Unit 39-LO4 Demonstrate an understanding of the finance of selling-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

“The finance of selling is a complex process and involves many financial considerations. Understanding the various aspects of financing a sale is important for determining what type of financing to pursue, how to prepare for the sale, and how much time will be needed to complete it.”

A person’s understanding of the finances of selling an asset is vital to their success. This article will help you understand what you need to know about how much money it takes to sell your home in order for it to be successful. It provides key information on why this knowledge can make or break a sale, and why knowing these numbers might just save you from being taken advantage of by a less than a scrupulous realtor.

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Portfolio management:

Calculating margins

Calculating margins is important because it provides investors with a view into how the portfolio has changed over time. Of course, various operations factors can have an impact on margins: after all, revenue and expenses both lead to net margin. So analyzing only one factor like cost isn’t quite enough to gain an accurate perspective of how your portfolio is performing. Changes in profit or loss from year to year might be driven by changes in prices and output rather than changes in sales mix or rates.

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Payment mechanisms and terms

Many online payment mechanisms and terms that are common in the US, such as PayPal, Google Wallet, and Square Inc., don’t work at all outside the US. As a result, people who live abroad can only use cash or some other type of traditional payment system to buy things from an online retailer. This is obviously inconvenient for everyone involved.

Fortunately, there seems to be an increasing trend in international retailers embracing digital payments even if they don’t have a physical location in the country where you live. Take Zalando for example – they accept PayPal which means customers living worldwide can shop on their site confidentially and without concerns about not being able to pay.

The sales cycle

A sales cycle is what marketers refer to as the process of finding, closing, and maintaining new customers.

It typically includes 3 steps: identifying a customer’s needs and selling value; delivering on that promise by suggesting products or services which meet those needs, and follow-up to ensure satisfaction.

During this process, you’ll learn more about the customer in order to define your offering better than your competition’s, identify their needs that aren’t being met through existing solutions, sell them on why your solution will be better than the alternatives – and deliver with absolute integrity.

Industry-specific sales cycle management

Sales cycle management is the process of a company managing its sales process from identifying potential prospects to closing a sale. The first step involves developing and executing a plan for identifying prospect needs, solving problems for those prospects, and maximizing the sale or generating qualified leads.

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With some companies, sales cycle management can coincide with all other goals in their business strategy. For example, GE’s new digital journey entails investing in an informative content to generate strong initial interest which generates more leads, and this then drives sales cycle management efforts in converting these leads into closed deals. Other companies start by introducing a highly interactive online presence that generates more natural traffic back to their websites – an approach pioneered by Oracle’s ExactTarget advertising model (back when it was still known as Exact Engage).

Overall, performance management

The idea of performance management is that performance will improve because managers can see what needs to be done in order to progress along the organizational hierarchy. Performance management should work as a business, typically it’s based on KPIs and goals or targets for improvement.

These are set by analyzing current data collected from employees, which evaluates their strengths and weaknesses according to four standard categories: leadership potential, skillset, problem-solving capabilities, and responsibility in relation to position or title. The strength of a given employee within these categories determines how they may move up through the organization over time.

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