Write the item class hierarchy and load the provided item data into the shop: Computer science Assignment, UCAS, UK

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Blog charts Media is looking to add to its legendary film and game catalog by creating an online role-playing game (RPG) of the blockbuster hit “Larry Blotter and the Janitor of Marzipan”.

The film in which young wizard Larry Blotter takes an industrial placement year at Marzipan prison as a janitor includes all the favorite characters from the series such as headmaster Professor Mumblebore and potions/foreign languages master Several Crêpes.

Blog charts Media had tasked a development company with the job of building the online RPG inventory manager, however midway through development, the company went bust and you have now been tasked with finishing the

The RPG manager has three main components, the Shop, the Inventory, and the Character. The shop lists the items available to Larry Blotter to help him clean the prison. Larry can buy these items to store in his inventory. Once in the inventory, Larry can equip these items to the relevant place, either in his hands, as clothing, or as spells; or sell them back to the shop. As Larry equips items, he will gain cleaning and protective magic.

There are three categories of items: hand, clothing, and spells. Larry can only ever carry 150kg of weight at any one time and has a total of 200 gold to buy items with. The final user interface will look something like the following:

Task 1

Write the item class hierarchy and load the provided item data into the shop.

Task 2

Buy and sell items from the shop. These are then to appear in the character’s inventory. Create a new item to appear in the shop.

Task 3

Equip and unequip items to the character based on the rules given. Update the character’s attributes. Sort the lists by implementing the IComparable interface for the Item class.

Task 4

Save and load the state of the program.

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