Unit 39-LO2 Evaluate the relative merits of how sales structures are organized and recognize the importance of ‘selling through others’-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

Sales structures are typically organized in one of two ways: through direct sales or through a third party. The relative merits of each approach depending on the nature of the product, the size and location of your customer base, and how you want to grow your brand.

Direct sales mean that you own all aspects of marketing and selling for a company. With this type, you have more control over who sells your products and how they sell them; however, when it comes time to expand into new markets or territories outside your home territory, direct sales may not be as effective as using a third party because there is no pre-existing infrastructure in place to facilitate these changes.

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Sales leadership and the sales executive:

Ethics of behavior, law, and sales leadership

The ethics of behavior, law and sales leadership are all interrelated.

Ethics can be seen as a set of values that guide an individual’s decisions in the workplace or day-to-day life. It is important for companies to have clearly defined ethical guidelines so employees know how they should behave on the job and what their responsibilities are.

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For example, employees should not engage in any form of illegal activity such as theft or fraud – but sometimes there may be other gray areas where it isn’t black and white if something is considered legal or not.

The law also sets boundaries for employees’ actions at work by outlining what is acceptable behavior versus unacceptable behavior within the company setting; this includes things like sexual harassment or discrimination based on race, gender identity, age, or disability status.

Sales leadership is different from managers or supervisors. A manager manages the workers’ jobs. A supervisor does the work that other people do, but only at certain levels of management.

Within an organization, there can be many divisions especially if it’s a large corporation. Each division has its own sales department that sells company products and services to other businesses outside the company itself. Therefore, each division has its own customer base that they focus on for-profit generation. Sales departments are broken up into teams. Each team has its own salesperson who only does things for his or her team. They don’t do anything for other teams.

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Designing and organizing the sales force and choosing the right structure: geography, product, and customer-based design

Designing and organizing the sales force is a crucial step in strategy for any company. There are many ways to design the model, but there are some key principles that should be considered before making a choice.

  • Geography: Geography is important to ensure that no customer has to take too much time driving; how close different industries and departments are to one another also influences the optimal design.
  • Product: The product sold also plays a role because it will dictate which type of logistics people should specialize in, or even whether they need specialists at all. Finally, customer-based design is crucial as it plays an integral part in understanding customers’ needs and how best they can be served with the limited resources available for increasing revenue via internal selling efforts.
  • Customer-Based Design: Many of these decisions are dictated by what marketing research types have learned about their customers—who they are, how they buy products and services, what their decision-making process is.

Appropriate recruitment and training to develop an efficient salesforce

The majority of the hiring and training that go into a salesforce (which is largely comprised of entry-level positions) is unmeasurable and unseen. Recruiting reps, on the other hand, can make headlines. However, sales recruiting is not about just finding candidates with any set of skills. The quality and cultural fit can be more important than the degree or experience for some positions.

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Training begins with receptionist duties in order to learn all aspects of customer service first-hand for each stage of interaction–from answering phones, processing paperwork at counters to providing information so visitors can use public spaces online or by phone.

Day two consists of setting up accounts–this entails inputting data such as contact information in an automated system like CRM and filling out forms related to accounts. These could be a company or personal details for a single customer or group of customers with shared contacts.

Day three consists of calling on each customer individually in order to provide product information, technical support, and sales assistance through appropriate channels. In closing the sale is by far the most important challenge.

Day four witnesses teams formed from previous days’ results as they visit customers as a group to follow-up on past calls made previously and solicit any business needing new services that day.

Supervising, managing, and leading the sales force

Supervision of salespeople typically falls on managers who are a part of a company’s sales force. Leaders within an organization may also act as supervisors or managers if they oversee the staff for their particular responsibilities.

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A manager is involved in all aspects of leading a team that includes their employees (and outside vendors) to achieve alignment with the company’s goals; this might involve supporting decisions made by senior management in areas such as policy, strategy, resource allocation, motivating teams to perform at higher levels strategically and tactically than predetermined targets; preparing budgets and forecasts; monitoring performance metrics against plan; resolving issues that impede progress towards goals.

Leadership roles include strategic decisions about goals or direction for the team and organization, tactical decisions on how resources are allocated to achieve goals, coaching, and counsel for team members.

Goal setting, managing performance, and reward of the sales force

A sales management consulting model is one of the best ways to build a sustainable and productive work culture.

The model consists of four components that each need to be equally important in any business philosophy: the vision, goal setting, managing performance, and reward system.

Each company should have a clear vision for its future. It isn’t enough to just have one. To make your employees work hard and be successful, you must set achievable goals that show how they will get to the future goal. These are important steps in making sure that they focus on continuous success with every project from start to finish!

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A good performance-management system should apply consequences in accordance with progress as well as the dedication of each worker. It must include ways to recognize both individuals and team achievements. It should be motivating, and it should tell people when they are doing a good job or need to improve.

‘Selling through others’ − the advantages of using different sales channels

You can sell your product or service through a network of people who make up the company. They might be distributors, agents, or sales staff. Here are just some of the advantages of using different sales channels:

  • There is no need for an investment to start. You can try it with little risk.
  • You can target any buyers without worrying about whether they are from one region or another.
  • These people may be located anywhere in the world
  • It is possible that one person in your group might reach a different group of people than another. So you get customers without having to do anything extra.
  • You have control over who’s advertising what
  • This help maintains quality control.

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