Standard 10: Safeguarding Adults Workbook Answers

Course – Care Certificate Workbook Answers NVQ/RQF/QCF

This workbook is a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing the Adult Support and Protection Act. It provides an overview of the act, including its goals, methods, and how best to implement them in your business. You’ll also learn about the rights and responsibilities of adults who are The Safeguarding Adults will help you take care of adults who are struggling in their lives.

These individuals often find themselves taking care of their own plates when those close to them fail to step in. The increasing exposure to mental illness, substance abuse issues, and financial instability has profoundly affected the dynamics of adult self-care. Illustrated guides, fact sheets, and checklists will serve as easy-to-follow reference sources for you.

This workbook contains many activities. These are:

Types Of Assignments

  • Reflective Writing
  • Project
  • Case Study
  • Individual Assignment
  • Summative Assignment
  • Group Assignment
  • Formative Assignment
  • Workbook

Activity 10.1a & 10.1b

Explain the term safeguarding adults and also explain your own role and responsibilities in safeguarding adults.

Safeguarding adults:

Safeguarding adults is a great way for business managers, supervisors, and employees within organizations to experience learning about mental health, identifying the warning signs of abuse, challenging behaviors, and assisting the person with an advance plan.

Safeguarding adults are individuals that are less able to help themselves particularly when it comes to their own safety; it is more common for them to know about the abused individual but choose not to do anything

Safeguarding adults are individuals who experience harm due to ableism, sexism, and other negative attitudes that negatively affect their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Roles and responsibilities:

Most staff members experience no ill effects when taking on the role of safeguarding adult advisors. There are some social workers, psychiatrists, and other professionals within spheres of government or community organizations that require that are required in order to support these individuals.

They often have doctorates or a master’s degree in mental healthcare, but can sometimes lack the mental health counseling skills necessary for assisting an individual who has reached the age of 18 in regards to receiving aid from a professional. This may be found within universities, health centers, and private initiatives such as charities; most beneficiaries will use free-of-charge services oftentimes due to limited resources experienced by schools.

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Activity 10.1c & 10.1g

Write different types of abuse.

  • Physical abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Discriminatory abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Self-neglect

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Activity 10.1d

Write the definition of harm.

Harm is defined as (physical or psychological) impact or damage to a person’s health, well-being, or survival that can be mentally, physically, sexually (i.e., rape), or due to another initiating factor. Major forms of harm include physical injury and losing a loved one; sexual and gender-based violence including rape and murder are severe consequences of street homelessness and poverty. Harm encompasses intended as well as unintended negative effects on the dignity, integrity, privacy, and wellbeing of another person.

Activity 10.1e & 10.1h

Part i) Why might an individual who requires care and support be more vulnerable to abuse and neglect than others?

The individual may be more vulnerable because they are the result of genetic voting blocs, which means that they have their family and friends supporting them and others around them. Or they may have been born with a certain ability or defect that makes them more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. This type of environment can cause individuals who require care and support to be more vulnerable to abuse and neglect, as this support can go towards furthering their degree of vulnerability rather than providing help or support.

Part ii) Describe why it may increase the likelihood of the individual experiencing abuse or neglect.

If the individual has a history with typical alternative treatment receiving cycle rather than one that can look into alternative treatments, they are more likely to have negative health outcomes and self-harm with potential suicide attempts as a method. They may have such difficulty in initiating, managing, and accepting any form of alternative treatment that increases their opposition to real options; consequently, the individual may engage in destructive behavior to obtain relief whereas their health improvements would take place by following through with an accepted treatment option.

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Activity 10.1f

What is meant by restrictive practice and when it may be used.

Restrictive Practice: Restricted practice is when an endorsed or recommended treatment is withheld, avoided, or not accessed by an adult. Therapies that formulate as part of abusive treatment should never be withheld.

Restrictive Practice may be used in cases where the client does not engage or does not want to access authentic alternatives for example. It is not an endorsement of a treatment.

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Activity 10.1i

Write factors that have featured in cases of adult abuse and neglect.

    1. Isolation from the family environment is also extremely unhelpful for a lot of people.
    2. The victim may feel that their needs are not being met because they get given bad reports by police.
    3. It may often be traumatic to go through, especially when it happens with one’s soul being imposed and what the word acceptance is put towards physical ailments.
    4. It is essential not to minimize the trouble and difficulty of physical disability or mental illness.

Activity 10.1k

Describe where you could get information and advice on your role and responsibilities in safeguarding individuals and preventing abuse or neglect.

You should not work alone until the case of abuse or neglect has been reported. In most cases, those dealt with, can become our friends, family and even neighbors and need special measures to be employed to ensure their survival.

There needs to be someone assigned who has the authority and this person needs to guard against everything being reported.

This person is usually called a clinician and has the expertise in the cases that are committed to them. Should an abuse or neglect accusation receive after some time involved, the case can be relaxed in care so that important information about the abuse might not appear where it should not.

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Activity 10.2a

Care environments can either promote or undermine people’s dignity and rights. Provide an example of how a caring environment can promote an individual’s dignity and rights and an example of how a caring environment can undermine an individual’s dignity and rights.

It is often most effective to provide care environments that are friendly and empowering in order to promote and protect the dignity and rights of the group.

Examples of how social services departments can satisfy a client’s need for choice relies on the healthcare profession still contradicting how many guidelines make this right. Social services departments too may be driven by risk assessment rather than what its person’s specific needs are in the domain. But at the fundamental‚ the services department should provide data that promotes dignity for individuals and positions them as able to make precise choices.

The dignity of individuals needs to be defended against a risk that it is not there. Foster consumers must only be treated with care-dependent on a universal minimum level of dignity. The simple truth must remain that everyone’s personal value remains intact and not relegated for minimum respect.

Human rights-based group care will bring more pleasure in life than manual handicapped elderly lifestyles when applicants can support these preferences from within your personal motivation, communication, and mental health systems department. People who receive care or look after people who receive care must assess the dignity position their clients are comfortable with events in their environment before any step is taken forward given the clients‘ levels of competence. This may be required to help verify that decisions are adequate and are not invalid by virtue of any instance all too tight limits.

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Activity 10.2b & 10.2c

You can help to keep individuals safe by Providing individualized, person-centered concern support, Encouraging active participation, and Promoting choice and rights. Explain how to apply the above principles to help individuals to keep themselves safe.

Individuals with disabilities should have a choice between receiving residential care on their own or as part of staff told family/garden leave program. Thus, there must be separate service arrangements to meet the needs of individuals who wish to be supported by caregivers while they are in their own homes.

The pros and cons of these residential treatment centers, especially the confined and semi-confined ones have to rest assured before chosen ways are drawn up. This application can help individuals to avoid being socially separated when they wish to remain in their own residences. A couple of examples under this situation one can rely on o would include keeping out of danger levels that opt patients live with friends alone as well as try not to provide the high levels of support while they do not need to be separated from loved ones indeed.

Discuss ten points and how the treatments these points would achieve would affect elderly citizens’ ability to move around freely granted they can be helped on their own initiative and are judged not to have mental or physical defects that impair their safety and movement.

In your judgment given possible delivery systems can help respectively only capable disabled people, what treatments or programs most likely help in gleaning independence at all levels. Only choose those who, due to circumstances never experienced are incapable of making decisions themselves.

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Activity 10.2e

Find out the local arrangements for the implementation of Multi-agency Adult Safeguarding policies and procedures and explain how they link to your workplace policies and procedures for safeguarding adults.

A Multi-Agency Risk Assessment, or a risk screening, is an essential element of a good organization’s risk reduction strategy for protecting adults at higher and greater risks of harm. This should not be regarded as the role of authority with procedures and machinery, but as a valuable resource conferred by the bodies consisting in the institutional framework or set of interdepartmental bodies correctly structured and communicating with satisfactory effective ways in their sector.

The capabilities obtained through and through measures carried out on behalf of their agents requesting assessments because they properly benefit to devise plans of coping with cases that involve persons who have elevated risks. The requirements allowed the regarding arranged method create better decision support approaches more sufficiently disposed of in tackling issues involving intellectual abuse after minimizing communicable situations taking place too much can prove handy and advance protection.

Activity 10.2e

Ways in which the likelihood of abuse can be reduced by managing risk and focusing on prevention.

By reducing the risk of abuse by managing risk, it is in the individual’s best interest to be aware of it and take steps to reduce the likelihood of it happening. ie. Reducing stress, taking regular breaks, communicating openly and honestly, and being open to feedback all help reduce the likelihood of abuse. Other ways that may increase the likelihood of safety include:

  • At least wearing a suit most times
  • Maintaining good communication habits such as using technology when needed but also having time for family members
  • Slutting up your home or immediate surroundings for a day or two so that you are not there yet or “fatwas” safe.

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Activity 10.2f

It is very important that complaints are dealt with as quickly as possible and the procedures are easily available to individuals – for example, available in Braille or alternative languages or formats. How can a clear complaints procedure reduce the likelihood of abuse or neglect?

It’s really important for someone to complain about the abuse, and something that I think happens in every organization – there’s always this responsibility to pinpoint where it is and who has done it or required measures from the management. Once someone has brought the matter forward and a complaint is investigated, procedures need to be put in place so that clear responsibilities are laid out in writing for the person who’s caring for the person with vulnerability. The idea is that these tragedies may happen again if people aren’t angry enough at those responsible or don’t complain. It’s important that a service or someone is assigned to make sure they report these unacceptable actions and the organizational component is working.

A person who has been recently harmed, let’s say within the last 12 months, and can be helped by sexual abuse or neglect will have a lot of anger within them to cause violence. For those who have requested a report, the idea is to people facilitate and arm them to look out for mentally endangered signs.

Anxiety, depression, and vertigo are very common in emergency situations especially with vulnerable individuals who might lack hope for their spiritual qualities and as well as establish bonds of confidence between you and others.

Activity 10.3a

Obtain a copy of your workplace policies and procedures on safeguarding and whistleblowing and explain in your own words what you should do when the abuse or neglect of an adult is suspected. Include ways in which you are expected to raise concerns through whistleblowing.

Proceed to discuss how you as a lead responsible person might increase awareness to encourage others to protect people from harm and not witness it due. It is equally important that a victim of abuse or neglect that discloses information that another has violated the workplace’s policies, procedures can quietly finish the process in the correct authorized manner without disrupting the workplace or missing work.

Dislodging unsafe behavior and disciplining people who aren’t actually doing it but “making statements about others for their personal gain and awareness” is also an important part of your job. Enforcing policies, procedures, codes of ethics needs to be stated somewhere within the workplace and make attempts to enforce them. Forward the workplace policy to the victim with protected information so they could say goodbye in a direct manner and avoid harming anyone. The victim must state that anyone who speaks out against their own violation will do so if it’s their own understandings, not in regards to their own will or pleasure.

They have to make this clear that knowing about their life as an individual about harm is controversial for them and difficult for them for a number of variables – partly by prying societal observation, confessions from family members, or drug use.

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Activity 10.4a

Write legislation as well as local and national policies and procedures which relate to adult safeguarding.

  • Safeguarding Children/ Vulnerable Adult’s Act 2012
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (Regulation) 2015
  • The Joint Committee on Human Rights’ key recommendations 2011
  • Roy Mason Recommendations on commissioning of services in the United Kingdom, 1999
  • The Review of Mental Health Act 1983; The Early Years Foundation Stage for children and young people 2015

Activity 10.4b

When safeguarding adults it is essential to share information with relevant teams. Explain why it is important to share information with relevant key people and agencies.

The information required for the safe and efficient handling of adults is constantly changing, and as a result, it is essential that information sharing become an important part of the security process for both businesses and individuals. By Sharing Information with relevant teams, we can ensure that people are getting the information they need in a lump sum rather than having to decide which parts of the story to tell at what stage in their lives.

Activity 10.4c

It is your duty of care to report any suspicions or concerns you might have that an adult is being abused or is suffering from neglect. What could you do if your concerns were not taken seriously or not passed on to other agencies?

There are many ways to report suspected or ignored abuse. One way is to communicate this information to a trusted friend, family member, or partner who can help look for a solution. Another way is to go into detail about the situation in more detail so that others can see what is happening and how it affects you. You could also send a video of the moment you spot potential abuse or contact someone you trust to another person who will call for backup.

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