As the debate over the decision-making and capability of the British government during the coronavirus: Politics and International Relations Essay, KCL, UK

University King's College London (KCL)
Subject Politics and International Relations
  • As the debate over the decision-making and capability of the British government during the coronavirus pandemic has grown in intensity, a searching question about whether people in England have been especially poorly served by the institutions that govern them has started to gain traction.
  • Few random lines about Covid-19 globally and in England is an unexpected challenge faced by both developed and in developing economies. The disease first discovered in December 2019 in China  spread to the whole world, making Europe the epicenter of the outbreak in the first months of 2020
  • The UK policy response to Covid-19 illustrates the problems arising where (1) a central government faces few countervailing political pressures as in Westminster systems; (2) the design of intergovernmental relations (IGR) mechanisms of coordination and conflict resolution fails to cope with the realities of a severely, asymmetric devolution settlement; and (3) local government faces serious collective action problems in influencing and mobilizing resistance to a dominant central government. (4) the role of scientific advice in addressing Covid-19.

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