Unit 47-LO2 Compare the tools and technologies associated with business intelligence functionality-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

BI tools are of two types. The front-end tools are for creating analytics, reports, and data visualizations. The back-end tools include ETL (extract transform load), data quality analysis/cleansing software applications that clean up messy and or missing data (known as Data Quality Tools), dashboard development applications to combine different tables of information into a single object for a high-level summary or alteration of the user interface.

The most popular business intelligence solutions are Suspense, SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 with Hana3 CBO version 9.6 frameworks on top of Oracle Database 12c 11g R2 enterprise edition 64bit_OPEN_SOURCE_BASE_Edition with Oracle XE 11g Release 2 for x86-64bit CPU architecture (64-Bit) enterprise edition on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.6 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2013 R2 respectively.

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Support for business decisions:

Operational decisions are small and day-to-day, like deciding how to sell a product or what price to charge

Operational decisions are small and day-to-day, like deciding how to sell a product or what price to charge.

Operations are the process that turns money from the sales of goods into profits. It is important to be a good manager if you want high returns on investment. They know how to produce and distribute things better than anyone else, so they can make sure everything goes as planned.

Tactical decisions are big and long term, like whether you should spend money on something that will help you be more successful

Tactical decisions are big and long-term. They include everything from the shape of your furniture to what kind of investment portfolio you should have. But by following these five tips, you can upgrade every part of your life without a problem.

Create a workspace that is best for you. Spend time noticing where you spend most of your time, and place furniture in those places so that it is the most comfortable and efficient for what you do (e.g., if you work better on a laptop than at an office desk, put the desk against a wall and use a sofa as its extension). This will give you more room to prevent feeling cramped or claustrophobic with all those wires!

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Strategic business decisions involve thinking about the future of your company and where it needs to go

Strategic planning for your company is important. That means you need to plan where your resources will go. Consider how much money you have, and also how long your company will last against other businesses and the changes in the industry.

For example, many companies may have entered into a certain industry to make as much money as possible from it.

Business intelligence functionality:

Analyzing data, decision-making, problem-solving, designing more intuitive/innovative systems

A large part of designing intuitive systems is understanding that your users do not know what they are doing.

If you want your user to be able to do what you need them to, then you will have to design an interface that a typical person can be successful with 98% of the time. If not, people will become frustrated and just leave. It is important for an interface to be easy and inviting for all users. You should only include things that most people know about in your program if many users know about them already.

Systems and technologies:

Information systems at an operational, tactical, and strategic level

Information systems are important at all levels of the military. It can lead to success or failure at all levels in war. Commanders can use drones to control their troops better. They can provide intelligence to help the commander make decisions.

IS is a force multiplier. It helps people do jobs they can’t do alone. IS gathers and processes data from satellites and drones. The information is used to help people make decisions about how to spend their money.

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