Design and implement an object-oriented program describing two kinds of bank accounts: Software Engineering Course Work, UCLan, UK

Coursework DescriptionDesign and implement an object-oriented program describing two kinds of bank accounts, FixedFee and ChargeableFee, that differ in the way that fees are charged:FixedFee
| George Orwell | 14th Jun 2022

PU2016: You need to undertake a literature review into an aspect of occupational therapy practice: Research methods and evidence-based practice 2 Assignment, UCLan, UK

Learning OutcomesStudents must be able to:Identify types of research and evidence and their appropriateness for practice Evaluate a range of evidence Discuss and present areas for futu
| George Orwell | 10th May 2022

BN2007: Propose, sketch and describe a heating system to be installed in this building justifying your choice: Building Services Integration, Assignment, UCLan, UK

ScenarioA 5-story office building is to be provided by mechanical, public health, and electrical systems. The building has the basement and top roof spaces available for plant allocation. You hav
| George Orwell | 4th Jan 2022

MP4709: Apply principles of computational thermodynamics to modern energy systems: Energy Systems Coursework, UCLan, UK

Learning outcomes This formative assignment should produce sufficient evidence for partial fulfillment of the following module learning outcomes:• Apply principles of computational thermodynami
| George Orwell | 23rd Dec 2021