Unit 34-LO2 Analyse the internal and external factors which have an impact on systems and processes-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

Internal factors which have an effect on the system may include such things as software programming errors, natural disasters, and power outages.

External factors can lead to compromise of a company’s information systems through intrusion or out-of-band communications by means of protocols not directly monitored by the computer security staff and networks.

Natural disasters might put servers at risk as it disrupts primary communications lines, accessibility on-site and electricity supply. Weather-related events such as thunderstorms and tornadoes can disrupt business operations if a server is located in the vicinity of the weather event; that being said storms often provide opportunities for opportunistic burglars to target unprotected locations without concern about people at home during natural disaster events because those residences will be occupied with storm preparation.

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Theory of constraints and the analysis of internal and external factors:

Defining the theory of constraints

The Theory of Constraints (ToC) is a management theory developed by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt to help solve certain issues in production and systems in general, such as manufacturing and logistics. It does this by focusing on bottlenecks, or the constraints that keep production at a standstill, rather than addressing the downstream problems.

The theory states that there are limited resources that determine how fast any system can accomplish its work; once these resources have been filled up or if another resource becomes constrained then other tasks cannot be completed; they will need extra time or they will never get done. ToC includes many valuable ideas for anyone looking to focus more on efficiency within their own systems.

The weakest link in any process is the point where the system has to be manually monitored and checked. In a business, this might be when an engineer needs to merge their work with that of someone else or go over data with a co-worker.

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But by monitoring and surveying each step of your business system as it progresses from start to finish, you’ll find those manual points where delays happen or mistakes happen. You can then prioritize them so they don’t interfere with the efficient flow of your company’s operations.

External factors:

Exploiting technology to have a competitive edge including virtual facilities management, improving broadband capability, and using cloud technology

The technology we use offers an unparalleled fleet of simulated cars to train drivers in the safety and timing of their movements. With these large numbers of simulations, we are able to approach cutting-edge research into what best improves people’s timing – what can be done to make a wide range of vehicles safer on the roads.

At Virtual Facility Management software company, our goal is not just better driving; it’s safer driving. Working with top corporations – such as GE Power, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky plant, General Motors Company, and Frito Lay Inc., among others – by providing them with virtual simulation training tools that reduce the cost and allow for greater training opportunities than costly physical car replicas or restrictive classroom instruction alone can offer.

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By exploiting technology to have a competitive edge including improving broadband capability, a company can do well financially.

There are several examples of companies in the US effectively using broadband service as leverage and point of differentiation for their own businesses.

Digital equipment company Ruckus Wireless offers services and software for “network management, quality-of-service assurance, security policy enforcement, and mobile data offloading.” This allows customers to mitigate latency problems with speed reduction by increasing bandwidth availability without major expenditures in bricks and mortar. The Nation’s top communications carrier AT&T uses fiber optic cables for internet access which provide low latency connection speeds to offer advanced video technologies like HDTV over its Uverse Mobile Plans (UVerse).

It’s possible for organizations to get ahead of the competition by using cloud technology in an effective and efficient way.

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For example, financial services companies that snap up customer service operations to India are helping themselves more than their competitors because they reap the benefits instantly and effectively. But these firms should be strategically aware that outsourcing this function risks implementation errors that can damage long-term profits.

Cloud computing has now become one of the most powerful ways for firms from all industries to cut costs while adding resources without worrying about limitations. One survey found 68% of surveyed executives believe implementing a private cloud is better than going public or just staying with what they already have–including 27% who say “much better” while 38% said “better.”

Assessing the external and internal interoperability of systems

A new trend in the realm of cybersecurity is assessing systems for both external and internal interoperability. The goal of this assessment is to not only find vulnerabilities in the system but also identify what a hacker might do if they were able to access it.

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Internal assessments look at how well an organization’s own systems are communicating with one another, while external assessments evaluate whether or not the organization’s information can be accessed by outsiders.

Environmental analysis and implications

“Environmental analysis and implications” is a term that has been used for the last century to describe the physical, chemical, biological, or other changes in the environment. The field of study includes research into both natural and human-induced changes in land, air, water, and living organisms. The goal of environmental scientists is to provide information about this evolving system so that policymakers can make decisions about how we manage our natural resources.

The systems and processes you describe are legal restrictions.

Legal constraints on the supply of a resource can manifest as legal restrictions, such as taxes or regulations that either block or make it expensive to do something. These could be price caps on some goods, laws against unregulated cars for sale, limits on when people can go hunting where they want (for example), etc.

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Legal restraints could also be informal limitations with an important impact. For example, the colonial charter that forbade American colonists from trading their agricultural products in other colonies might have made colonial carpentry more prominent than other places in North America because carpenters couldn’t easily trade their wares for profit elsewhere in British America unless they wanted to break the rules – which most did not. Laws are a very important kind of constraint because they don’t always appear in the form of written rules: they can be cultural taboos too, with consequences that could impact society.

Internal factors:

The impact of organizational structures and employee motivation

Different structures have different impacts on employee motivation. One is called the servant leadership approach. Instead of telling employees what to do, they ask them what needs to be done and figure out how they can facilitate those actions. Employees are more likely to want to do something meaningful, pursue a shared goal, and keep their eyes trained on the end result when they’re asked this way. When people are given autonomy in how they approach tasks–when someone is allowed flexibility in the order of difficulty or type of task assigned, for example–employees are more engaged and motivated because there still might be opportunities to learn a new skill or master an existing one that brings about greater satisfaction than just performing set tasks according to with rigid parameters.”

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Different levels of interoperability

There are different levels of interoperability.

Internal interoperability refers to two or more parts of your company being able to communicate within one system.

External interoperability is the ability for systems from different companies, often competing companies, to work together as a whole or toward a common goal.

Funding systems design and development

The traditional approach to designing and developing a new funding system is divided into three phases: design, development, and commissioning.

The first stage of the process involves analyzing both the regulatory landscape in which we operate, as well as considering what stakeholders need from our partnership with them. This can include investigating what the current environment looks like for funders, intermediaries, or project promoters; exploring how organizations currently engage with these groups; simply observing current models offered by other organizations on behalf of their customer base – research on all strands must be conducted before a proposal for change is formulated that will avoid duplication of services and check holes in service provision that might lead to corruption.

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