Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Essay Sample

This essay sample will provide an understanding of how Equality and diversity in the workplace directly impact the performance of the organization. There are initiatives carried out by the organizations to promote equality and diversity at the workplace. The human resource system within the company incorporates equality and diversity policies effectively to achieve success in the future. The company accepts diverse employees from different religions, races, gender, etc. in order to promote diversity. Therefore, according to the equality and diversity act, laws are created to prevent discrimination on the grounds of the protected characteristics of the individual.

However, inclusion in the workplace is closely related to diversity. Without an inclusive working environment in the organization, diversity remains incomplete. Inclusion is one of the biggest challenges for organizations all over the world. Organizations in the UK that promote an inclusive environment for their employees are able to participate in the decision-making process within a group, increase the amount of power they have, and must feel one within the group. Data shows that companies with inclusive practices tend to generate 30% higher revenue and greater profitability than their competitors.

So, it is confirmed that organizations which employ equality, diversity, and inclusion policies correctly are more likely to grow and develop faster. Now, let’s throw the light on the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace separately so as to understand them deeply and get an idea of how they work in the organization.

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Importance of Diversity at the workplace

Diversity at the workplace is defined as acknowledging, accepting, understanding, and valuing employees of different ages, classes, gender, religion, nationality, physical and mental ability, and spiritual practices. Each individual person within the organization comes with different backgrounds and dissimilarities. By respecting and appreciating them, an organization would make them feel secure and valued for the efforts they have made. Diversity in the workplace tends to reduce lawsuits. The organization’s human resource management team should focus on creating better equality diversity and inclusion strategy so to improve the company’s policies.

Workplace diversity can help in increasing the marketing opportunities, recruitment, creativity, and company image. However, if the company fails to incorporate diversity laws and focuses only on results, there are bad consequences that happen in decreasing the company’s reputation. The ignorance of having a diverse team can result in the company’s lower performance and break down the communication between employees which eventually generates trust issues.

Importance of Equality at the workplace

Equality at the workplace can be described as eliminating the barriers of discrimination within the organization to ensure every employee finds equal opportunity and access to goods and services. According to the current UK legislation Equality Act 2010, equality in the workplace is the way to break down discrimination, harassment, and victimization. Equality fosters good relations between different groups of people.

Equality laws in the UK are supported by the legislation to give equal chances to equally talented individuals and promote sameness in different aspects of social life. Equality covers the rights from broad areas such as gender, age, race, culture, religion, belief, etc.

Thus, it is important to understand that organizational policies must be the direction that ensures all employees have the same rights. Regardless of their gender, age, religion, language, and disability, every employee must be accepted and valued based on their competence. Workplace equality also creates a more favorable environment for the employees by their skills and give them equal opportunities to improve as a professional. Thus, companies have to make sure that their equality, diversity, and inclusion principles are developed by keeping in mind people from all sections of the community. Companies can also try to promote workplace equality and diversity by incorporating Allyship Training programmes which can help them to further enhance the commitment to create an inclusive and equitable workplace. 

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Limitations towards diversity policies

Challenges faced by the organizations in incorporating the right policy of diversity result in limitations towards diversities. Consequently, negatively impacts the organizations in various ways such as

Negative behaviors and attitudes

Different attitudes and behaviors of the employees become the barrier to organization diversity and destroy the working relationships and productivity among them.

Unresolved Conflict and poor communication

Staff from different culture and background doesn’t have similar perspectives and opinions which results in handling issues together ineffectively. Two-person can oppose the same issue in two different ways especially if they have dissimilarities in their beliefs. Thus, employees cannot reach an agreement in the conflict and tend to give up the issues unresolved. Poor communication is also the negative impact of the limitations in the diversity policies which does not allow two different background people to communicate clearly may be due to different languages and ideologies.


A high turnover rate is also one of the cases of the poor management of diversity at the workplace. Thus, businesses need to take risks to set equality and diversity in the workplace examples after losing talents to match with the organizations with a safe and inspiring culture where employees have existed from diverse backgrounds.

Limitations towards equality differences

Limitations of equality are mostly seen in organizations with weak policies. The organization finds it difficult to maintain an equality friendly environment among employees which leads to limitations such as

Poor Implementation

Lack of awareness of the laws can lead to poor implementation of organization policies. Limited implementation can happen due to the development of bureaucratic responses focused on obeying the duty rather than removing the inequality.

Lack of support

Managing equality at the workplace cannot be carried out by the organization and managers alone. However, due to a lack of support from the government and shortcomings in the judiciary, it is difficult for equality policies to be carried out when no single position is being defended or attacked.

Lack of clarity

The lack of clarity is also one of the causes of limitation in the equality policies of an organization. It can lead to confusion among the employees when an organization is incapable of successfully and clearly communicating its equality policies with its employees. Moreover, without identification of what kind of equality is desirable, it remains vague for the employees and organization itself to employ the right equality principles. The lack of general agreement on equality can cause an employee to be uninterested in equality within their communities. Thus, every organization has to be clear on how to promote equality and diversity in the workplace before making policies.

Religion and Beliefs

Different Religions and beliefs can also become the hard part for the organization to make equality in the right manner. Religions such as Christianity, Buddhist, Jewish, Communism, Marxism, and Socialism, follows different belief system, and thus it is tough to maintain equality within the organization. Every religion has different ideas of equality; therefore, an organization must keep that in mind while creating equality policies.

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