Lewisham Homes was alerted to the case of tenant X through gas engineers as it came to their attention that the property: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Case Study, KU, UK

University Keele University (KU)
Subject Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Lewisham Homes was alerted to the case of tenant X through gas engineers as it came to their attention that the property where the tenant was living as the tenant’s property had been de commissioned (No Access to gas) as neighbors made them aware that the property is in fact tenanted and the gas had been shut off.

Tenant X was an elderly man in his late 80s who lived alone on that property since the 1980s. He was a war veteran and a very proud man who did not like to ask for help. He had never married often went to the pub and liked to drink quite a bit and suffered from PTSD from his time serving in the war where if monitored more closely we would see his care needs increase. Tenant X had been left in that property since 1980 with no gas or electricity.

For 10 years Lewisham Homes was made aware of tenant X’s circumstances and on various occasions tried to work with the tenant but he refused the help. The resident was contacted to have a new bathroom fitted and a new kitchen however they could only commence if the condition of the property improved which he refused to do so his property remained in a bad condition.

The professional review identified that agencies supporting the resident had noted that tenant X is experiencing symptoms of real self-neglect. Social services tried hard over the years but he would not agree to get help. Unfortunately, if a resident chooses to refuse care and support they have the right to make that choice as long as they are not mentally ….

2020 during lock he stopped receiving money via the state and h had never had a bank account so e had access to no money at all. He was not registered at a GP and had no family support.

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