Unit 46-LO4 Present a social media plan for a creative media production organization-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

Creative Media Production Organisation is looking for a social media plan to engage their audience, and increase the company’s online presence. The organization wants to stay on top of trends to provide content that will be appreciated by people aged 13-25. We explore some ideas below:

  • Regularly update Facebook with posts from the article and creative work done by employees.
  • Allow influencers to share Creative Media Production Organisation’s stories with their followers on Instagram as well as post videos on YouTube featuring Creative Media Production Organization projects.
  • Create a LinkedIn page for current employees so they can list themselves as experts in certain areas and offer advice and services related to their expertise.

Employees should also create profiles on Twitter and other social media platforms where they can share company news and updates with their followers.

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Social media plan:


Objectives of the social media plan are to drive traffic to the company website, present a professional face, and make the company seem accessible.

This social media campaign aims to further establish our professional positioning in the market by acquiring new auditors as clients and publicizing our online audit software platform. We also want to maintain contact with our current clients through social media platforms so they feel comfortable signing up for an extended period financially or professionally.

To give it a human approach, we want people who own or manage businesses that may need an audit partner at one point or another to find their way onto our page so that we can be there if needed. This will be achieved by designing graphics on various blogging platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.


The content for social media is composed of the business-related, team-related, employees in the inner circle. The parts to which the general public should be privy are company updates and event information. Regulatory agencies can be briefed on reports such as compliance or any consumer-related complaint that must go through their system as well. Information passed along from other sources can also be shared with employees internally.


One of the benefits of any social media strategy is that you can save time and dedicate more focus to the areas you want to spend your attention on. Scheduling posts can help accomplish this goal by freeing up your time throughout the week.

User engagement

The power of social media to engage users has reached a new level. Companies have been able to incorporate their brands into the lives of recent college graduates and millennials by creating an environment that is “down-to-earth, transparent, knowledgeable and authentic”. And responsibility is only continuing to grow within inbound marketing.

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Companies are getting more entangled in efforts that include such techniques as gamified content campaigns, which use real conversational campaign methods or game dynamics. Gamification is tools like badges for milestones achieved within a company’s social networks while public relations are implementing usage guidelines to maintain their notoriety among digital natives.

Market testing:

Focus groups

Focus groups are used in market research for a variety of purposes. One of the uses is to make educated decisions about what segments might be interested or receptive to products or services that are introduced in the marketplace. They may also be used for promotion and marketing campaigns as feedback from these groups can affect future decisions concerning the strengths and weaknesses of advertising campaigns, etc.

The sessions usually last between 2-5 hours depending on the number of participants, questions asked by moderator (researcher) to group members, depth desired by moderator or researcher, room layout seating arrangements, and whether participant’s period has been interrupted beyond their discretion. Sometimes they are recorded too.


Many companies do in-depth market testing to prepare for a launch. The customer feedback they receive can help them tailor their product or service. If you are ready, we recommend offering free tasters with a survey that asks the tester’s likes and dislikes. Surveying existing customers is also an option, but be sure to survey enough people to get a wide range of opinions – you’ll want at least 500 responses for this test. Running advertising on social media platforms will help increase your sample size!


Social media Market testing is when a company tries out an idea without commercializing it to get some feedback on the quality of their product.

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It’s very common for companies to put out products, such as ploys or marketing techniques that have not yet been fully developed, to analyze whether they work or not. It often allows them more flexibility than changing already existing parts of a product would do and allows them to see what other people like about the product before they decide whether or not it should be released commercially.

Social media analytics:

Analytics process

The analytics process for social media begins with defining objectives and developing a strategy to meet them. Identifying the correct objective is based on the company’s role, message, and desired outcome. Data should be gathered from multiple sources to provide more context that leads to actionable insights.

Information about metrics of measurement can include Pageviews, Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate, Engagement Rate.

Actionables determined by these insights should be focused on achieving targeted objectives for businesses as these are used to measure our success rate at generating engagements.

Data sources

The data source for your social media analytics will depend on the type of campaign. If you are looking to measure brand awareness and engagement rates, you can use Google Analytics or Webtrends to gather such data.

For conversion tracking, there are different social media measurement platforms that can show you how people have converted on Facebook or Twitter. The leading-edge metrics are ‘likelihood to buy’ and ‘purchase intent’.

These platforms provide data qualitative and quantitative data about unaided awareness, aided awareness (i.e., exposure resulting from an endorsement), purchase interest, and actual purchases made by customers who retweeted or commented on a post on Twitter or Liked it on Facebook. It’s also worth noting that some companies break out their advertising budget into social and digital channels – it’s important to know whether you are the only one doing this or if other companies in your industry are as well.

Data searching

Unlike search engines, which base an algorithm on keyword searches, social media analytics allow you to engage in conversations with people like never before. Social media analytics are powered by the connections between individuals rather than keywords.

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For example, we automatically associate a Facebook user with their friends and family members from around the world through computer algorithms that make sense of relationships from text messages and other post types pulled from Facebook.

Data modeling

It is a technique to find the best predictive model for your data sets.

Data mining is a way to search through data and take out the parts that are not important. You can also split and combine variables.

This enables people with accurate information about the new customer base they start using as soon as they launch their product or service. Entering this type of system means that businesses can no longer focus on failures but can only concentrate on successes while it learns more about its customers’ preferences.

Investing in new technology that can analyze data will help people make better decisions. They won’t need to rely on their gut feelings or other methods that have been used before because there wasn’t much-advanced technology available.


Social media analytics is about finding insights that will help you identify what content resonates well with your target audiences and how to better promote those types of content.

You can use social media analytics tools for market research, brand development, online customer service, social listening, SEO activities or just to get an overview of how people perceive you online.

  • Market research – find valuable insight on your competition and their products/services
  • Brand Development – explore what customers think about your brand and see where it’s going wrong or right
  • Social Listening – monitor the online conversation around your business in search of insights you might not have seen otherwise
  • SEO – find out how you can improve your rank on search engines like Google or Bing
  • Social Media Customer Service – keep track of what customers are saying about you and take action accordingly

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A few key metrics for social media analytics are:

– how often content is shared by users on a site like Facebook or Twitter,

– the volume of traffic to a page over time from social networking sites and referrals, and

– the number of followers that an individual has.

These metrics vary across different career fields, but these are all basic examples to help you understand what they might be. By looking at these metrics you can answer questions such as ‘how do more followers affect my business?’ which would show you that 1% growth in follower numbers leads to more trust.


Analysis of the social media market has shown that there are 600 million yahoo users, 200 million Facebook users, 500 million Twitter account holders, and 900 million Instagram followers. If you’re trying to build a following for your organization or personal brand then it’s important to understand which types of social media networks are most effective at getting followers.

The three platforms with the best solutions in this regard are LinkedIn (20% approval rating), Pinterest (38%), and Snapchat (36%). Unfortunately, a lot of people may not be signing up for or building an account on Instagram. Only 3-5% of respondents said that they were going to sign up for this social platform.


1. Be consistent with your social media posting. Regular posting, not too many but not posts too far apart either, is key to getting followers and making them engaged with your content.

2. When you share content on Facebook, it shows other people that this is a good post. When you like or comment on something, it tells the Facebook algorithm that this post is liked by others. It will then show the post in the top few posts on your friends’ or followers’ feed, or it will appear in your home feed all the time.

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3) Think carefully about what you are writing or sharing before hitting ‘post’. A photo accompanied by words that motivate people can have an even greater impact than just a photo alone.

4) Include emojis and other visual elements in your post. They can really add to the experience of sharing on social media.

5) Use a quality camera on your phone or tablet device for photos, as well as a high-quality microphone if you need to record video content.

Click-through rate

A user wants what they see! It’s important to make the customer feel like they are a part of the picture. For example, you can put pictures on a post and make it easy for people to click “like” or comment. This will increase your click-through rate.

Customer attitudes/behaviors

Attitude refers to a person’s feelings or emotions, so it can be seen as either positive or negative. Attitudes are directly related to attitudes and behaviors. A customer with a bad attitude will make the employee feel bad and have negative thoughts. They also want to tell people about what they think of the company on social media.

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