Standard 2: Your Personal Development Workbook Answers

Course – Care Certificate Workbook Answers NVQ/RQF/QCF

This workbook is a valuable tool for those who want to develop their education and personal development. It provides step-by-step steps that tell the story of how they are growing in all areas of their lives, from personal relationships to professional development. The Personal Development Workbook is also a great resource for those who want to explore new interests or who have difficulty understanding the basics of what they are doing. It helps them understand why and how they are developing over time.

This workbook contains many activities. Those are;

Types Of Assignments

  • Reflective Writing
  • Project
  • Case Study
  • Individual Assignment
  • Summative Assignment
  • Group Assignment
  • Formative Assignment

Activity 2.1a

There are many different sources of support available to you to help you progress your learning and development in your role.

Sources of support in my progress:

  1. Manager and senior staff.
  2. Peers, other senior colleagues, and managers.
  3. Myself.
  4. Working time accounts, such as budgets, timesheets, performance management, and appraisal results.
  5. Action plans (organization, personal initiative action) for development is often helped by the identification of objectives in a vision or strategy for the role and associated working programs linked to my job.

Activity 2.1b

Creating a personal development plan (PDP) is a step-by-step process and will involve you working with different people.

STEP 1: Set Objectives for personal development

A good starting point for becoming knowledgeable about developing yourself is to understand what you already do well and relatively easily. Very often people think of themselves as being totally lacking in certain areas until they uncover just how good or bad they are in their next skill or vice versa.

STEP 2: Planning for Development

When we first start on our personal (or even corporate) development, we often aren’t quite sure where to begin, what to do, and what boundaries we will set for ourselves in terms of practical tasks. It’s an important step to get just the right type of support from others you can trust and from yourself, if you’ll work alone involves risk. Self-development plans include breaking down goals into short-term very specific achievable ones on worked examples that can help with this process for every stage.

STEP 3: Set timescale for Focusing on your Progress

Unless you have had more than very basic training and less than expected practice (even before having a job), there is an unseen effort that works hard to provide innate significant kinds of support such as interesting conversations with colleagues, opinions from others can help to build self-esteem and improve understanding. you acquire the confidence of doing things, perhaps quite successfully at first.

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Activity 2.1c

Learning is a process that involves us throughout our lives and not just at school. There are many different ways in which we can learn, for example using feedback from others is a great way to learn and help us to develop and improve the way we work. Complete the sentence below to explain why feedback from others is so important for our learning process.

Feedback from others is a great way to learn and improve the way we work; this may help lead to greater goal completion or help others achieve theirs.

Work can be very interesting and even enjoyable if there are ways we can choose to make it better, for example, asking for feedback will increase the potential of reaching our potential. Productive feedback could include discussing how we could improve how well we work together, feedback does not always mean negative criticism when good and constructive advice from a meaningful other is sought as it ensures that these actions/behaviors will improve.

Working with others can also include exploring what is different and new, without worrying too much about feedback that may feel bad. Changes we experience over time don’t necessarily need feedback and the more feedback we have the better the chances of our learning.

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Activity 2.2a

Literacy, numeracy, and communication skills are necessary for you to carry out the requirements of your role. Often the skills that you need to use will be very specific to your responsibilities and the service that you work in. Fill in the boxes below to describe how you will use your literacy, numeracy, and communication skills in practice.

Use Literacy skills in practice:

The skills required for the job include the ability to read, write, and understand simple instructions. In order to be successful, you will need to learn new skills such as writing a risk assessment report, filling in forms, and reading and leaving notes for my team. I will often have to attend meetings with senior leaders on a regular basis and therefore, the written word will be an important part of my day.

Use Numeracy skills in practice:

Numeracy skills are necessary in order to use the correct words and products while filling out forms such as direct debit forms. I am asked to account for department expenditure and submit the required documents, these need to be supported with Numeracy skills of addition, subtraction, and division, which will allow me to deliver services on time.

Use communication skills in practice:

To be successful I will need to read and complete reports/records, comment on reports/records, and make suggestions to my manager. There will be many different occasions when I work with my manager mainly when we need to use the right words in order to coordinate the decisions between the two of us. By working efficiently together, we can ensure that the information provided is helpful and relevant. This will help me succeed in my role.

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Activity 2.2b

Your current levels of competence in literacy, numeracy, and communication are likely to be very specific to you as an individual. Explain how you would check your current levels of literacy, numeracy, and communication skills.

My abilities in literacy need to be assessed through reading. Communication skills need to be tested and if I find that I am particularly strong in one language then a test would be done there first for me. In numeracy, I would then go through the whole process involving reading, communication, and numeracy analysis of my tasks.

The task should relate to my job role i.e accounts remit duties if this is what you work in then that could work. Other job roles could assess your skill using cases for example you may want to tell that something has been signed off by doing a case on what documents are needed or used at least some simple phrases can go a long way so long as it is not too knowable or isn’t their thing.

Activity 2.2c, 2.2d and 2.2e

Complete the table below to describe how the different development activities have helped to improve your knowledge, skills, and understanding

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Activity 2.2g

Part i) For each of the learning opportunities below, decide whether each is an example of a formal learning opportunity or an informal one.

Part ii) Select 3 learning opportunities that are available to you, you could select ones from the list above or ones that are specific to you. For each learning opportunity, list how it will help you to improve the way you work.

Learning Opportunity 1: PROACT-SCIPr Training

The PROACT-SCIPr is an opportunity for students to learn from the best in the industry. It offers a unique program that combines expert instruction with during this time, they will have the opportunity to connect with experienced professionals in the industry and receive mentorship from ACT training masters.

Learning Opportunity 2: Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is an opportunity for the individual to achieve satisfaction with their personal care and maintenance. It can be used by individuals to purchase or collect services from a care home. The Care Certificate can also be used as a form of identification for the owner, in order to guarantee that services are received from the establishment but that the individual is not overbilled.

Learning Opportunity 3: Maths Functional Skills

The Maths Functional Skills opportunity is an event that provides students with opportunities to complete skills within the functional areas of maths. This will include tasks such as number reckoning, financial calculators, trigonometry, basic algebra, and geometry. There are also skill challenges that offer unique opportunities to gain experience and learn new skills.

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Activity 2.2i

Continuing professional development (CPD) is essential for work in the health and social care sectors. Explain why CPD is important for your own and others’ development.

CPD is important as a way of monitoring the development of the practice and staff allowing the organization to focus on what skills are needed in the workplace. Appropriate CPD will mean that the practice is still motivating and rewarding existing staff, offering new opportunities for work, and attracting new staff. If a person does not already hold the relevant QCF membership, then it is highly recommended that an enriched CPD is achieved with these skills, before full membership can be earned.

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