You have recently been appointed as Assistant Engineering Project Manager within a global manufacturing company: Mechanical Engineering Assignment, UCAS, UK

University Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)
Subject Mechanical Engineering


You have recently been appointed as Assistant Engineering Project Manager within a global manufacturing company “Tourat Industries” whose core business lies in the manufacture and provision of high-quality engineering products and services.

The company brand is facing significant competition and aims to consolidate its position and improve its place in the global market, with an increased emphasis on “Safety” across all its products and services. Your line manager is the Senior Project Manager for Engineering Development and you have been seconded to his team to provide project engineering support.

To test and improve your competency, you have been instructed to formulate and plan an engineering project of your choice, using your own experience and technical knowledge.

Your line manager has requested that your project addresses the core theme of Safety, as highlighted in item 1 below.

You have also been requested to provide evidence of collaboration with other company disciplines and team members.

Your line manager has advised that you are to deliver a professional engineering project, therefore your assignment will need to address a range of project topics in addition to engineering design. To support your professional development your project will need to convey environment and ethical factors relevant to your project and the company’s business activities.

You should also provide some evidence of original thought and innovation along with entrepreneurial skills, applicable to your work. In addition to the above your project should address the following key areas:

1.  Define what this means and provide evidence of research and engineering techniques that can be implemented to improve product or service performance in relation to your project.

2. Define the techniques which you have considered and used within your project.

3.  Define those which you have encountered and are relevant to your project and discuss the practical methods and techniques that you have used to mitigate such risks.

4.  Explain where these have been considered and applied within your project.

5.  Explain those which are relevant to your industry and your project.


Your assignment will require you to complete the following:

Select an appropriate engineering-based project and formulate and develop a professional project plan.

This will be in the form of a comprehensive report in which you will consider several engineering-based options, appropriate for your own level of experience.

You may carry out a feasibility study to help choose and to justify your final project selection from these options, being sure to acknowledge the core theme of safety throughout.

You may use a project plan template or any from your previous experiences, however, your plan should be clear and concise in its format.

You are strongly encouraged to demonstrate your own competency and professionalism.

Your report should address all the previously listed factors where these are appropriate and you should include a discussion on how your project has been influenced by relevant legislation and any important ethical factors, both within your specific industry and in engineering in general.

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