You are to produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates the benefits to you of carrying out a work experience placement: Engineering and technology Assignment, UCAS, UK

University Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)
Subject Engineering and technology


You are to produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates the benefits to you of carrying out a work experience placement within an engineering organization. Your portfolio of work should include:

a) a reflection of your own skills and abilities

b) information that considers the importance of preparation before starting your placement. This will form part of your work experience plan.

To do this:

Firstly, reflect on and record your own skills and attributes, providing information on how they will be beneficial when you are working in an engineering workplace. You could consider the range of skills that you have gained, your ability to apply the theory that you have learned, as well as your personal skills, for example, how well you work in a team. From this, you should identify those areas where you have strengths and those areas where you need to develop professionally.

You should then consider the importance of work experience as a method of developing your skills and attributes. Your portfolio of work should include information about:

  • the role of work experience in supporting the development of your professional skills and personal attributes for work in engineering
  • how work experience can inform your career choices and help to prepare you for employment in engineering
  • how work experience can provide you with a realistic understanding of the engineering sector in which you intend to carry out your placement

This should be supported by appropriate research to provide judgments about the validity of possible work experience placements.

You should then use a range of relevant research to extend your understanding of an engineering work experience placement and to help you to develop a work experience plan, which must include information about:

  • the expectations, responsibilities, and limitations for yourself on a specific engineering work experience placement
  • a reflection on your own strengths and areas for improvement
  • your own specific personal and professional development goals and how to meet them during your engineering work experience placement

how your own plan is relevant and supports your own learning and development

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