Unit 36-LO3 Apply contemporary knowledge and research to support emerging HR developments-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

HR is focusing its efforts on developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes for life in a globalized economy.

HR has long been framed as responsible for appraising talent, hiring people with those skills (then retaining them), and measuring performance. But now HR is restructuring the workforce by pushing responsibility out along the value chain to all levels-to identify what knowledge they need in order to contribute and organize opportunities for learning accordingly, one of HR’s most valuable assets.

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Developing knowledge through research:

Use of effective research skills to explore contemporary research based on emerging HR developments. These are contextual to a country/region but an understanding of how these are linked in a global environment should be considered

Effective research skills are so critical for the burgeoning field of HR. With such a burgeoning field, there is no opportunity to educate at every level across the globe; therefore, it is even more important that we invest in a concerted effort to train new and seasoned professionals alike on how to do effective research.

Overwhelming information from inconsistent sources – journals, social media sites, etc., can lead us to an exhausting outcome that undermines our ability to be strategic planners with any level of confidence.

In order for HR professionals to have confidence in their work (and future), they must be confident in what they’re reading and drawing conclusions from. Researching emerging developments in HR will not only give you a handle on emerging trends but also enhance your knowledge base of HR principles and increase your confidence when discussing these trends with others.

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One of the most effective ways to research emerging trends is by utilizing social media.  The extent to which we benefit from this avenue depends on how well we know what information sources can be depended upon.

The future for HR as a function and process:

How will the HR function evolve given advances in technology that have influenced workforce behavior and culture, HR practices, and skills requirements?

The evolution of the HR function in the context of technology will be determined by two main factors: workforce behavior and HR practices.

With respect to workforce behavior, artificial intelligence that increasingly mimics natural human conversation might lead to employees who are more inclined to use robots for basic administrative tasks like taking messages or scheduling meetings, which frees up time for them to address higher-level matters.

In this sense, organizations may need fewer HR staff down the line because there could be less demand for recruitment, benefits services, or other traditional functions.

Organizations could also look at developing blended rosters where staff work around core hours so as not to be available at any given moment during regular business hours. But on the positive side, these sorts of developments can make it easier for people to have more control over their work and personal lives, especially those who are working both full-time and part-time or want to pursue a career in several areas.

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HR managers may need to embrace technology that helps them identify the best talent from around the world, rather than focusing solely on candidates who already live in their city or the country. This means learning how to use social media effectively and get comfortable creating a profile for an organization on LinkedIn or other professional networking sites. It will also involve putting your organization on sites like Glassdoor where employees can rate companies as places to work as well as look for job opportunities elsewhere.

The increased demand for a better work-life balance

The increased demand for a better work-life balance can be attributed to multiple factors, including globalization, information technology, demographic shifts (i.e., an aging population), longer life spans, and shifting attitudes towards work.

These factors all contribute to worker demands that employers need also need to consider when making strategies regarding staffing and employee retention.

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An example of these contributing factors is expected rapid growth in the U.S labor force size due partly to the retiring Baby Boomers generation as they leave the workforce creating very high employee turnover rates; however, this prediction has been overestimated because people are starting their families later in life than previous generations which will help stabilize larger numbers of employees coming into the workforce with some staying permanently.

The impact of cross-cultural engagement within organizations and the impact of globalization

The purpose of cross-cultural engagement in organizations is to create a deeper understanding of other cultures and break down stereotypes.

The impact of globalization has been felt as companies are challenged to be more globally competitive. Organizations need people who can contribute to the global strategy, attract talent from around the world, develop long-term relationships locally and abroad or facilitate the company’s entry into different parts of the globe. Companies must be prepared for an environment where innovation will no longer come from developed markets but rather the developing markets themselves.

Contemporary HR challenges:

Current external and internal factors present challenges and barriers to effective Human Resources Management

The current external and internal factors present challenges and barriers to successful HRM. Many company executives have a very hard time understanding the value proposition of their HR teams, which is why promoting your team’s purpose can be quite difficult.

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But there are many effective ways that managers can improve their teams’ productivity and performance; from empowering staff to drive decisions to structuring tasks so they’re fun for employees. So make sure you do your best to create a work environment that’s conducive to success!

Forecasting potential challenges and barriers

Forecasting potential challenges and barriers to the product, service, or company is a crucial part of finding scalability and sustainability. Companies should be cognizant of what could become a threat in the development lifecycle in order to find ways to minimize them as quickly as possible.

Strategies will vary depending on what type of organization you are working with and how long-term their plans are looking, but some steps that can be taken care brainstorming with staff about potential obstacles they foresee for your company- something as simple as an email survey could help companies open the door for collaboration between employees who may not otherwise speak up about their concerns because they feel like they don’t hold much power.

A second strategy would be user testing customer-facing services when they are in development. This helps companies see things like if a button is placed too high or low on a page, helping them spot potential issues that could be overlooked by designers and developers as they go along with the project.

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Another strategy would be to talk about long-term goals within your company and how best the company can continue to have a positive impact on society even after it’s gone through its entire lifecycle of expansion and decline.

Finally, another strategy to consider is monitoring for any potential downsides to new technology implementations by talking with employees who may use those technologies frequently at work.

The non-HR manager:

The HR function is key to the legal and effective management of all employees. It’s important for the professions that report to HR to provide fair, consistent, and clear guidance, both in written materials (i.e. policies) and in their interaction with managers, supervisors, and subordinate staff members as legal decisions transition from paper to digital contexts.

The reasons for this are many: – Employees have access not only to an increasing number of tools but also knowledge about how these tools work- Smartphones have become ubiquitous with frequent availability of unlimited data plans- Online platforms allow employers, employees, and third parties alike transmit a large volume of user data around the world at great speed- Businesses are pressured by investors into meritocratic cultures where technology enables accurate measurement of performance and productivity.

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