Unit 46-LO1 Explain the key concepts and features of social media in different creative media practices BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

This article will tell you what it means to use social media. Social media is a good way to talk with people and show them your life. But it also has some downsides that can come with using it too much or the wrong way. People who want to learn more should read this article, and those who want to use it professionally or personally should read this too so they know how these things work.

The best place to start understanding the world’s most popular form of communication is by discovering where we come from: before there were social networking sites, like Facebook or Twitter, people would use an email or chat room. In these types of conversations, people could only read what others said. Now, people can speak and be heard in real-time and create profiles on multiple websites.

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Social media concepts


Interactivity is an important part of social media. People are increasingly using social media platforms to collaborate and co-create content.

Doing things together is better than doing them alone. People will learn from each other and share their ideas. It is more about what you want to show people, not who is the best at any one thing. No one has done something before that someone else has not done too, so it doesn’t matter if you are the first person to do it.


Social media sites should be for everyone, which is why they are architected to be “user-generated.” If the site is multi-user, it violates this concept because each person won’t have their own space.

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This means everyone has the right to change or create content on social media sites. They can edit them as they please and they are their own personal space on the internet.

User profiles

A user profile is for personal information like your name, age, and favorite movie. Some people now use profiles to show their branding. You should make it clear when you are using social media professionally that the account belongs to the company or organization, not you personally.


A community or interest-driven social media platform is one of the many ways to find people with similar interests. There are different networks for different topics, like sports or hobbies. You can also use them for other things, like business and politics. Or you could even use it as an online dating service.

Media environment


A person’s relationship with their media environment is characterized by the interaction between them and different technologies. The media we use, and how we use it, are not neutral; they have a big effect on our thinking. They affect who we are and how we interact with other people.

The most important advertising mistake is when people only focus on one group of people. When you are trying to attract both men and women, then do not advertise with things that only like for girls or boys. Instead, use models from both genders in your advertisement and don’t emphasize the differences between them.


The media environment is influenced by globalization. Globalization has made it possible for people to talk all over the world, and share information. As this trend continues, the Latin American broadcast TV sector will face both challenges and opportunities.


Interactive media allows you to collect information like surveys, polls, and forums. To collect this information, people have to ‘pull’ it.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content can be a good way to market your company or it can just be for fun. Either way, you need to think about it as not just “content” but as something you are helping create.

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For example, one of the most important tasks when encouraging UGC is monitoring your online presence and moderating all submissions that are posted on your site. This means taking care of 90% of general moderation duties for 10% of the ongoing work.

Social networking

Today, social networking is a way to communicate and interact with each other. Technology allows us to talk to people we would never be able to meet in person. But it is also good for businesses, charities, and non-profits so they can find their customers more easily.

Culture and society

“Culture shapes society slowly through habits and ideas that are passed from generation to generation.”

This means that because of coffee, people have diabetes. Maybe this is what’s happening with tattoos too. If you’re worried about one thing changing your body in a good or bad way, then find out what other people think about it by considering cultural impacts on their feelings about tattoos or caffeine.

Social media and journalism

Online journalism

Online journalism is a thing that has been growing a lot. Websites like BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and Facebook have helped to make online journalism successful. They have social media where you can share information with readers and other users on the internet.

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Before the digital era, most journalists got their information about new developments from PR departments or press releases.

Citizen journalism

For journalism, citizen journalists help an industry that has been experiencing a decline in readers. Citizen journalists are people who work for free or money and have no formal training in reporting or the journalistic process. They write about what they know and what is trending around them without being coached by editors on what should be written about.

Social media and marketing/advertising

Business to Consumer (B2C)

In a B2C context, social media is usually best used in guerrilla and organic marketing strategies. Social media can also be used to provide feedback querying message board users about their experiences with the company’s product or service.

There are two basic types of social advertising on Facebook. Sponsored Stories use your friend’s “likes” to help drive awareness of your content, while Premium On-Demand Ads allow for more creative targeting by choosing specific audiences based on demographics like location or interest groups.

Business to Business (B2B)

The interface for B2B digital marketing is much different than that of traditional business. While the bottom line goal is to sell products, tailoring your message to B2B markets makes use of advanced technology in a way that carefully meets specific company needs and requirements.

Social media roles

Social media manager

Originally, social media managers were just called “online community managers,” but as the platforms became more and more popular separate names have been created to distinguish who does what. The phrase “social media manager” typically describes someone who manages a company’s social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. People who work as content managers are involved in many things. One thing they do is write blog posts and answer questions for other people on the blogs. They also make pictures and then put captions on them. Content managers also run contests or giveaways that happen on blogs.

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Community manager

A community manager is a social media strategist who has the responsibility of operating and maintaining communities in various areas. These teams include different roles for managing social media, customer service, and other marketing efforts. There are several key traits that make someone a great community manager such as being mindful of details, ambitious, team spirit, good public relations or communications skills, and so on. Managing social media should be done with an awareness of diversity in cultures around the world too!

Social gaming

The finest of social games need to have the best graphics, sound, and gameplay all meshed together. This is because what they do is simulate real-life scenarios that are otherwise inaccessible to their players.

For instance, a game that simulates a living urban neighborhood will be difficult for you to enjoy if it doesn’t look and feel like one. Besides, people who are at home can see other players in highly detailed 3D models on their screens while they’re battling online.

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