McDonalds Human Resource Management Case Study


McDonalds is the leading food service retailer around the world with about 2.6 million people in the trust the company for their services and products. With more than 30,000 restaurants around the world, Mcdonald is serving millions of customers with top quality fast foods. MacDonald’s has started with fast food restaurant business in the year of 1954 in America. Now, having services in about 118 countries, the human resource management plays a great role in making company with huge success.

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Here in this case study, we are going to talk about achievement of McDonalds in human resource management, planning, training and development and performance of its employees. All the aspects of Mcdonalds HRM will be provided with their objectives, goals, activities and models that made them a successful business company.

Human Resource Management

The human resource management is the department of employment management in the company committed to achieve competitive advantage with the help of planning, implementation and development of strategies for the recruitment, training, evaluating, rewarding of the employees within the workforce of the company. The human resource department of any organization plays huge role to connect goals and objectives of the company with the quality of workforce.

Macdonalds has one of the best human resource departments responsible for the right people, right jobs, right time and right cost of the company and meeting right skills of the employees in the right place. Human resource at MacDonald’s is also responsible to evaluate the employee’s performance, safety, benefits, motivation, and training for the ever increasing organization development.

Recruitment and Selection in McDonalds

The effective process and practices of recruiting and selecting the right personnel to meet the goals and demand of the company is known as recruitment and selection. Any change happens at the level of employee of the company must be handled by the HR department so to maintain different job roles in the company. However, for effective recruiting, Human resource management team of the company needs to focus on planning first.

Recruitment and selection includes what jobs are needed at what role, identifying best candidate and interviewing the recruited candidates and finally selecting them for the specific post on the basis of talent and experience criteria of the company.

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McDonalds Objectives of recruitment and selection

Mcdonalds advertise their job vacancies on their website and by connecting with other online job seeking websites. They use their own personal department for the recruitment of the talented person in order to ensure their objectives of recruitment and selection which includes

  • Identifying the right candidate for the job post.
  • Keeping the cost of the selection low
  • Ensuring the skills and qualities must be meet and developing the process for the identification of them in the candidate.
  • Making sure that candidate is highly motivated to want the job and identifying their capacity to stay for the job role provided
  • To make sure that recruitment and selection practices comes out as effectiveness as possible.

Now, let’s take a look the achievement of McDonalds in the HRM activity of recruitment and selection.

McDonalds Achievement in Recruitment and Selection

As the other organizations does the recruitment throughout the year, McDonalds also do the same.

McDonald’s recruit their managers and assistants internally rather than externally as the other organizations because it makes the process easier and only less training would required as the candidate is very well aware about the job role.

To more aware about the job roles and post, HR staff of the McDonalds prepa\res descriptive job description which describes the job title, department, location, responsibilities, purpose and job duties.

McDonald’s promote 50% of their salaried managers within the company.

In the selection process, the McDonalds use application form that mentions the questions to get an idea of applicant qualification, knowledge, skills and experience.

Since the interview is the most important part of the selection of the employees in the company, therefore, McDonalds short listed their potential employees after the interview has been done. The process of interview for Mcdonalds starts from conducting the process with area manager or restaurant manager at the nearest branch.

McDonalds believe in conducting face to face interview where interviewers can assess the behaviour, confidence, and capabilities of the applicants and how they come across as a person. Therefore, this selection and rejection processes is carried out until the right numbers are filled the vacancies with the wanted quality. Also, McDonald’s arrange an induction for a new employee that can be valued for the long term. However, the induction process begins even before the candidate is offered the job.

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Training and Development of McDonalds

The skills training of the selected employees are the first towards the training process. In this, employee gets the basic knowledge of the job role for the further development. The ongoing training programs helps in making economical employee and gives advanced level of knowledge about the job. This process of training keeps an employee up to date of their roles and responsibilities and help to meet the demand of the business. Therefore, it is important to get the insight of mcdonalds training and development programs in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. But, lets fist see the what objectives HR team of McDonalds carry out in the training and development process includes

  • Increasing the job satisfaction among the motivated employees which in turn helps in reducing the labour turnover and absenteeism.
  • Decreasing job dissatisfaction through maintaining the excellent performance of the employees within the workforce.
  • In order to cope with labour shortages, McDonalds HR managers focus on development of the skills of existing employees
  • Establishing the most effective and efficient working methods in order to maximize the productivity among the staff and increasing the competitive edge
  • McDonalds focus on application of new technology and use of new equipment

McDonalds Achievement in Training and Development of their employees

Once the candidate is selected, McDonalds beings training programs with the one hour of orientation. Each branch of McDonald has their own video set ups and technological resources which helps in the description of the operations and practices to the employees. So, it is everyone’s job to involve in the ongoing training process of MacDonald. Thus, all the employees receive induction training with the followed structured development program based on the employee position. After completing the initial training, all the employees have to pass Observation check list (OCL) to become successful in the particular area.

However, every employee of McDonalds in the start is stayed at the 21 days of probationary period which in evaluating the performance of the employees.

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MacDonald’s Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is an essential part of the management to hire the right people by using perfect training and development programs for them. Therefore, ultimately it helps in the achieving the MacDonald’s goals and vision. In order to meet the McDonalds aims and objectives successfully, it is the responsibility of the human resource management team to identify the effective way and problems that company while recruiting the best candidates and getting the proper solution.

Now, lets the objectives of Human resource planning in Mcdonalds in order to ensure that organization has right staffing method at the right time and for the right skills.

McDonalds Objectives of Human Resource Planning

  • utilizing the best use of human resources
  • aim to look forward for the problems with surplus staff
  • building an efficiently flexible and well trained workers
  • eliminating organisation’s dependency on the outside recruitment agencies

MacDonald’s Achievement in the Human Resource Planning

Just like other business organizations, McDonalds want the assistance of the staff for their daily activities. McDonalds ensures their key role in the operations must be fulfilled by the staff.

Thus, HRM strategy planning of mcdonalds also ensure that their planning must match the need of selecting potential employees not the ones that goes the against the roles and posts. This builds the suitability of the employees and prevents the company from number of problems such as

  • High levels of poor productivity
  • Employee job dissatisfaction
  • high levels of absenteeism
  • complains of the customer
  • employee replacement
  • Unpleasant feeling among the staff member

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