Adidas Case Study – Marketing Mix & SWOT Analysis

Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler and his elder brother Rudolf Dassler in early 1920s and is now recognized as one of the most famous global manufacturers of sports products. Adidas is developing their products for serving the needs of the customers at the best possible level. Adidas work on their products with incorporating new fashion trends, technology and makes them more sport specific. Today, we are going to discuss about the Adidas marketing strategy, marketing mix, and market analysis through SWOT analysis in this case study. Get complete adidas case study example with answer.

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Marketing Mix of Adidas

Here is Adidas marketing mix comprises of 4P’s of marketing:


Adidas is maintaining highly valuable products with high quality aimed to provide best value to the customers. The product portfolio of Adidas is keep enhancing with time, creations and innovations in all of their company various categories of products. The approach to make high quality products is to cater the needs and wants of the different types of customers worldwide. Adidas has come out as the well known brand having sports apparels, footwear, equipment and other sports related accessories. This variety of products allows them to diversify into different market.

The company sells their products with 4 different brands i.e. Adidas for footwear, accessories and apparels, Reebok for footwear, apparel and accessories, Taylor for golf equipment’s, footwear and accessories and last but not least Rockport for dress, casual and outdoor footwear, apparel and more. Adidas is keep enhancing and implementing their products with latest technologies for the athletes and players better performance in the sports like basketball, tennis, football and also even in the training shoes to increase the ability of run. They have recently introduced a pair of shoes with ventilation system with an energy management system to drive the athletes with improved performance.

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The premium pricing strategy has adapted by the Adidas in the marketing to charge high prices of the products because of the quality they provide. Adidas is trying to come into wider market by penetration techniques. One of the tactics and techniques applying under Adidas marketing plan is skimming that use the strategy of providing high quality with higher customer satisfaction under high prices. This clearly indicates that Adidas has more focus on quality of the products rather than low prices. Therefore, it is now become and considered as top notch brand in the market.


The company has marketing plan for global distribution of the products to the consumers adopted with the strong focus on retail business marketing, e commerce marketing, shop in shop, joint ventures with retail partners, mono branded franchise stores with sports organizations and other brands. Moreover, in Adidas marketing strategy, an “integrated distribution roadmap” has been employed to ensure further growth in the brand presence with an aim for under-penetrated, affluent cities, without using their own brands and distribution mix. This makes sure to provide high level of brand control.

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The Adidas sells their products all around the world. Thus, different promotional tools are required to reduce the risk of losing customers and increase the sales. The promotional strategy has always the strength of the marketing of Adidas. Therefore, Adidas marketing strategy 2021 is now in partnership with international sports associations like UEFA, FIFA, NBA, NFL and more. This collaboration with associations makes the brand recognizable throughout the year. Adidas creates impressive commercial ads for advertising their brands of shoes and accessories. Also, they have introduced apps for smart phones, product placement, and sponsorships for athletes and sport events.

Adidas differentiation strategy

Adidas focuses more on the broad differentiation strategy. The corporate level strategy of Adidas focuses on innovation, trying to produce new products, services and processes in order to cope up with the competition. The group’s multi-brand portfolio gives them an important competitive advantage. This created a global sales function that is responsible for commercial activities and a global brands function that is responsible for the marketing of both brands.

The global sales function was also split into two departments, wholesale and retail. This catered to the various needs of both these business models. This has been done in order to sustain their corporate-level strategy for the long run so that these divisions could emphasize and work hard in their respective departments in order to make the most of their efforts.
They implemented a multi-brand strategy by having a diverse brand portfolio which allowed them to cater for all segments of the market from players to almost everyone. This helped them to keep a unique identity and concentrate on their core competencies.

Adidas digital marketing strategy

Adidas uses a straightforward digital marketing strategy to communicate with its current and potential customers. By implementing this strategy they have been able to take competitive advantage with their top competitor, Nike. By changing the behaviours of consumers with this digital transformation, Adidas has to change the way they work. The use of technology has helped Adidas connect with more consumers and build stronger relationships with customers.

There are 6 components that aid Adidas digital marketing strategy include:

  1. Digital and technology
  2. High-speed manufacturing
  3. Personalized experience to create strong relationships with customers
  4. Open-source innovations and collaborations
  5. Strategic cities including London, LA, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Shangai.
  6. Improve portfolio of both brands i.e. Adidas and Reebok.

SWOT Analysis of Adidas

SOWT analysis is the method of measuring the organization and its environment whether internal or external. It is used as the first stage of planning which helps marketers to focus on the key issues that an organization can face.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and threats. Adidas strategy analysis focuses on Strength and Weakness are the factors which basically represents the internal environment of the company while other two represents external environment with direct and indirect impact on the business.

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  • Brand recognition of the product it’s well reputed.
  • High quality products.
  • Provides a diverse range of products (shoes, bags, shirts, perfumes, toiletries etc)
  • Obeys environmental laws (Adidas has never been accused for pollution)
  • Employees’ rights are safeguarded by Adidas’ policies and management.


  • Online stores are offered only to the USA or some locations of Europe.
  • Customer services are not totally functional which creates problems especially in the case of e-marketing
  • Price is interwoven to high quality.


  • Possibility of outsourcing the web development and e-commerce/marketing to a third party.
  • Growing market for sports apparel
  • Joint Venture with partners around the world to increase the participation in athletics.


  • Instable economic environment
  • Competition in supply chain management level
  • Nike’s strong reputation in sports industry

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