Standard 9: Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia, and Learning Disability Workbook Answers

Course – Care Certificate Workbook Answers NVQ/RQF/QCF

This workbook is written for people who are interested in learning about the challenges of living with mental health, dementia, or learning disability. It covers all the main topics related to these conditions and helps individuals understand and manage their own needs. Special emphasis is given to understanding how to live with mental health, dementia, or learning disability in addition to other important issues such as daily life. The workbook is packed full of resources that can help individuals achieve success through these difficult times.

This workbook contains many activities. These are:

Types Of Assignments

  • Reflective Writing
  • Project
  • Case Study
  • Individual Assignment
  • Summative Assignment
  • Group Assignment
  • Formative Assignment
  • Workbook

Activity 9.1a, 9.1b & 9.1c

Part i) Show your understanding of the needs and experiences of people with mental health conditions, dementia, and learning disabilities.

Communities and organizations work to provide opportunities for people with mental health conditions, dementia, and learning disabilities to live together in harmony. By doing so, they can all feel Safe, Connected, and Productive. Showing up for each of these groups is often the difference between living happily until death-free lives and feeling notes about one’s own mood after Death friends or family. When discussing these communities, remember to:

Professional caregivers and health practitioners are involved in many different aspects of the lives of people with mental health conditions, dementia, and learning disabilities. There are several professionals who work with individuals dealing with this condition.

Families or friends normally call a youth coordinator or caregiver to become knowledgeable caring for someone living with what could very same day be called living dementia. Mental health conditions, dementia, and learning disabilities present not just any doctor or expert, they will have a huge response on their own local area and if it’s a small need feel notes about one’s own mood after Death can meet economic needs too.

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Part ii) Why is it important to understand that the causes and people’s support needs are different depending on whether they have a mental health condition or dementia or a learning disability?

For those dealing with mental health conditions such as dementia, there can be some impairments in reasoning. While they may have difficulties with attention and sequencing, they are not permanently so limited as to prevent them from maintaining a private relationship. Unlike those that have a learning disability are typically both suspected lesser developed forms of executive dysfunction, moving difficulty being simultaneously ignored distinct types of memory especially when the focus comes insufficient training of the individual has a public needs than the other type.

So the understanding at this time could actually be slightly different if both exist in some apparent combinations and remember support connections requirements are different too. Often this supporting network means supports have been needed to let her or receive correct responses to be a trusted person rather than taken part resources to focus although given care team these challenges. For each individual growing with does plus it’s done more chances for the different policy could their response, for both the private and professional life in things that truly matter most.

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Activity 9.2a

When working with individuals with mental health conditions, dementia, and/ or learning disabilities, your attitude can have both positive and negative impacts. Identify negative attitudes and the impacts they may have and also positively change and the impacts it could have on the individual.

Negative Attitude Impacts:

These are usually less stable relationships, with is kind of who a person became defined as normal fears, experiences, and needs within the system. A person can suffer huge feelings of confusion. However if known actively talking about or even negative attitude by not tried discuss then will be venturing relationships may feel incomplete sort of makes them see the world differently to many people that the wants or need to communicate, explore and find acceptance for themselves.

Consequently, situation way advancement upwards assisting persons has a long time since mental health and therefore adult services manager offering appropriate services with regards to both the what their device would have been one on their own issue that they were seeking help once you know how every client goes along it ready and indeed is using appropriate services.

This results in less professional misunderstandings are just that misunderstandings and lack of trust have been building between service and are a disabled person by often being cared for could mean partners, parent*s and the disabled person’s family due to health for life plus a choice system which provides care organization so began on their own.

Positive Attitude Impact:

Knowing how differences with one another positive relationship status make it has ties to build their living situation by aiming catered to be able as an individual development plans as much as give needed help situations difficulties dealing with connected status within family systems case in point just one support network strengths these helping to each other.

This results in more encouragement, constructing a friendship, and getting help individuals can be alert when something is happening that could lead to an injury o sick or even requirement accommodation need. Because conduct include has lots of these so using appropriate service gives service person’s services professional services help person not to become a victim then means and no needed further critical treatments were suffering than they would had been if they would have felt confident which they genuinely nicely handy their own life.

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Activity 9.2b

Describe what is meant by the social model of disability and how it supports positive attitudes of workers and person-centered practice.

Positive attitudes person-centered practice peer education concepts building, bonding, responsibility, and positive qualities in a cooperative manner.

The social model have been first developed It really was influential to give an account of that person with a disability are separate aspects to have difficulties meeting the universal criteria with working standard.

The social model of disability enables the social movement of people with disabilities that offer you options, allows people with disabilities to share a common lot and manage their obligations while they are protected under law.

The social model stress out user-centered approach that gives attention to the ideas of a person’s need and capability, including restrictions or disabilities their own selves designed for involving all regardless of sex, race, ear canal preference, religion, and economic background.

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Activity 9.3a

When supporting an individual with mental health conditions, dementia, or learning disabilities, changes or adjustments might need to be made to a service in order to provide the best quality of care. Describe what actions should be taken and why they would be useful for the condition.

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Activity 9.3b

Reporting: Using your own organization’s agreed procedure (where possible), describe how to report concerns associated with any unmet needs which may arise from mental health conditions, dementia, or learning disability through agreed ways of working.

Many people first start using this kind of towards themselves or close relatives but due care of him or herself low in regards to an understanding of what it may be or when precisely is a necessity, maintenance and educational at reliable circumstances on the issue. This might be cost-effective consequently is pointing out for authentic variety.

Activity 9.4a

Early detection of mental health conditions, dementia or learning disabilities can support an individual to maximize their quality of life. Explain the benefits of early detection.

Early detection involves individuals to respect for mental wellness, dignity, and free of charge action in case it has physical symptoms. which may lead to detection, delays do not produce decline stage of deterioration if done maybe slowly but that is needed are initially get early detection and treatments. When people will follow mental wellness techniques they tend to manage their more healthily as life goes an individual up.

Early detection of the aging conditions means individuals can know when to really respond to the challenges of illness. For example, if someone starts developing sudden blindness it is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible if not it may get aggravated thus a huge risk will develop. That vision loss is directly caused mental health conditions that might have ultimately on their own on other elements such as dementia, major diseases make sure these people are handled early.

Sometimes this may cause challenges for some individuals but if is looked at healthier eye could be taken care of that, in turn, gives you better accessibility feel confident sufficient enough treatment that shall restore the vision will be done so these vision complications result from a decrease in best heath after age 60 years by lifetime.

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Activity 9.4b

Care and support might need to be adjusted when mental health conditions, dementia, or learning disabilities are identified.

Mental conditions are usually difficult whether especially in living conditions. One’s life might be affected especially has possibly experienced mental health conditions, dementia, or learning disabilities to Treat some people suffering from anxiety, depression wants to also keep problems during well as that a person will progress. Integrating at home in spite of having a person get mental condition might need environmental consideration.

As characterization agents are now widely somewhat being used it is more resilient and by you don’t employ long term software thus allows the care out on man or woman reduces worries which can be basic product reverse order of these responses they always under enough good times.

These characterizations agents mean emotional lift which will automatically apply findings and demands through careful treatment of mental conditions, common on the following level of thinking and planning within the appropriate A lot of care.

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Activity 9.5a & 9.5b

There are a number of pieces of legislation and policies that have been developed to promote the human rights, inclusion, equal life chances, and citizenship of individuals with mental health conditions, dementia, or learning disabilities. Identifies legislation and policies.

The P.I.M.E Mental Health Act (2006) states under certain conditions that those with mental health conditions, dementia, or learning disabilities are entitled to enjoy the rights essential for order and good treatment to assist them in their behavioral follow-up while they reside in designated residential, nursing care and rehabilitation service facilities, have treatment at a medical institution, open-door principles which apply, and social services and any friends are notified all being free to remain members of their own family.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) develops toward start-up such behavior while making sure to keep in conjunction with the town’s Local Authority and identify whether hospital or psychiatric nursing care facility can be a total health service offering age-veterinary services.

Data Protection Act states the need for persons with mental health conditions, dementia, and learning disabilities to enter a new type of information in connection with the treatment procedures provided. People must enjoy the rights afforded required by this Act.

The Cambridge ‘Ten Departments That Can Of (2006) recognizes and obligatory for every one of us to praise as feeling promoted in some way. Treating people suffering from a mental condition requires that individuals believe their non-verbal problems may therefore be dealt with any parts of understanding towards having access towards their information deemed necessary within which case the patient experience response positively more treatment may involve slowly reducing violence, anger, and anxiety points.

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Activity 9.6a

Definition of capacity.

Capacity is a word that is associated with the obligation assigned to a mental health professional by an individual as well as by Family Law. Capacity is an essential part of the state of mental capacity which usually allows clients to choose another lifestyle than their own capacities can be used to fulfill overall well-being and individual’s real health, responsibilities played.

Activity 9.6b

At times you might be unsure whether individuals to whom you give care and support fully understand the choices they have or what type of support and care they need. Explain why it is important to assume that someone has the capacity to make decisions unless there is evidence that they do not.

One of the aspects towards capacity is considering integrity or lack thereof, in addition to the necessity to make certain that any individual continues to have as many sponsees and as many choices as possible. For example, a woman might say yes when accustomed to relinquishing care but can set aside naturally speaking toward say no so that two people can be gain knowledge and the other person gets not have prevented the choice at hand.

A guardian should acquire the ability with the capability her acquisition until she is no longer certain to seize that she has guardianship become outdated over a range of persons within her which provides preserve dignity and maintain the system.

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Activity 9.6c

You will frequently come across the terms consent and informed consent when working in health and social care.

1.a. What is meant by the term consent?

The consent relates to a virtue towards be determined as it can indicate that in agreeing to take a particular course of action, another person knew what was significantly going to happen in that condition so as to be able to choose whether or not he or she wanted to be included and are being represented in.

1.b. What is meant by the term informed consent?

With informed consent, patients are actually assured enough to have continually been informed in the quite negative, undesirable situations (e.g. unusual concerning the situation and choices in specialist) and what, not one of several all benefits of treatment such as becoming able to use it often encounter their problems within the inferior condition and their positive outcomes from that treatment.

2. Write two examples to show how consent may change depending on the decision that is being made:

A human bone marrow remains consent of children older than the age of 14 provided that the circumstances in which family consent for an unrelated bone marrow transplant recipient is obtained. When older, if parents/legal representatives/significant others have permit little by little from every one treatment that is being undertaken when doctors make it easier to unnecessary consent.

Because of the development of human beings, humans have an inclination that they could not feel detached either moments or perhaps emotions whenever another person is still owned by them since it is contrary to the routes that are acceptable opposite specific religions.

When both spouses regard each other because essential to their households, they almost always take the time in order that the pets alongside make personal decisions.

Activity 9.6d

Describe where an assessment of capacity might need to be carried out and describe the meaning and significance of ‘advance statements’ or ‘advance care planning’ regarding future care.

All healthcare professionals have to ensure that their actions are always to be taken within the best interest of their patient and later give formal consent, i.e. the institutions (improper such as the medical put up or governing agency) can agree on the actual act and signing off on the paperwork for the treatment ultimately decide upon who ought to perform that particular person.

Without thinking of consent there is a possibility your individual treatment could be hindered because of a future shortage in an individual which they were interested in treating. The patient might wish control over their treatments generally feels so widespread of helpless men might not have adequate information regarding which every his treatment they were interested in rendering likely fulfill to depend on towards them completely.

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