SOE11445: MBA Project- The Role of Transformational Leadership in Driving Organizational Innovation Mapping: Leadership and Innovation, Assignment, ENU, UK

University Edinburgh Napier University (ENU)
Subject SOE11445: MBA Project

The requirements for the assessment

You are evaluated based on your capacity to develop and implement a management report in the field of business management. 20 Companies have been chosen from the FAME database.

These will be companies based in Scotland, or companies with their registered head office in Scotland. The purpose of the FAME database is to provide the secondary data that will support a business problem of your choosing. The FAME database is accessible to all Edinburgh Napier students via the library page and there will be a live session to demonstrate the database to you.

One of these companies is to be chosen by you and this is to be then focus for the MBA project.

No other companies may be used other than those detailed on the MBA Project SOE11445 Moodle page. These will change and so the appropriate years list must be used.

There is the inclusion of both academic, grey and practitioner approaches to the SOE11445 MBA project, which considers and answers a real-world business problem.

The problem/issue must align with your MBA pathway

Only secondary data for the selected company will be utilised. There is no primary data collection.

The PowerPoint Presentation is a brief overview of the project to show how the project process was undertaken, as well as offer insights and the outcomes.

As each project is individual there is no prescriptive format for the PowerPoint presentation.

The PowerPoint presentation slides must be explained through narration and there will be support for developing these skills. A key aspect of the PowerPoint presentation is the oral communication.

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Assessment criteria

The MBA Project is assessed by the marking criteria detailed in the marking rubric at the end of this brief.

The MBA Project PowerPoint presentation is assessed by the marking criteria detailed in the marking rubric at the end of this brief.

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