Unit 45-LO3 Design an E-Commerce strategy based on a given end-user requirement or specification-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

E-commerce is a fast-growing business. Many people buy things on the computer. There are many factors that go into designing your website, and this article will tell you about them.

The first thing you need to do when designing a website is to figure out who the people are that will use it and what they want. Then you should plan how they might use it on a daily basis. After this, you’ll want to make sure that the most important features for these people are at the top of your list so they can find what they need quickly.

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Hardware and software, design and development, costs and resources, security, maintenance, customer online support, and logistics

Hardware and software

There are needed for a project. Without understanding what tools you need, the project will not go well. Write down your goals and objectives, as well as things you have to do. A list of potential problems is also helpful so that when they happen, you know what they are.

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Design and development

Historically, e-commerce companies have been both designers and builders. Today, consumers demand a seamless customer experience. Therefore, a designer or software engineer at an e-commerce company needs to be able to do more than just create digital content; they also need to understand which technologies best serve the market’s needs.

Costs and resources

Every business must think about costs and resources. Culture, society, technology, and many other things all relate to the consideration of costs. It is difficult to develop a successful e-commerce or internet strategy without thinking about this consideration because it also impacts digital marketing greatly. If your target demographic or customer base doesn’t want to shop online then you need to think about how outsiders will buy from you online too. Talking with suppliers is another major factor in considering these things!


It is very important to be careful about the safety of your information. Hackers can steal people’s information. Businesses need to keep track of their data and make sure that it is safe from hackers.


For maintenance, a key distinction is that you will only be accountable for the cost of the store. Google takes care of all web hosting, which means that you won’t have to worry about any design or development issues. Google and its developers are in charge of such things.

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Customer online support

A company can be successful if it cares about its customers. Good customer service will answer questions when people call. A great customer care system will help people with their order before they buy it and after they buy it too. It is important to give a good shopping experience to people who shop online because they are the future of business!


Logistics are always improving. There are also many modes of transport. One of the issues faced is that people living in the city have to go to a depot to get their packages. This is a problem for customers who live outside of cities because if they try to get their package during the holidays, they might have to wait for hours before being able to pick up their package.

Internet strategy:

Hosting e.g. internal, sub-contracted; design of the website; maintaining 24/7 access

Hosting e.g. internal, sub-contracted

A service provider can host e.g. an internal, sub-contracted project for your company in a controlled environment that is managed tightly and with appropriate protections against downtime or leakages of intellectual property and misbehavior by the service provider’s employees.

The benefits of outsourcing are multiplied when you hire someone who is an expert in Web hosting and offers guarantees about how they will handle your system. They need to have years of experience, be available 24/7, and comply with laws such as HIPAA.

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Design of the website

It is made up of three parts: the layout, how people can navigate through your site, and where it is found when they search. These three parts affect the way people use your site- their click-through rates. Processes that may affect scroll rates and user experience include things like text legibility, page load time/technical specs, site content construction (length versus depth), grammar/language used; also includes factors into how you rank on search engines.

Maintaining 24/7 access

Some people need to have 24/7 access to the email or computer of their boss. Others do not want that and feel like they have less access because they can’t contact their boss at any time. If someone wants more contact, then he will see this as a problem.

Marketing strategy:

Methods can be used to find the right target for your business

The best way to find the right target is by using marketing analytics software. This will help you know who your customers are and what they want.

Once you know about this aspect of your business, you should keep track of those characteristics. They are important in being able to expand outwards on your customer base or geographical location for increased profits. There is a tool called marketing analytics which allows new companies (with little history) the ability to measure “which marketing campaign had the greater result”. This tool is especially useful if you don’t have enough information about your own business after just starting out.

Electronic web communities, CRM, and promotion strategies will help you find that target

Online presence is important for a company to attract new customers and maintain relationships with existing ones. According to a 2014 survey, 92% of consumers said they researched products before purchasing them online in the past 12 months. So companies need to be ready for the internet when making business decisions.

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Businesses that have engaged communities provide more answers about product-related questions. They offer member ratings and reviews, keep their sites up-to-date with changes and broken links, and maintain a responsive platform.

Companies can make more money by using customer retention strategies, such as CRM. These include promotions, contests, surveys, and giveaways. The key is to make sure that the electronic connections are consistent and have clear contact information.

Supply chain strategy:

Methods e.g. satisfying customer demand, responsive supply chain, managed in-house or sub-contracted, developing ‘partnership’ relationships with suppliers

A company needs to have a supply chain that is responsive in order for it to provide more satisfying customer demand. It must have systems and processes that are manageable or the company has to build partnerships with suppliers.

For example,IBM made a system for companies to manage inventory and stay in touch with customers. The first time one of these systems was used was when IBM invented the edema system. This is a high-tech way to do this.

The new system has six modules that are meant to tell people about inventories across all channels. The modules can help people see trends in sales and track inventory availability so they can cut costs. It’s the first automated system of its kind and it helps customers know when products are available or what they should pay for them.

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Electronic payment:

Methods e.g. online transaction processing, Commercial Off the Shelf Software (COTS), other payment systems e.g. PayPal, WorldPay

OTP stands for transactions that happen over the internet. These are done by a company or person, and not in person. The most common form is eCommerce. If you want to know more about this, please see Online Transactions Processing (OTP). COTS stands for commercial off-the-shelf software, which are general-purpose software products that can do many things like accounting packages and web browsers. Also see Payment Systems e.g. PayPal, WorldPay.

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