Standard 3: Duty of Care Workbook Answers

Course – Care Certificate Workbook Answers NVQ/RQF/QCF

Duty of care is an important rule of law. It requires a person to take reasonable precautions to protect another, such as providing emergency services or keeping the property clean. In other words, people should do what they can to avoid any foreseeable losses or injuries.

The duty of care is to be measured in a reasonable way. It has to be foreseeable and reasonable so that it would satisfy the law. A person cannot be expected to take care of a situation that is not foreseeable. The law doesn’t consider whether the person who caused harm intended for the harm or not. Instead, the duty of care is measured by what was reasonably foreseeable at that time and by what was reasonably feasible.

This workbook contains many activities. These are:

Types Of Assignments

  • Reflective Writing
  • Project
  • Case Study
  • Individual Assignment
  • Summative Assignment
  • Group Assignment
  • Formative Assignment

Activity 3.1a

As social care or health worker, you have a duty of care to all people you support. Use the following words to define what is meant by the duty of care. RESPONSIBILITY, SAFETY, OBLIGATION, WELLBEING


Your responsibility is to take into account the needs and concerns of all people you support, regardless of their age, sex, or race. It is your job to seek out information about each person you work with and make sure that they are getting the care and attention they need. You have a responsibility to help them feel connected to others, without which their well-being may be at risk.


The safety needs to ensure our clients are never at risk of injurious or otherwise dangerous occurrences. We have a duty to come to the model’s needs because they are the most vulnerable members of your model’s care pathway. No age should be out of your sight. It is a priority to always make people feel safe in our care. We believe that we as health and social workers ought to take every precaution necessary to alleviate any vulnerable person’s risk of danger, harm, and suffering.


As a health practitioner, you are responsible for ensuring that each person you support has an idea of what is going on in their life as well as being aware of where they stand with respect to their wellbeing needs understanding their needs assessment is your priority. However, you can’t be expected to worry about everything at all times, and therefore, you are obliged to have a clear understanding of what will and will not pass your authority. This includes providing holistic care to all clients in accordance with the day’s requirements that identify and support each individual’s needs.


We are obliged as social care workers alongside health and the many other professionals that deliver the service set by the government, our statutory fees. We must make sure each person who seeks our professional services feels fulfilled, both socially and elastically (e.g. physically). As a member of the workforce, we are responsible for helping them to feel secure in their care as well as understanding their concerns.

Activity 3.1b

Thinking about your own work role, complete the sentences below to describe how the duty of care affects you in practice.

A person’s job description states that they will carry out the activities in their job by utilizing their skills and knowledge. In effect, this means that the worker must utilize their professional knowledge as part of their role to deliver social care responsibilities.

The code of conduct means that workers are always aware of any policies, procedures, and guidelines that regulate their practice. Being well trained concerning these is part of fulfilling the social care worker’s duty of care. These regulations include things like clearly displaying their qualifications and responsibility for their own work performance to clients. They are responsible for understanding the regulations from the start.

The organizational policies and procedures are there to help ensure all workers understand better how to carry out their duties. By knowing where they stand with all the policies and procedures outlined by their organization, they can make sure they act appropriately. Organizational policies assist them to organize themselves and how they relate to people. These help keep the issues of most concern maintained for their client who is requesting their kind of service.

I must report unsafe or abusive practices because of the legal requirement and to show the organization having a duty of care to satisfy the social nature of every individual.

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Activity 3.2a

There will be times when your duty to protect an individual is in conflict with your duty to promote their right to take risks. This is a dilemma you may not know the right thing to do and that’s why it’s important to know what you reminding when it comes to risk management. Think of two dilemmas that might arise in your work and describe these in the space below

Dilemmas 1:

One would expect that social workers would take their duty of care to the individual clients seriously to complete their role. With the option of taking your duties seriously, a well-performing social work profession means putting yourself at risk is an unrealistic act.

Dilemma 2:

This risks someone contracting tuberculosis or another disease if they went without washing their person.

Activity 3.2b and 3.2c

For the two dilemmas that you have described in 3.2a, complete the table below to explain what you must and must not do within your role for each dilemma and where you would get additional support and advice to help you resolve the dilemma.

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Activity 3.3b

For each of the three examples below, describe who you would ask for advice and support in handling comments, concerns, and compliments.

A number of individuals you are supporting believe that someone has been tampering with their medical records.

However, the medical records indicate that this is not true. Attempt to manage conflict by discussing your response to their concerns and how you will consider what you need to do now that their fears are dispelled. Otherwise, discuss how you will reach a mutual understanding about treating them more fairly regarding their comments when it comes to your management of their records going into the future.

You would like to ask for more guidance on one section of the complaint procedure.

A number of individuals you are supporting believe that someone has been tampering with photographic and audio evidence of the abuse they are receiving.

An individual you support recently told you that they wish to make a complaint about the food served at mealtimes.

They are worried that they are being served the wrong thing in an attempt to lower their food/carbon offsetting allowance. A number of individuals you are supporting believe that someone has been tampering with their medical records.

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Activity 3.3c

It is essential to learn from comments and complaints when providing care services. Explain the importance of learning from comments, concerns, and compliments in order to improve the quality of service that you provide.

As a result, comments and feedback are often considered the building blocks of practice. In order to improve the quality of life and/or become more effective, feedback should be given that includes all parts of your body, including your heart and mind.

Complaints are made in order to seek justice or make better care decisions. Concerns are included when individuals want to raise potential problems about an individual in offending or if there is a risk of emotional damage.

Compliments are considered positive feedback opinions. They congratulate characters, actions, or features of an individual’s behavior. Compliments are usually expressed as a state of mind that is used to express appreciation and friendly treatment to a person.

Activity 3.4a and 3.4b

You have a duty of care to respond to events and incidents in an appropriate and agreed way. To show your understanding, complete the table below to describe how you would recognize adverse events, incidents, errors, and near misses (scenarios) and explain what you must not do in relation to each.

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Activity 3.4c

Thinking about the four scenarios in 3.4a & b, list the legislation and agreed on ways of working that need to be taken into account when reporting adverse events, incidents, errors, and near misses.

  1. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – Regulations for each profession that are in line with personal and professional aims/procedures and work life. They are overall an example of positive events.
  2. Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999 – This is the overview interpretation and guidance that provides much insight into the overall legal regulation of health and safety within the workplace.
  3. The Care Act 2014 – Sets a framework for how you should, for example, respond to things falling as well as working out referrals.
  4. The Quality Framework for Higher Education – It acts as much as a tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses in universities and colleges, but also features in their agreements with institutions to give moderate quality.

Activity 3.5a

Fill in the spider diagram below to list the factors and difficult situations that may cause confrontation. One example has been provided for you

  • When it comes to helping patients deal with severe problems and serious injuries, ensure that you are aware of the following factors and do not forget to keep a record as required;
  • In order to increase the reliability of the measuring instruments you are using, ensure that you are sensible with how and when you do your measurements;
  • Do not use alcohol while conducting your life;
  • Ensure that drug users and dealers do not enter healthcare premises and therefore, be cautious with people in this area;
  • To ensure excellent allocation of quality and safe practice within a service, while retaining good quality compliance, highly trained workforce, monitor and improve staff safety performance regularly.

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Activity 3.5b, 3.5c and 3.5e

Thinking about the factors and difficult situations that may cause confrontation, select one that relates to your own role and answer the questions below.

What is the difficult situation that may cause a confrontation?

The individual becomes agitated and aggressive because they believe that the staff is making fun of them. In most cases, the paranoia leads to the Garnering of interest in the person’s mental health which can then lead to social media posts or articles that may be mocking or an attack on their mental health.

How could communication be used to solve problems and reduce the likelihood or impact of confrontation?

The staff member tries to explain the situation and why they are doing something. This may be hard to do as the person is quite angry and may not be willing to listen. In this case, it would be necessary for the staff member to listen carefully, repeat what they have been told in a calming way, and then offer an alternative method of dealing with the problem in a nonconfrontational manner.

How would you assess and reduce the risks in this situation?

The staff member who has been tasked with dealing with the person will need to be aware of the person’s mental health and if they have any history of violence or aggression. The staff member should also be aware of their own personal safety and that of others in the area.

What is the agreed way of working for reporting confrontation in your service?

We have a code of conduct that outlines the staff expectations and our behaviors within the workplace. We have a number of mechanisms in place to ensure that we are performing to the required standards.

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