Jesus Christ Was God And Presented Christ-Like Attributes During His Mission: Characteristics Of Christ Dissertation, UO, UK

University University of Oxford (UO)
Subject Characteristics Of Christ

Jesus Christ was God and presented Christ-like attributes during his mission. Multiple verses indicate and confirm the deity of Jesus Christ. Jesus is often referred to with similar names as God, such as the ‘Everlasting Father’, ‘the Might God’, and ‘Immanuel’ (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Isa. 7: 14). He is also called ‘The Lord our Righteousness, ‘Son of God’, and ‘God’ (Jer.23:6).

As a result of His deity and values, there are some characteristics ascribed to Jesus Christ. Jesus is worshipped as God because his name has equal standing with God the Father in the apostolic benediction and the baptismal formula of the church (Acts. 2: 38). Napoleon Bonaparte, a French Military leader and emperor who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century, compares himself and others to Jesus.

He writes “I know men and I tell you Jesus Christ is not a man. Superficial minds see a resemblance between Christ and the founder of the empire and the gods of other religion, the resemblance does not exist” (Eisenberg, 2007). The Bible offers an invitation to follow Jesus and incorporate His characteristics into the life of human beings. This helps individuals become more Christ-like and better in their lives. This paper seeks to delve into the attributes of Jesus.

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