Personnel Management Essay

In this essay sample, we are going to talk the how personal management now refers to human resource management and the key roles, tasks, and activities the human resource or personnel management practitioners have to ensure the organization should meet its goals and objectives. Later on, it will describe the stages involved in the shifting of personnel management to HRM.

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What is personnel management?

The term personnel management and human resource management is related to the same process but exist in two different names. This management area is responsible for managing human resources referred to as staff, employees or workers within the organization and the practices. Personal management turned into human resource management which come in existence during 1970s and got the acceptance in 1989.

There are some features that personal management have to take responsibility for such as

  • Workforce management
  • Organizational management
  • Personnel management
  • Industrial management

Human resource management previously known as personal management have to employ

Human resource practices for the management of the employees within the organization. HR managers have many roles to work regarding the company’s workers. These roles related to managing layoffs, addressing reduced employee loyalty, and creating a well-trained environment and culture which highly motivates the workforce through training which can result in higher productivity among the employees.

In the 1970s, the main role of the HR manager was to keep the company away from any cause related to court. Since that time government had many rules and regulations regarding the work of the organization. In the 1980s HR managers had the role to manage and address the staffing costs regarding acquisitions and downsizing.

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Importance of Personnel Management

The importance of personnel management is huge in the workforce of organizations. These important aspects can be considered as the stages in the shift of personnel management to human resource management.

  • The effective HRM team designs policies and practices that can contribute in the change of the organization’s culture. Human resource management which previously called personnel management has to link the problems of HRM with the overall management strategy of the organization.
  • Building organizational culture strong so as to promote particular organizational goals. The strong culture within the organization can help in uniting the employees for the set values of organizations.
  • To maintain the view that people are resources rather than people are variable cost is the part of effective HRM. HRM ensures to keep good company culture for the employees so that they can contribute to the competitive advantage. The competitive edge of the company depends on the employees must be well educated, trained, motivated, and committed to their work.
  • Personnel management had the view that employee’s interests are divergent but this need not necessarily be true now in the times of human resource management.

Personnel Management to HRM took place in three stages

  • Records and Administration: In this stage, the primary practices which were carried out by the personnel management team were only related to planning the company vacations and holidays, enrolling workers, planning retirement occasions, increasing diverse workforce, and containing health care costs. These processes are now added with recruitment and selection, appraising, and training and development of the employee in human resource management.
  • Accountability Regulations: In this stage, the primary framework of the company’s rules and regulations suppose to started emerging among the employees and staff of the organizations. Therefore, to prevent the company from the court, the HR managers in the 1970s has a major role in this but in the 1980s HR managers had to address the staffing costs in downsize and acquisitions of the organizations.
  • Competitive Advantage: It is considered s the major shift stage of personnel management to human resource management as it is related to securing and maintaining compliance in the workforce to stand on the objective and goals of the organizations. Therefore, employees become the resource for the company to invest in and training and development assume as part of human resource planning.

Role, Tasks, and Activities of the Personnel Management Practitioners

HRM plays an important part in the success of the organizations especially when it is difficult to manage all the activities by the managers. HRM also promotes the development and maintenance the quality control of the working operations and services that increase the employment rate of the organizations. One of the most important functions of HRM is to bring strategic integration within the organization. It includes the integration of all the functions from top management to lower management.

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So, among the many roles of human resource management or personnel management practitioners, these are the major ones that should be taken into account.

  • HR managers take responsibility to develop and review policies and practices in order to transfer them to the senior management team for decision-making.
  • HR managers have a role to educate staff about the policies, values, and goals of the organizations through theories of management and motivation and focus on employee retention by skillful training.
  • HR managers also gave a role to support and guide those who involve in any kind of abuse or unwelcoming actions.
  • Hr managers are responsible to find the abilities of competent individuals and direct them to achieve business organizational goals.
  • The crucial role of the HR managers comes in job analyzing, recruitment, and selection processes of the employees effectively so that talented ones can be hired for the organization.
  • The personnel management team is responsible to increase the skill and knowledge of the employees to the highest level so as to improve their performance curve throughout the year.
  • They have a role to ensure workplace equality, diversity, and inclusion within the organization.
  • When it comes to appraising an employee, HR managers have the major role to judge the performance of the employee through appraising practices and comparing every employee’s current performance with previous performance. Thus, they help in evaluating the employee’s skills.
  • HR managers ensure that they promote healthy culture and environment where employees can adapt to the changes in the organization.

Thus, nowadays policies of HRM are structured in a way that they can maximize the flexibility and growth of the organization. HRM can bring to the innovation and resources important for the success of the organization as the specialized cycle.

HRM also forces to maintain the better quality to survive in the market and to show the competitive edge of the company.


In today’s world planning is needed for all the functions and actions of the organizations which is managed and handled by HRM professionals. Since building strategies is one of the core purposes of planning, HRM or personnel management team have to make sure to give their contribution to make strategies efficient.  As human assets are considered the keys to business success so while planning and building strategies it is very important to integrate the strategies regarding human resources so that success can be achieved.

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