British Airways Marketing Case Study

British Airways is the flag carrier airline of the UK with headquarter situated in the London, Heathrow Airport. It comes into existence by the alliance of four separate companies named BOAC, BEA (London air passenger carriers), Cambrian Airways, Cardiff and Northeast Airlines, New castle in 1974. The company got privatized in the year of 1987. British airways have expanded through buying British Caledonian and Gatwick carrier Dan-Air. They gave their main and huge order of A320 airplanes and are now the biggest buyer of Boeing aircraft. They place their second-largest order to start long-distance flights in 2007.

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So, with this huge development in the company, let’s see the marketing strategy, plans, and objectives of the company by analyzing the marketing mix of the company. Also, this British airways case study will provide the knowledge of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company through SWOT analysis.

Marketing Strategy of British Airways

Marketing strategy is the way of achieving marketing objectives through evaluating the 7Ps of marketing or marketing mix. Here we are only going to address the 4Ps of marketing in this British airways marketing strategy 2021 i.e. Place, price, promotion, and product.


The product is therefore the crucial principle of marketing. Without any product, it cannot be decided what marketing plan or strategy has to be implemented and for whom. Product is the best resource through which customers get attracted if it has the necessary power. On the other side, British airways get awarded with official 4 stars ratings because of the high-class products and services they provide to their customers.


In the British airways strategy during covid-19, the company have very low prices in their services. The pricing strategy of the BA is strongly, categorically, and confidently believed to address the customer base of the company by online ticket booking system at with full confidence in the lower rates they provide. If any other Airline Company puts their prices lower than British airways anywhere online, they ensure to refund all the extra prices even if the customer books online.


How do British airways advertise? British Airways is well known to provide different types of vouchers and coupons to offer discounts to their customers. They focus to offer discounted vouchers with codes on them for the customers even if they are not part of club members. This only requires registration for the once to become a member of the club. They also offer special rewards to make benefits of the customers in the long term.

Moreover, in British airway’s digital marketing strategy, they have some instant holiday packages not only on cheap flights but also for rented cars in order to make happy customers and increase loyalty towards them. However, in order to get vouchers and special rewards, the customer needs to travel and fly in their aircraft and collect the BA miles points.  These points can also be collected through flying with the partner airlines and staying in the selected hotels. All these points would be added and ultimately customers can enjoy the benefits and rewards they get.


British Airways have a huge network across the globe and serves their services across the six major continents which include about 371 destinations. However, the main hub of the British airways is located at Heathrow in London which also handles the majority of their flights at London Gatwick Airport. However, previously British airways used to have its main hub in the Manchester Airport which got moved to London Heathrow later on.

British airways target market

British airway’s target market for interest is the executive class referring to two things: firstly, high income and families. In this case, businessmen or businessmen thinking about investing in a business would be British airway’s best customers. Secondly, looking at their target market, travelers who have easy access to business sites would also be British airway’s target market.

Executive class travel is a good example of winning clients by emphasizing trends and the newest ethics the competition failed to figure out while they are marketing their standards with dirty types and patterns or symbolisms. Common reasons for loss at airs include bad weather, domestic pressure on cheaper easy return fares (same day or regularly priced on Tuesdays) for holidays by those traveling short distances can drive up tariffs on routes such as London – Newcastle, Southampton – Stansted often to times higher than those in the first-class service.

White Airways is currently a British Airways airline affiliate serving European, African and worldwide destinations. The key development of White Airways award travel was a move that links its offer of Executive Club Gold with partner airlines across Europe and Africa. This was vital by allowing access to award frequent flyer points based on the seat redeemed, rather than where it was purchased.

Recent travelers can also earn points using their own miles regardless of whether they were required on the hotel or air ticket. In 2012, White Airways launched a winter product under the White Label Group with nonstop flights between London and Bahamas’ capital Nassau for US$435 round trip (including taxes).

SWOT Analysis of British Airways

SWOT analysis is the method of measuring the organization and its environment whether internal or external. It is used as the first stage of planning which helps marketers to focus on the key issues that an organization needs to face.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and threats. Strength and Weakness are the factors that basically represent the internal environment of the company while other two represent external environment with direct and indirect impacts on the business.

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The Brand of British airways is the main strength of the company which is rated as the new speedy airline. They promise to their passenger to get a comfortable traveling experience and their strategy towards making services more convenient to the customers makes them the best of choice. They always show proper respect to the customers’ complaints and feedback. Therefore, the operations of the Airways make them professional over all other competitors and give them high-class services to all their variety of customers.

Moreover, BA claims that they have the best analytical skills based on the customer’s experience handled by members of the company which is their strength in the airline’s industry.


Poor Marketing strategies of British Airways have always been criticized which becomes their worst weakness and has a huge bad impact on customer satisfaction. Regardless of the great infrastructure, BA still needs to carry out and incorporate better marketing schemes in order to attract more customers. Thus, providing a competitive package can make a big difference to make the current service more attractive and reliable. Moreover, compromising the skills of software simulation and its development also shows the weakness of British airways.


In this rapidly changing technology, companies also need to keep evolving in their technology and innovation in the products and services which becomes hard for companies to do. However, it provides a huge opportunity for the companies to get a competitive advantage. British Airways appreciates these and taken them as an opportunity for their further advancement in the services.  Trends in technology also make the opportunity in terms of various business domains or can be considered as the threats and weaknesses.

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Threats can be seen as internal or external. The management and bureaucratic system of the company can also make difference in increasing the threat for the business. Above all, poor decision-making can be considered a threat to the company when not properly handled and taken. The global problems greatly offer tremendous threats if and when companies will ignore such. Moreover, globalization can be an opportunity and strength but at the same time can also be considered as a threat if the company does manage and develop according to it. Further, rapid changes in technology and customers’ behavior can also be a threat if interpreted mistakenly.

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