Standard 5: Work in a Person-Centred Way Workbook Answers

Course – Care Certificate Workbook Answers NVQ/RQF/QCF

In order to be successful, WIPC must become part of the professional culture of the organization. It must be part of the policy process and should be used as a tool for group discussion. WIPC should also be used as a tool for student learning. When working with complex systems, it is important that individuals have clear thinking and strong memory so they can make decisions effectively. The WIPC tool can be used to develop these skills.

The WIPC process is used to identify, diagnose, and solve problems. The process has five phases:

  • Define the problem,
  • Classify the problem into distinct categories,
  • Analyze the causes of the problem,
  • Plan solutions to reduce or eliminate the causes of the problem, and
  • Implement solutions.

This workbook contains many activities. These are:

Types Of Assignments

  • Reflective Writing
  • Project
  • Case Study
  • Individual Assignment
  • Summative Assignment
  • Group Assignment
  • Formative Assignment
  • Workbook

Activity 5.1a

In health and social care, person-centered values are the guiding principles on how to support and assist in someone’s life. Finish the sentence below to describe in your own words what the word ‘values’ means.

The term is used to describe the high degree of importance placed on something. The most common definition of the word is to apply value to something. Value means a high degree of importance placed on something.

Activity 5.1b

Give the  answer questions below:

1. What does the value mean?

The value of things is often something that people place a high value on. This might be for reasons like materialism, where the belief that good things can only come from outside rather than inside. People might put their faith in this or eminence or a specific time period.

2. How would you put the value into practice in your day-to-day work?

I would put my values into practice by being flexible and open to new ideas. I have learned that leaving room for mistakes results in better outcomes when the mistake turns out to be nothing drastic. I have also learned not to wait until a requirement has gone through all the steps to ensure quality before I start.

3. Why is it important to work in a way that promotes this value when supporting an individual?

I think it is important not to be too rigid and close-minded in the way we approach carers. It is easier to find an effective solution if we are open to new ideas. This has allowed me to work with a variety of people from all different backgrounds and with a different faith. For example, I am continuing my WIPC at my current placement because the challenges it causes allow me to practice different management techniques for personal care as I solve this complex problem.

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Activity 5.1c

Providing person-centered care or support that is specific to the individual’s needs, wishes and preferences will ensure that the individual is always at the center of their care. Dignity is one of the values included in person-centered care. Complete the diagram below to identify ways in which you can promote dignity in your day-to-day work. An example has been provided for you.

Implementing dignity in a specific individual-centered setting has been difficult for me in the past due to the increasing numbers at this service due to changes in care locally. This has been stated represented as a negative problem for my person-centered work because I face challenges when trying to ensure that dignity is protected.

A lot of times I have had to accidentally make people bad impressions through my actions, like not cleaning properly and leaving messy microwaves behind after every shift. Similarly, though, I always have had an awareness of how well I have personally cared for the people at my routine attendance check or usual time on-call despite all the difficulties inevitably there.

I have publically supported the value of dignity saying: “I am always happy to listen and hear people about their views on care situations”(generate an example). Giving an example of how you will implement dignity has been hard to do as many scenarios have been imperative to show how individual-centered care can be a more effective means. However, it is essential to implement dignity as this is an essential piece of work to ensure we become more collaborative instead of obstructive.

This has occurred where a usual Sunday at point of entry individuals have expressed that their most outstanding health need is helping their balance because they are in danger of falling and the domiciliary carer doesn’t react to this often enough. This leads many post-sessions only when the domiciliary staff come into contact with these individuals come across in interviews very reflective despite having regularly had involved days wherein they reported that they felt uncomfortable and remember different aspects as shown on a single sheet.

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Activity 5.2a

Case study: You started supporting Badiah last week. She moved to England from Laos last year. You have noticed that Badiah sometimes only picks at her meals without really eating anything. Badia is wearing a headscarf and you are unsure whether this is a fashion item. Describe why it is important to find out Badiah’s history, preferences, wishes, and needs in order to care for her in a person-centered way:

Badiah is an old woman with many health issues. This case study will focus on the process of proximate factors in order to show how my personal nature of consideration, authentic wisdom, and respect can help me respond to her in an appropriate and effective way.

When I ask about Badiah’s likes, the first thing that comes to mind is something like the TV remote control, meeting friends from Laos, a typical dry noodle salad, and most importantly posting emails (generate examples). My starting point goes against available resources as they all inform me that it isn’t very culturally acceptable here for nutrition to suffer highly due to me personally participating with this condition. At this point, there is obvious tension between my ‘cultural knowledge of marriage’ and my current ‘cultural knowledge of social work’.

The lady continues narrating the story (show extracts below) where she talks about not wanting to hear about how she was a life for her daughter. She tells me “ I would always rely on my daughter to come back with money …however, new fiancé- Oh I cannot thank you enough! Praise takes care of me haha” It is correct that my appointment is with Badiah, while at the same point in time as Badia this space should be used myself to discuss her preferences because the domiciliary workers have not done so to save an issue of discretion (they have spoken to this person and it is related).

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Activity 5.2b

Explain why it is important that an individual’s changing needs are reflected in their care and/or support plan. Give one example of when someone’s care plan would need to be changed or adjusted.

It is important that individuals have access to necessary support services in order to change and grow with their lives. This access can be through care plans, support groups, or professional help; all of which are designed to meet needs that change over time. It is also important to have a plan and get the right amounts of help when needed, as well as knowing how much money to spend so that costs do not block opportunities for growth.

However, all of these services don’t automatically enable long-term health or well-being, they require the individual to seek them out, learn about them and be open to change. For all (personal say barely) these reasons, at this point, the change in my own attitude has resulted in the lack of access. My new attitude about some environmental issues and my preconceived notions for cultural understanding (SPS major may not have affected much).

At times, such change can be challenging as I become more open-minded and more complicated with this social conditions refer to. However, facing these changes may prove a benefit (one way or another) in physical health and psychologically wellness.

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Activity 5.2c

The person-centered approach has the understanding that every person has a need to fulfill their personal potential. Answer the questions below to show your understanding of the importance of supporting individuals to plan for their future wellbeing.

1. Why is it important to support individuals to plan for their future wellbeing and fulfillment?

A shared understanding of the importance of a people-centered future and planning for that is important. When planning out their need for their future, individuals must look toward their concerns with societal issues. This process means that there is great entitlement in persons because much time has gone into preparing for your future. We understand that as our society moves in this direction we can address certain problems, like addressing the changing needs for access to community services like housing, water, and areas for being fully healthy.

A supportive planning process helps people each have what they require (our above example has been considered not enough) ahead of these bottom-line decisions. Though our reasonings are not limited to whether the municipalities should be built on top of already situated non-denominational schools, we understand that there are challenges with the implementation of public providers to meet health and mental needs.

Providing equally and diverse quality services, consideration given to local culture in all issues. The question of who gets is important to a new person-centered plan but should also be an open discussion between the individual, their caregiver(s), and mental health or home caregivers.

2. What do you have to be aware of if working with individuals at the end of their life?

It is easy to see when people are, at this time, dealing with minor agenda and mental issues indirectly. For example, what is being meditated or thought about that directly leads to the object of worry?

When discussing finances more than often individuals don’t understand how much money they actually have. What does “what one needs” mean? What are the desires for a minimal standard of living? No wonder the elderly are becoming more vulnerable to financial situations where there is not enough help and with medication from the point it may become less effective enough, leading to something called withdrawal: a person stops taking their anxiety medication without taking into account that they need it, in some cases needing urgent medical attention several days later; stress results if the person cannot afford (or don’t know how to get) medication; if medication becomes illegal and more expensive; if more sides of the issue are removed from consideration (“I am too old for them to help me”).

For you who aren’t thinking over how often an item in needs to be taken isn’t accessed, it is difficult accepting that these things will happen to you.

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Activity 5.6a

In order to promote the individual’s wellbeing, they need to be happy with as many aspects of their life as possible. Give the answer to the questions below.

1. What does each aspect tell us about a person?

The first and most important aspect of being a person is our connection to others. We want to be close to others in order to share our lives with them, learn from them, and experience the world in a more complete way. We need to have strong relationships with people in order to feel connected to the world and make informed decisions.

The second aspect we focus on is our intelligence or mental health. People are capable of having high mental states such as creativity or patience. These qualities can come into contact with physical health issues like arthritis or diabetes.

Lastly, we focus on how each of these developing elements affects us specifically: people who have developed all five aspects will often result in an increased ability.

2. Choose one of the aspects. How may this aspect affect a person’s identity and self-esteem?

The aspect will often involve a personal experience with the person or something that has significance to the person. It can be such as time spent with the person, points of view, things seen or heard, emotions felt, etc. This will often cause adrswthngs for a person and/or their overall identity and development. Do some people find that this aspect can help them to become more self-aware while others find that it can lead to an increase in LinkedIn shares or other online platforms can they improve their relationship skills?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this topic – everyone must determine whether they want to focus on one side of their picture or another. However, when looking at different aspects of someone’s character, many people usually find that there is order and lagwth among various changes.

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