Unit 40: International Marketing Assignment Sample-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

The goal of this unit is to teach students about how organizations coordinate their international marketing efforts. Students will learn about the challenges that organizations face when doing so. After finishing this unit, students will be able to work with marketing teams internationally and study marketing at a higher level.

Marketers need to think about how marketing strategies are different in other countries.

For example, people who live in a country might not have the same needs as people who live somewhere else.

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International marketing is a complex and diverse topic. It does not just concern businesses that want to sell their products in another country; it also covers the strategies for promoting your business internationally.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to sell your product or service globally, you will need to think about how people from different countries might react differently. You also have to think about how language barriers can affect your company’s success in other countries.

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Companies because of their complexity often overlook international marketing, but it is essential for any global-minded businessperson looking for success in today’s economy.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit, a student will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of how marketing contributes to business strategies in an international context

Marketing is important for any business. There are many different aspects of marketing, from promotions and events to the product itself and its presentation.

A form of marketing is giving people free stuff. They can buy it when they get it. It lets you have more customers and sometimes they will like the product so much that they will give their friends some and then you have more customers too!

In some countries, it is not legal to give out free samples of food products because they are usually not made from safe materials. In other countries, the law does not say whether someone giving out free samples must have a permit for handling food that can be sold under local law. If certain conditions are met, unsolicited product samples may not be considered as tending a trade near where people live if the person handing them out does not ask for money in exchange nor has no intention to sell the products.

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Evaluate entry to a selection of international markets and define the key success factors

To enter the international market, you must follow the rules for that country.

For example, in most countries, you will need to notify them and make sure that your product is safe. The one exception is if it is a food contact material or medical device.

Another major issue within an emerging market like India can be its complicated marketplace structure where it is often difficult to pinpoint distributors, retailers, and end customers.

Emerging markets are places where the economy changes quickly. Middlemen usually charge high prices because it is hard to understand what a buyer wants, and there is no way to enforce prices.

Investigate how elements of the marketing plan can be adapted or standardized across international markets

A global marketing plan needs to adapt and be standardized across international markets.

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A global marketing plan is important because it gives you a framework to develop your brand all around the world. It allows for different attitudes, values, lifestyles, and cultures that may happen in different countries.

The standardization of messages help people communicate worldwide. However, it also needs to be adapted to the local area where it is being used.

For example, in an Egyptian market, people do not like showing off brands. They are more about how they love their local things.

Demonstrate an understanding of how to organize and evaluate international marketing efforts (multinational, global, transnational, and meta-national, etc.)

International marketing is a term for the commercial transactions that take place among people or organizations in multiple countries. These are the ways that things change. There are many of them. Two examples are that people share technology and work together, or they merge with each other to become one company.. The activities usually include exporting goods from one country to another and importing goods into another country.

International marketing also includes things like advertising and promotion. You can advertise in different ways, like in a newspaper or on television. You can also promote your product by demonstrating it at a show for people from all over the world to see.

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A company can do marketing in different places. They might want to sell the same thing everywhere and they need to have the same type of strategy.

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