7HR01: Critically evaluating how this influences the work of its people professionals: Strategic employment relations, Assignment, CIPD, UK

Subject 7HR01: Strategic employment relations

Question 1 (AC 1.1)

Provide an overview of the three main perspectives on employment relations, unitarist, pluralist and radical, explaining which approach is adopted at your organisation, critically evaluating how this influences the work of its people professionals.

Question 2 (AC 2.2)

Employment relations strategies are shaped by competitive pressures; review how the current labour market and organisational strategy impacts the management of employment relations within the organisation.

Question 3 (AC 3.4)

Propose two distinct strategies to improve levels of engagement within the organisation and evaluate how their impact on organisational performance can be measured. Justify your recommendations.

Question 4 (AC 4.1)

Identify two different forms of collective bargaining, one in a unionised and one in a non-unionised environment, critically analysing their role in determining pay and resolving differences. Explain to what extent either applies to your own organisation.

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