My client is individuals who use IT in their everyday life. Ranging from businesses to everyday individuals: Cybersecurity and Forensic IT Dissertation, UOP, UK

University University Of Portsmouth (UOP)
Subject Cybersecurity and Forensic IT

My client is individuals who use IT in their everyday life. Ranging from businesses to everyday individuals and especially the vulnerable ones. This is to highlight and investigate how ransomware is politically driven. The laws and the repercussion of those using ransomware to strike these individuals. During covid times, the rise of everything being online and individuals trying a new way of living was occurring.

Kids in schools go to online education, and business’ send their employees to work from home. Major businesses like the WHO (World Health Organisation) are some of the clients who were affected as “on March 13th recorded attack attempts by an organized group to steal information from the organization employees”

Furthermore, the widespread adoption of digital technology resulted in an increase in the number of Internet users for a variety of purposes, which in turn led to the emergence of new crimes. By 2025, it is anticipated that these crimes will result in losses totaling 10.5 trillion dollars (Morgan, 2020).

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Moreover, Krebs, 2023 mentioned that Trickbot, a Russian-based cybercrime-as-a-service platform that has enabled countless ransomware attacks and bank account takeovers since its debut in 2016, targeted hospitals and healthcare centers, launching a wave of ransomware attacks against hospitals across the United States, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic
in 2020.

The Trickbot Group used ransomware in one of these attacks against three medical facilities in Minnesota, disrupting their telephone systems and computer networks, and diverting ambulances. The Trickbot Group’s members openly boasted about how quickly the ransoms were paid to the group and how simple it was to target medical facilities.

With the series of events going on, an evaluation of the laws and cost of ransomware needs to be analyzed. As it seems as if it is the tip of the iceberg for security. Your data could still be lost or corrupted if you aren’t prepared for ransomware. Protecting yourself from ransomware ensures the integrity of your data and makes it possible to use lost copies.]

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