Unit 45-LO2 Analyse the hardware, software, web-based, and database technologies involved in setting up a secure E-Commerce site-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

The purpose of this website is to help educate and inform readers about the various aspects involved with setting up a secure e-commerce site. This includes things that help you make your store. It is made with hardware, software, and databases so people can see it on the internet.

The first step in the process involves understanding how these different components work together by examining their individual functions within the system.

The second step is determining which technology will be best suited for your needs and lastly making sure it all works seamlessly together using a unified platform.

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Web architecture:

Components e.g. server-side scripting, client/server/script interaction, operation of server-side web applications, accessing data on the webserver, dynamic web pages, the consistent navigational menu on all pages, browser cookies, embedding animation and video content in web pages, adding interactivity with plug-ins

The components of a web architecture typically all work together to handle requests which come from the outside world. The most common way this is implemented is with a client and server. The client processes the request breaks it down into steps and transmits them to the sever. The server consolidates these steps from multiple clients and carries out actions to fulfill those requests – likely after consulting some database or storage arrangement on the back end.

Typical component types in web architectures are:

  • Browser
  • Server Processor
  • Client Requests Manager (CRM)
  • Layer Developer (DLD)
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Communications Layer Developer(CLD)
  • Network Interface Card (NIC)

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Hardware and software:

Web servers

A web server is a computer that handles requests to view web pages. This includes interpreting and responding to electronic impulses received from the remote browser to handle data transmissions, such as formatting and sending HTML (the language of Web pages), graphics, URLs, and files up to the browser.


Your browser is an interface between you and the rest of the internet, used to navigate web pages and their content.

There are a variety of browsers to choose from today but they serve one goal, displaying a webpage you’ve selected for viewing.

Server software

The software on a server is integral in being the foundation of information technology. And when it comes to network operations, this software can be used as a sorting platform, which is crucial for data that must be disseminated onsite and offsite.

Web authoring tools

Web authoring tools allow one to take years of HTML coding skills and give them away by providing a program that automatically formats the page. It’s very handy for those who want to create pages but don’t know how or don’t have time to learn the finer points of web coding.

Database system

A database system is a type of information system that stores and retrieves large collections of structured data, usually as part of an enterprise.

Databases are a type of data system. Databases can be a lot of different things, like datasets or ledgers, or data structures.

Shopping cart software

It is designed with the intention of tracking shopping cart data and generating a report when completed.

Scripting software

It is an invaluable asset to the computer industry.

It includes programs that generate interactions on a screen for “computers, digital devices, and home appliances”.

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Browser and platform compatibility

The Browser/Platform Compatibility Matrix for Sitecore offers up a summary of the Sitecore REST API compatibility across browsers and mobile platforms.

Networking technology e.g. TCP/IP addresses, ports, and protocols; domain names, multiple registrations of domains; setting up the server directory structure, deploying access configuration/security

The domain name needs to be registered in the company’s name. Some people mistakenly register their own domain, but that can lead to trouble with employers.

Database technology:

Uses and processes e.g. database-driven web pages, opening a connection to a database, storing data captured from forms, performing dynamic queries on the database, generating a web page response displaying the results of a query

A database is a place where many items are stored. The data in the database is organized into one or more tables. Tables have rows and columns with data that can be collected in files. You can design your database so the data has a certain format using queries. Queries allow the database user to extract specific information from large quantities of data stored in the tables.

All records in a table have the same type of field structures. But it is possible that these structures are different in different columns. For example, someone might put an email address in one column and phone details in another column. Some fields cannot be nullable when other fields can, like date of birth for example where you might not know when someone died.

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Communication technology:

Uses e.g. email support, forum; search engine optimization

Email and other Instant Messaging technologies are still the preferred modes of communication. Companies use phone calls or video chats for business-to-business service use cases instead of forums, email support, etc. because it is a better customer experience. They also get feedback from customers to see what the best technology is. This way, even though customers have different preferences or circumstances they will always get the best experience possible.

Hardware and software components required to support communications

All the recent hardware and software components necessary to support communications involve networking and are not relevant for an answer.

Some of the most popular courses in engineering are telecommunication, computer science, software engineering, embedded systems engineering, electrical engineering. It is not hard to build a network using these courses as building blocks.

A network lets you share information. Data is made up of videos, images, or audio files. The data networks make for high frequencies, so they can go even farther than older versions.

Data transmission:

Features e.g. download speeds, transfer rates, the bandwidth required for given applications including text, graphics, video, speech

The features that make a good data transmission protocol are many. Not only does it need to be scalable, reliable, and efficient, but the bandwidth for given applications needs to be considered. Different types of data move at different speeds. This is because they use different protocols. Video requires greater bandwidth than text or graphics require.

Another way to send something is in 3D format versus 2D. It takes more bandwidth because you can’t show the perspective without at least four million pixels on the device.

In other words, not just any old threshold is going to work for your application; you have to make sure that the threshold you set is appropriate for what you want your application to do.

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