BN2007: Propose, sketch and describe a heating system to be installed in this building justifying your choice: Building Services Integration, Assignment, UCLan, UK

University University Of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
Subject BN2007: Building Services Integration


A 5-story office building is to be provided by mechanical, public health, and electrical systems. The building has the basement and top roof spaces available for plant allocation. You have been approached by the client from the outset to give advice on the integration of Mechanical and Electrical building services in this building. You are faced with the following duties to perform:

Mechanical HVAC Services 

  • Propose, sketch and describe a heating system to be installed in this building justifying your choice.
  • Explain THREE factors that should be included in the decision on the position of the heat emitters? Give examples and illustrate your answer. What safety precautions must be taken in this building in areas occupied by disabled people?
  • State, with reasons, the appropriate combinations of natural and mechanical ventilation for the toilets and basement boiler room areas in this building, support your answer with clear sketches where appropriate.
  • It is found that if a high-level air supply system is used in this building there would not be enough space in the ceiling void (above the false ceiling) to accommodate ductwork and air supply boxes. Recommend a proposal on what alternative system should be used and why. Comment on all aspects that you may consider.
  • If an air handling unit is allocated on the roof and the refrigeration plant is in the basement, by means of a clear sketch show how they are linked to each other. What builder’s work is needed to accommodate air distribution installation with regard to the shell and the core of the building? Can a heat pump system be used in this office block to replace the air conditioning and part of the central heating system? Justify your answer.

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Electrical and Transportation Services :

  • Prepare a site program for the main contractor for the installation and operation of temporary site electrical services for this building including the factors that should be taken into consideration?

Lighting provision 

  • Propose an artificial lighting system for one typical floor. Explain the reason(s) for your choice.
  • How can your proposal contribute to a “sustainable building design” and how can it be integrated with the provision of daylight to minimize the use of electrical lighting?

Fire and Security systems

If a sprinkler system is proposed in this building, explain how it functions, giving details of the alternative operating modes available and how it integrates with the building control system. State the suitable sources of water for sprinklers.

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