5CO01: The CEO has also asked you to prepare a presentation to the managers prior to their formal Strategic Management: Organisational Performance and Culture in Practice Assignment, UOA, UK

University University of Aberdeen (UOA)
Subject 5CO01: Organisational Performance and Culture in Practice
  • Presentation Pack Task: 

The CEO has also asked you to prepare a presentation to the managers prior to their formal Strategic Management Planning meeting to position them for their meeting. The focus is to give a theoretical understanding of organizational culture and workplace behavior and how people practices should support the achievement of business goals and objectives. The presentation pack needs to include presentation slides and supporting notes. The presentation must include:

  1. an explanation of the principles of different approaches, theories, and models of organizational and human behavior that illustrate the factors that can influence how individuals, groups, and teams contribute to organizational success.
  2. an identification of the main drivers of change in organizations, and using at least two established models, an explanation of how people might experience change
  3. an explanation of the steps that can be taken to increase diversity and inclusion in your work, and the implications for a positive and inclusive culture of not taking these steps
  4. using examples from your experience and current good practice concepts, an explanation of the positive and negative ways in which people practices can affect organizational culture and behaviors.
  5. an assessment of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and identification of the different factors affecting wellbeing that can impact physically and psychologically and upon relationships, affecting health, commitment, and performance.
  6. a critical evaluation of your experience of work and how this illustrates and supports the concept and principles of the employee lifecycle
  7. explains both the strategic and operational links and support between people practice and other organizational functions.
  8. explores the principles of different approaches for engaging with internal customers to establish their needs
  9. explains the key components of project planning strategies that can be used for ensuring projects are delivered in line with customer requirements.

It is essential that you refer to academic concepts, theories, and professional practice for the tasks to ensure that your work is supported by analysis. Please ensure that any references and sources are drawn upon are acknowledged correctly and supported by a bibliography

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