Critique a plan of care for  a patient with complex needs  from your Field of Practice: Managing complexity module Essay, UK

Subject Managing complexity module Essay


Critique a plan of care for  a patient with complex needs  from your Field of Practice


  • approx 10%
  • start with a brief introduction to what will be discussed in your assignment
  • This is not an introduction to your patient/service user
  • Include some relevant info e.g definitions, what is complex care, what is a care plan, some background information e.g UK statistics; info on QOL

Learning Outcomes All FoP

1. Critically appraise the evidence base of a plan of care for a patient/client/ service user with complex care needs. The plan of care should address the bio-psycho-social needs of the patient.

2.Identify and critically analyse the relevant decision-making frameworks that may help to identify deterioration in a patient with complex co-morbidities

3.Critically explore how inter-professional working impacts on the care of patients/clients/families with complex care needs

4. Appraise the importance of communication skills in empowering patients/clients/service users with multiple comorbidities to self-manage their complex needs through behaviour change

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