Unit 42 Employability Skills Assignment Sample UK

Employability skills are imperative for effective employment. This course provides a basic understanding of group needs, communication, and interpersonal skills. Its responsibilities and performance objectives and need for improving those skills.

This unit analyses the need for problem-solving, recognizing difficulties, and solving them. Professional and personal skill development is important to carry out business operations. It reviews the motivational techniques used to improve the quality of performance.

Students get an idea of the nature of communications existing at different levels of organizations and time-management strategies.

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Assignment solutions of employability Skills

Roles played by individuals and how they collaborate to meet the organizational objectives. It develops a strategy for resolving the issue of employee turnover. It likewise assesses The expected outcome of implementing the technique on the business.

Ability to determine own needs and responsibilities

Leadership skills ease skill development like indirect/direct relationships, adaptability, decision-making process. It fosters employment and work ethics, progress monitoring, and recruiting fresh talents. Setting and monitoring business goals lead to accomplishing the objectives.

Inclusion of performance evaluation systems includes salary hikes, training, promotion of weaknesses/strengths.

It evaluates the rating methods, ranking methods, production, checklist, and paired comparison. Appraisal and application of Motivation theories prompt business growth.

P1.1 Plan a set of performance and organizational goals

It needs a group of employees to carry out business operations in the travel & tourism industry. Responsibilities and job roles performed by each employee are unique.

The roles and performance objectives of a customer service executive in a travel organization are as follows:

  • Improve consumer satisfaction to boost brand awareness.
  • Managing discounts and rebates to increase sales
  • Maintaining industry standards in client service
  • Ensuring that the representative undergo regular training
  • Accomplishing the organizational objectives
  • To examine any loss that happened to the association
  • Addressing the grievances of the clients on regular basis and problems faced by them
  • Ensuring that management gives all customer and employment-related laws due respect and considerations
  • To make decisions related to finance-related issues, performance evaluation, report making, and more.

Other than the responsibilities, there are performance objectives too:

  • He ensures exceptional services to the customers and stockholders.

To do so, the service manager needs to track performance from the ratings given by customers’ feedback and surveys.

  • In order to offer top-notch and quality services to improve customer satisfaction. For that purpose, it is imperative to set goals emphasizing service quality.
  • Set performance objectives that distinguish and judge their exhibitions and representative fulfillment.
  • Implementing a set of monitoring techniques to check the employee’s performance
  • To recognize the barriers to organizational success, performance objectives, and standards.
  • Develop a performance evaluation system for the association.
  • To make systems to control the issues of underperformance and talk about execution improvement procedures.
  • Develop strategies to address the underperformance and discuss steps to improve performance

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P1.2 Prioritizing organizational objectives instead of personal needs

Types of Motivation

Several methods and tools are available to track progress. It includes a performance evaluation framework and feedback on weaknesses/strengths. Motivation is of two types. They are as follows:

  • Extrinsic Motivation: Extrinsic Motivation is about using external factors to motivate the staff members to do what they want. It can be bonus checks, time off, pay hikes, or a threat to job loss. These are all external motivators. Some are negative, while some are negative.
  • Intrinsic Motivation: Intrinsic Motivation is the mental desire to overcome challenges and deliver high-quality services. Self-inflicted individuals get a great deal of satisfaction from the work they do. Different team members have different mindsets. So it is more likely that motivators differ from person to person.

So it is imperative to know your people, figure out things that motivate them. Use a mixture of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, so that you can motivate them.

Equity theory

Equity theory is about the relationship that persists between the employees and the motivation they get to work hard. It speaks of their conception of fair treatment at the workplace. Oftentimes, employers use employees as inputs to get their work done on time.

It is changing with time. Employers get enlightened to motivate their employees. As per recent reports, employees not only get motivated by money, but attitude also motivates them. John Adams proposed the Equity theory in 1963.

Adams told that employees are always seeking equity between outcomes from efforts and input that they bring to the table. The point of concern is the reward received. Thus, it is the central cause of equity or lack of the same.

Theory of Expectancy

Victor Vroom stated that the majority of the employees feel motivated on perceiving that they get rewarded based on work done. Expectancy theories describe an employee’s performance at the workplace. If an employee fails to perform, he wouldn’t get rewarded.

Maslow’s theory of needs

As per Maslow’s theory of needs, leaders can implement performance appraisal methods like:

  • Physiological needs: To support the physiological requirements, leaders need to recognize that team members manage their necessities like remuneration,
  • Safety needs: Maintaining and perceiving the Safety needs are the responsibilities of leaders. The team leader has to prioritize resource security, security of health and wellness, and more.
  • Belonging or love: With time, the staff members become strong. Team leaders need to assess their understanding of the staff members and motivate them to do work most effectively.
  • Regard needs: Team leaders need to determine the esteems and responsibilities of the staff members. The esteem needs are measurable like achievement, confidence levels, and more. the regard necessities foster the custom of work and motivate the colleagues to tackle jobs in a decent way
  • Behavior Theory: This motivation theory assesses the conduct of an individual concerning the association. If the employee’s behavior is appreciable, he would be able to maintain good relations with the colleagues. This behavioral theory judges individual behavior and discriminates between negative or positive behavior.


This report assesses the importance of motivation theory, and how it improves the quality of work. This report analyses the importance of improving direct and indirect relationships, and the responsibilities of the leaders.

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