3CO03: Describe activities you have undertaken to develop your knowledge, skills, and experience over the last year: Core Behaviours For Peiple Professionals Assignment, CIPD, UK

University Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Subject 3CO03: Core Behaviours For Peiple Professionals

Task Two  Professional Development Record

A crucial aspect of being a People Practice professional is staying up to date with issues and developments and ensuring professional currency by regularly upgrading knowledge and skills. This task is about how you, personally, do this. The task requires you to provide a record of how you have maintained and upgraded your own knowledge and skills, along with your reflections on how effective this has been. Your `record’ can be presented as a simply written account or as a formal CPD Record and should cover at least 3 activities undertaken within the last year. (AC 2.3) To complete the task, provide a written account/CPD Record, in which you:

  • Describe (at least 3) activities you have undertaken to develop your knowledge, skills, and experience over the last year. Activities may be, for example, formal development activities such as planned learning events or programs, informal activities such as researching online or reading a book, work-based activities such as participating in a particular work project or simply putting yourself in a work role or position that you knew would stretch and develop you. The activities may have been in response to an identified performance issue or problem or may reflect a new area of interest for you. Your record should explain the reasons for your choice of activity as well as what the activity involved.
  • Reflect on the outcomes of each activity and their impact on your practice. For example: did you gain a greater understanding of, or more knowledge about, something and if so, how has that actually impacted your behavior? How are you, or is your performance, different because of the learning undertaken? Was the activity worth doing in terms of its impact on your behavior or performance? Did the activity make you aware of, or maybe generate, other development needs? What conclusions did you draw from this for further activities?

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