CIPD Level 3 3CO03: Ethical practice review A key responsibility for all ‘professionals’ is to regularly review and develop our performance at work: Core behaviours for people professionals, Assignment, UK

Subject 3CO03: Core Behaviours for People Professionals

Task One –

Ethical practice review A key responsibility for all ‘professionals’ is to regularly review and develop our performance at work. This includes reviewing our work and interpersonal behaviours – a particularly important activity for people professionals.

In this task, you as a people professional (working or student), are asked to answer 4 review questions about your work behaviours, with a particular focus on ethics, inclusivity and how you interact with others.

To complete the task, please respond to all four questions below. Your responses should reflect a sound understanding of ethical and inclusive people practice and include a mix of explanation (description/discussion) along with examples, as required by the question.

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1) Explain one ethical principle and one professional value that you consider to be important, and which underpin your behaviour at work (or in your studies). For each of these, provide a real example of HOW they inform your approach to work. (AC1.1)

2) Describe, with examples, two ways in which you as a people professional conform (or, in future employment, would conform) with ethics related legislation. (AC1.2)

3) For each of the three contexts (a, b, c) below, describe one example of how you have behaved in a way that was inclusive and respectful to others, and one way in which you could further enhance your behaviour. (AC2.1) a) contributing your views and opinions b) clarifying problems or issues c) working effectively as part of a team

4) Explain why it is important for a people practice professional to stay up-to-date with developments in the world of work and people practice and recommend two methods you have found most effective for this purpose. (AC2.2)

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