Unit 47-LO3 Demonstrate the use of business intelligence tools and technologies-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

Business intelligence is the tools and technologies that companies use to find, organize, analyze, and present the performance of their IT assets (servers, networks, applications). This helps people to know what is going on with these things. It can also help businesses understand how well they are doing.

In big companies, there are many complex IT systems. It is hard to find problems that people have missed. The intelligence tools help by automatically checking for problems on a regular basis. In small companies, where there aren’t enough people to check each system every day, the intelligence tools do this job automatically instead of humans doing it.

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Tools and techniques:

Data mining and visualization analyze data through statistical models in order to identify trends.

Many companies are using a technique called data mining to find patterns in their data. They use an initial set of rules and then filter the inputted data into manageable amounts for correlation analysis. This process is repeated by adding more rules until there is enough statistical significance for desired conclusions to be drawn.

Visualization is one of the steps in the Big Data analysis process. It allows you to summarize your data before going into the next step. Visualization helps you find out what is in your data before starting to work with it.

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Supporting business processes by designing a tool to automate some tasks

Designing a tool is typically not as difficult as tweaking and troubleshooting the tools you already have. It’s often better to find out what tools are working for others in the space than to reinvent the wheel or take on risks unnecessarily! However, if you’re still intent on solving your problem with innovation, here are some tips for designing a new tool that should help it be successful:

  • Determine business value – Why would anyone want this? Remember that solving a problem isn’t enough. Point out why this will be awesome and how it solves problems people have.
  • Consider your audience – Who does this work for? What about them makes them different from other users of what they need/want to do?
  • Determine usage patterns – How will they use them? What are the important aspects of each step and how can you minimize the effort/time required for each one? Look at tools used by others in the industry.


Designing an application to solve a specific user need or system requirement

Dynamic software is designed with care, not as a last-minute effort. It is important to design it for the needs of your user. There are some areas that you should think about when designing. The template below lists some of these areas.

Identify the needs of your user – This is typically a labor-intensive phase and it takes time and effort, but if you get this right, then the rest can be easier. How does the software help the end-user with their job function? Determine what information they need for each step in their process.

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Design considerations:

Providing an optimal and user-friendly design of the solution

An optimal and user-friendly design for a solution would depend on the nature of the problem. For instance, in a healthcare setting, one approach is to start with input about someone’s health status. Then you can put it into an interactive decision support system that provides personalized feedback and recommendations for care decisions.

To make a good plan for managing weight, you need to find out what the person wants. If they want to lose weight, they should do something different than if they just want to maintain their weight. They also need help from other people who can give advice or help with the plan.

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