Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity Workbook Answers

Course – Care Certificate Workbook Answers NVQ/RQF/QCF

Many people receive care in the form of government-funded or private services. These services are designed to provide dignity, privacy, and security by providing release from the scourging of the public eye. Often, it is a way for people to isolate themselves from society and their surroundings in order to fulfill their personal needs in an individualized way. However, privacy is not always necessary or healthy, and in some cases can cause harm to the person.

This workbook contains many activities. These are:

Types Of Assignments

  • Reflective Writing
  • Project
  • Case Study
  • Individual Assignment
  • Summative Assignment
  • Group Assignment
  • Formative Assignment
  • Workbook

Activity 7.1a

In relation to care practice, describe what is meant by the terms privacy and dignity.

Privacy and dignity are both important when it comes to health care. Privacy is a need that people have that is sometimes not met in the public eye. Dignity is something that people want to be respected and honored. Both need to be met by health care professionals in order for them to provide quality care. In the workplace, dignity is something that everyone should have, even if they are receiving a public service. Privacy, however, does not need to be provided in all situations. For example, if a person has an over-stimulating environment or one where they feel uncomfortable because of the noise level or other factors, privacy may not be necessary or desirable.

Activity 7.1b

As a healthcare support worker or adult social care worker, you will be providing care to individuals who have a range of different needs, wishes, and preferences and in situations that may be sensitive, personal, or challenging. 

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Activity 7.2c

It is essential that you do not disclose anything about an individual that they wish to be kept private unless it is appropriate to do so. Explain why this is so important.

It is important to keep some things private and personal, even if they are not confidential. The reason that it is important to keep some things private is that it is disrespectful for the individual who wishes to keep their privacy. It is disrespectful for individuals to have someone invade their privacy. In addition, it can be dangerous for a person’s health if what they wish to keep private spreads and becomes public knowledge.

Activity 7.3a

Describe different ways that you can help individuals to make informed choices.

There are many ways a person can make informed choices. One way is to speak with the individual and ask them what they want to do. Another way is to let the individual know that they have the right to make their own decisions, whether or not they want to do so. If an individual wants to change their care plan, then it is important that they have a say in it.

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Activity 7.3b & 7.3c

Risk-taking, risk assessment, and risk enablement are three terms that you should be familiar with as a care worker. Familiarise yourself with these terms and answer the two questions below.

1. How can risk assessment be used to support the right of individuals to make their own decisions?

Risk assessment can be used in a variety of ways to support the individual’s decision-making process. For example, an individual may be asked to consider their own risk-taking behavior during a health examination or when they are asked about their health care needs.

If an individual has concerns about privacy, then risk assessment might be used at a later date to assess whether or not the individual has been impacted by what was said in the previous setting. Risk assessment can also be used with other individuals who are considering making changes in their health care plan. This could include family members and other people who need information on how that may impact them as well as on the individual.

2. Why must you ensure that your personal views do not influence an individual’s own choices or decisions?

Some people may feel pressured by a care worker to make a decision that they do not want to make. This can be dangerous because the person may not have the ability to think critically about their options and the consequences of their actions.

Activity 7.3d

Thinking about the statements above, describe why you would need to support individuals to question or challenge decisions made about them by others. Include the following in your answer: Confidence, self-esteem, person-centered care, empower.

Individuals who think about the statements above will have greater confidence in themselves and in those around them. They will feel more self-assured and posed to do what they want as well as do things that they had not considered before. Additionally, individuals who question or challenge decisions made about them by others will feel more self-confidence, autonomy, person-centered care, and empowerment.

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Activity 7.4d

As part of your duty of care, you have a responsibility to support individuals to question or challenge the decisions that are made about them by others, especially if these decisions have been made without their involvement or consent. Describe how you would report your concerns to a relevant person.

One of the concerns about assisted suicide, euthanasia, and abortion is that there are all too few qualified professionals who can make decisions based on their skills or understanding of their personal circumstances. This means that it would be difficult for patients to challenge or question the decisions – made about them by others – when they do not understand why these decisions have been made. If a report was made for this reason you would need to support the person to whom you are making a report against possible pressure from those around them.

It is imperative not only to listen and care but restate the person’s message clearly. For example, “dear Izietin Kamara, I would like to meet with you tomorrow at 2 pm in your unit for a conversation about your recovery and possible complications”. Don’t give the answers but allow the person to control the situation. They will see you as being completely appropriate and trustworthy.

Then it comes to explaining that payment is required before they can proceed. Usually, they are grateful and pay the money themselves or let you contact a treasurer before agreeing to assist them on another date and time which usually makes them feel relaxed.

Activity 7.5a, 7.5b and 7.5d

Part i) Valuing the individuals you care for and support makes a very important contribution to encouraging active participation. How you can support active participation for the individual.

Support and assistance made possible by identifying concerns (especially if they are thoughts) may lead to greater self-determination and a person developing their own ideas and contributing efforts that they were too scared or inhibited to before. Not only that, individuals will develop better self-management of their eating and sleeping which can boost their strength quickly. They don’t need to fear that if they do this particular thing it will destroy their brains or result in death.

They also get an assurance of being cared for, which gives them more motivation to come out of it again. Extracurricular exercises for individuals are great because it stimulates their thinking systems. This is the key to increasing the thought processes of individuals who are thinking about death.

Part ii) Describe the importance of how valuing individuals.

By valuing a client you help them to come back in line. It helps to support the person’s feelings towards their friends and loved ones, showing the value they truly have. Try explaining that “by being here today I get to care for you as your friends and family would normally do”. This allows them some autonomy, as well as rejection by others. Taking this step shows your concern for the well-being of individuals – it’s important information for every staff member.

You will find this type of approach always shines through when you step into the unit however briefly and does make an important contribution to their recovery because it will promote self-motivation by the individual.

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Activity 7.5c

How many ways you can use to support active participation.

I use to support active participation in many ways. These are:

  • Personally respond appropriately from my observations, reading them what is on their minds. often also make notes in the listening job for prescriptions for me on hand as I go about with them.
  • Reading them out tea rooms and if possible not only have effective from these suggestions but also offer it motivated to choice ones would generally choose. Involve the individuals when I select their tea room in ways objecting to that they should “place their modest ideas into words”
  • You can promote choice by just observing what interests individuals. good candidates are those who want a change of direction or where they want to leave something. This can be something as simple as a life misadventure then being an influence changed it by changing it suddenly into something else (computer, job other)
  • I also use some cards with pictures that represent a potential change of environment examples are good enough like drug, gambling, and treatment programs.

Activity 7.6b

Self-awareness and reflection is essential part of your care practice and being aware of your own attitudes and beliefs can help you to make sure the quality of your work is not affected negatively. Produce a written account to show how your personal views could restrict the individual’s ability to actively participate in their care.

That you could use some solid resources such as the Helping others to flourish, Habits that weaken our ability to hear pleas and interferes with the way we respond, Perceiving what lies at other’s heart. The following are among my favorite dog’s bread books which I read again, the information in the narration made me all-important know that hearing and understanding is a skill training.

Clinical psychologist Zig Ziglar learned this is true through stress like cigarette manufacturers often breathe some of us hate to have it happen because they take advantage of our abilities to help others and find appropriate responses. The technique is studied at first was meant for reducing mob response attacks solely valued based on how people heard a disease as anyone gotten from one another. But that included he said, patience and indulging a bit to get them to better results.

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