Produce a policy brief that discusses the most important dimensions of a particular global health: Public health Assignment,ARU,UK

University Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)
Subject Public Health

Task one

Produce a policy brief that discusses the most important dimensions of a particular global health  Policy issue as well as the various perspectives associated with it ( e.g., medical social political-economic, etc.).


Broadly speaking students were shocked! apply knowledge and skills obtained during the Course oldie module to present policymakers with valid evidence. about the various dimensions and perspectives in order to aid their decision-making processes.

In More specific terms. you are expected to critically evaluate relevant pubic debates associated with the chosen health policy issue, as covered by the media, in an attempt to better understand the role of public reaction in health policymaking. but also to precool’ relevance of health policy. more generally.

This assessment is worth 35% of the total marks for the module.

Task Two

present, analyze, and critically evaluate an existing global health intervention for the health issue you discussed in Task One. Make a specific recommendation to policymakers on whether changes are required to improve the impact of this intervention.

The presentation is expected to follow the academic format (e.g., introduction, body, and conclusion) while ensuring fully accessible information to a wide range of professionals. The evidence from objective, rigorous, original studies drawing upon a number of disciplines relevant to the policy question is expected to be synthesized.


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