Sainsbury’s Business Strategy Essay Sample


Sainsbury is one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK. It was established in the year 1869 by John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann. IN the Victorian era they have started their business of retail grocery market in London. They both came in the partnership to open a retail store in Drury Lane, Holborn which began as a dairy shop but later on they expanded their business into fresh and packaged foods. Now, they also have come into many markets through new product development business strategy.

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Drury Lane was considered London’s poorest area back in time. But after the Sainsbury success and good reputation for offering good and high-quality products, they place become well known from their name. As they form a good relationship with their suppliers and customers, people started relying on their products more and more.

This affects their overall growth in revenue and makes them a successful company for food and non-food service provider in the UK. After the huge success of the company, it will be better to understand Sainsbury’s business strategy so as to get an overview of their reliable and cost-effective products.

Sainsbury Business strategy 2021   

Sainsbury’s strategy for business is to help every customer through the COVID-19 pandemic by putting food back at the heart o the business and building good relationships with customers with their vision to provide affordable products. Their marketing ambitions are now raising and speeding their pace for simplifying business operations. Thus Sainsbury’s business model accelerating their cost savings through more investment in quality, choice, innovation, and consistently lower prices for their customers. The Sainsbury Company has an aim to reduce the complexity of the products and services and transform their customer base to ensure the focus on food products.

There are mainly five business strategies in 2021 that Sainsbury wants to approach for which includes:

1. Food First

Sainsbury’s business strategy has the clear mindset of building a strong brand heritage and reputation for quality, range, and innovation to offer more value to the customers consistently by providing more convenient shopping. There is a saying of Sainsbury business that states that “we will put food back at the heart of our business” which clearly indicates that they will deliver more delicious and healthy food to put great value to not only food but also food consumers in whichever way customers want to shop.

2. Brands that deliver

The company ensures to focus on the role of portfolio brands to contribute positively and actively support their ambition in food products. To not dilute returns or not diverting focus from the resources as the core of the company, the company ensures to deliver for the growth of their customers with strong, sustainable, and profitable growth in supporting the core chain of the food business.

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3. Save to Invest

Sainsbury has a business strategy that shows the company is ensuring to make efficient steps towards a change for the transformation of their approach in the costs and simplifying the organization through a reduction in the structure of operating cost base. The company is doing great in accelerating the cost-saving plans in order to unfold the opportunities to fund the improvement of their food offer.

Sainsbury is also ensuring that they can meet the growth of customer shopping through a wide range of channels.

4. Connected to Customers

Through the power of Nector, Sainsbury ensures to connect with more and more customers. Nectar is the loyalty card scheme in the UK and Sainsbury is the largest partner of it to know and serve their customers better.

5. Net Zero 2040

This business strategy of the UK-based company Sainsbury’s is about to create value for future generations with the decrement in the environmental impact of their business. By working with native farmers, growers, and suppliers, they can ensure to reduce environmental impact throughout the supply chain. They believe that living well means living sustainably, thus, they want to invest about £1 billion over 20 years to become Net Zero across all of their operations by 2040.

Sainsbury Mission Statement 2021

With a purpose or Sainsbury mission statement 2021 i.e. “Live well for Less” become well known in their potential customers, company goals, objectives and aims are clearly indicate that they are completely dedicated to helping customers in every sense. This slogan includes:

  • It describes that a company is about helping their customers to get the most out of life apart from the money or time they invest in the products and services.
  • Sainsbury is committed to giving easy, affordable access to the products customers need such as healthy food, quality clothes, home accessories, electronics with the latest technology and financial services.
  • With the focus more sustainability, they want to help every customer to live well today and tomorrow
  • They ensure to offer distinctive and high-quality products to the customers in all their market niches.
  • They have created multi-brands across multiple channels in the business to provide choice, flexibility, and convenience in a better way.

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Sainsbury’s competitive advantage

Queuing time is reasonable and deliveries are on time. Online Shopping at Sainsbury’s is also a great advantage. All the above provide a high level of dependability and are the reason why Sainsbury’s brand remains on the market for 141 years, and this makes Sainsbury different from its competitors.

Sainsbury’s Goals

As the supermarket chain in the UK, their main aim is to exceed the customer expectations for fresh, healthy, tasty foods. Thus, making customers’ life well and safe at low prices. They have a goal to deliver keep on improving the quality shopping experience to all the potential customers through their products and services at fair prices.

Sainsbury’s objectives

According to Sainsbury’s objectives, they will deliver delicious, great value food wherever and however customers want to shop with them. Moreover, they will refocus the role of their portfolio brands to ensure that they contribute positively in their own right, actively support their ambition in food, and do not dilute returns or divert focus and resources from the core.

Sainsbury’s Values

Sainsbury always strives for a passion for healthy, fresh, safe, and tasty foods in the values of the company. Their main focus is on delivering the best and cheap products in the most convincing quality. The company’s high-tech innovation and strong leadership, their ethical, social, and environmental effects will be handled in all of their operations to stand the test of time.

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