Unit 43-LO4 Evaluate ways SMEs can tap into international markets-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

International markets are becoming more and more accessible to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, these businesses often struggle with the process of international expansion. They may not have the necessary resources or know-how to enter new markets, which can lead them to fail before they even get started.

Some SMEs might consider partnering with a larger company that has already established a presence in their target market as an option for entering international markets. This article will explore how SMEs can tap into international markets by evaluating different strategies that help small companies expand globally.

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Methods used to expand into international markets:

Investing in business planning to expand into international markets is difficult because it requires a financial investment, but also the willingness to adapt your product and company strategy for different markets. Answering the question of how to invest in good advertising services for expanding internationally can be assessed by examining your company’s marketing and promotion tactics. Evaluating distribution channels, transportation networks, and what type of legal considerations need to be taken will help you tackle if an investment would be worthwhile.

Licensing and Franchising agreements

Licensing and franchising agreements are common business practices in the world of commerce. They are a popular way to gain access to established brands that may not be available for purchase or to tap into ready-made distribution channels.

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A licensing agreement usually involves obtaining permission from the rights-holder (owner) of intellectual property, such as trade names or copyrights. Often times they are created between two parties with one party (licensor) granting rights over part of its exclusive rights while continuing retaining its ownership.

Creating Joint ventures

A joint venture is an arrangement that allows two or more businesses to collaborate on a single project. Trade secrets, customers, and intellectual property may all be shared between the companies, although each one has a separate form of ownership. All sorts of industries can engage in joint ventures – from information technology to pharmaceuticals.

Establishing connections and partnerships with larger organizations

Establishing connections and partnerships with larger organizations is a very difficult task to perform, but it can be essential for the growth of any company. Larger organizations will often have more reach than you do in certain market segments, so it is beneficial to align your company as closely as possible with them to open up those channels. This includes doing everything from sharing resources when they are needed (such as equipment or skilled technicians), providing training, and even splitting revenue on products that you sell together. However, these sorts of partnerships cannot be entered into lightly; make sure to take your time and consult all members of the team before making a decision like this.

Setting up and establishing outlets/branches abroad

Setting up new branches internationally will depend on a few different factors including the purpose of your company’s business, its product line, and the overall size and geographical reach it currently has in its home country. Extra emphasis should be placed on how competent the staff is within other domains of work so as to ensure efficiency when established in another region.

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