talent of the employees.


  • Lack of funds
  • Lack of resources for proper performance evaluation.

Contingent leadership approach


  • It recognizes and solves random issues
  • It is an innovative approach
  • Offers multiple solutions to a problem.
  • It relies on effective market research.

The contingency leadership approach maximizes the use of financial resources.


  • Scarcity of financial resources in an organization.
  • It is an expensive approach.
  • It takes time to produce effective results.

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What are the factors that Influence operational management?

Several factors influence the decision-making processes and operational management of an organization. These factors determine the odds of accomplishing the goals and objectives. Based on the changes, negative or Positive decisions are being taken by the management. e the factors that operational management are as follows:

Sources of the organizations: In an organization, several factors are accessible and work together

  • Impact of resources on business operations: Resources that work within organizations include raw materials and human resources. It is the responsibility of the managers to maximize the use of the resources in a systematic manner. The performance and productivity of employees affect the decision-Making process and operational management.
  • Financial resources: The managers maximize the resources of the organizations to work in a proper direction. Decisions regarding product pricing and Customer services affect the cash flow and profits incurred by the organizations.
  • Stakeholders: It constitutes the employees, suppliers, customers, and investors. Investors are the individuals that make Investments Only when they get the desire, interest, and profits that they can earn.
  • Technological changes: Technological changes arise in the external environment Time and again. businesses need to adapt to these changes, managers, and leaders can predict the changes and make plans for the future.
  • Legal Change: a legal change can affect the decisions taken by the Managers and leaders. It affects the changes made in policy Imposed on the organizations.
  • Trends: New Trends are being evaluated in the market every day. These trends need to be analyzed, as it helps in evaluating the customer requirements. On getting analyzed successfully, market trends can bring success to the organizations.
  • Improve Productivity: Leaders motivate individuals to improve the quality of work by adding flexibility to the working environment. employees have the Liberty to work within the preferred location and the preferred hours. It helps to improve the quality of work, thereby increasing the productivity of the employees. The managers and leaders should allow the employees to work from a remote distance. It fulfills the objectives of the organization and enhances the productivity of the employees.


A time comes when the organization needs to look for restructuring the business to ensure a sense of efficiency running throughout the industry. Leaders and managers need to track how the hierarchical structure works at each level throughout the progression of any task.

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