You are going to evaluate the effectiveness of engineering processes and how human factors affect: Engineering and technology Assignment, UCAS, UK

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Subject Engineering and technology


You are working as a final-year apprentice in a small engineering company. You have been using some engineering processes to manufacture small components as part of your team; your manager is pleased with your work and has decided that you should be given some more responsibility. He wants you to look at whether the company is using the most appropriate engineering processes when manufacturing small components.

Your manager has asked you to examine a component they could produceand to report back on the engineering processes that can be used to make it, including health and safety factors, and how human factors could affect the performance of these processes. The report will impact upon company investment decisions in the future.


You are going to evaluate the effectiveness of engineering processes and how human factors affect them.

Produce a report that evaluates the effectiveness of the engineering processes (at least three) used to manufacture the productand how human factors affect the performance of the engineering processes. Your report should include

• Information on the advantages and limitations of the engineering processes used (at least three) compared with the advantages and limitations of using other possible processes, which should include justifications as to which processes are most effective, by referring to the specific requirements of the product – as part of this, you must provide thorough details about how the engineering processes work/operate, including health and safety factors and legislation and regulations that apply; and evidence that you have a strong awareness of a range of human factors, and can judge how they impact on the performance of the engineering processes from both an individual and team perspective.

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