Unit 33-LO3 Evaluate IT systems that support value-added change within organisations-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

The organizational change in IT systems that support value-added change within organizations is always difficult because of the inherent constraints. There are many ways that an IT system can support an organization and its continual transition into the future.

These approaches often require a lot of research to get to a decision for what approach will be best for the organization at this time.

Change management is usually divided into phases: planning, execution, effects and unplanned events analysis, reassessment phase, and new venture incorporation. When implementing new technology there must also be a consideration for what does it mean for employees when they move from one computer program or type of work to something more specific to their job’s original outline or purpose (e.g., digitizing books).

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Project management methodologies and strategies to create value and competitive advantage:

Project management methodology for achieving specific goals

To achieve specific goals in project management, it is important to work through the following steps:

1. Determine the goal. Whether this goal is to increase revenue or decrease expenses, being very clear about what you are trying to achieve will translate into better results down the line. Without knowing your objective, how would you know when you’ve reached it?

2. Identify all of the projects that must be completed to reach this goal. This includes both small and large-scale projects, so make sure not to leave anything out because a lot could end up undercutting your progress later on. You should also consider any personal desires here because they can have an impact too–the sooner these take place, the sooner you can achieve your end goal.

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3. Assign each project a priority number on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the highest priority and 10 being the lowest. A lower number means that it’s less urgent than one with a higher number but if they’re both tied for a second or third place then leave them as is because this isn’t necessarily going to be easy to plan out in advance so don’t get too lost in how everything lines up.

4. Put all of your projects into an Excel spreadsheet based on their respective priorities and tackle them one after another from start to finish until you reach your goal or determine that it’s no longer worth continuing due to other factors.

Value creation strategy, competitive advantage, make or buy decisions

Value creation strategy is an approach to decision-making that separates the idea from the execution. Value creators are people who generate value through ideas and insights, while value executers are those who execute on these ideas. This separation of labor can be helpful in many ways; it allows for better collaboration between teams, provides a clearer understanding of responsibilities and expectations, and it creates specialization in certain skillsets.

Competitive advantage can be defined as a sustainable, significant qualitative difference between the products or services of an enterprise and those of its rivals.

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The competitive advantage exists in the service dynamic where one institution has a higher social benefit than its rival, and this allows them to charge less for their product or service.

Business Information Technology Systems has to decide on whether they want to buy or build. There are pros and cons for each side of the argument, but ultimately the decision will be up to you as an individual. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of these pros and cons so that you can decide what is best for your business. We’ll also look at how technology has changed over time so that you have more insight into how each option may impact your company in the future.

Cost and benefit analysis

Cost and benefit analysis is a concept that has been around for decades as a way to determine the value of an investment. It requires measuring two different variables: costs and benefits.

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This assignment will explore how these concepts can be applied in the context of military spending. The United States spends more on defense than any other country, but some critics argue that it is not worth the cost given its low position among all countries in terms of GDP per capita. I will examine both sides, looking at what factors might make this expenditure worthwhile and what could make it inefficient or even wasteful to spend so much money on defense when there are so many problems domestically facing our nation’s government.

IT support for value-added change:

New and existing approaches to improving IT position and impact on other business areas providing value-added services

The best way to improve IT position and impact on other areas of the business are to always be looking outside their own department for ways that they can add value, for example by seeing what else people in the area are working on. This can be accomplished through other means.

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For instance, being included in an Offsite meeting or a leadership task force will give them a more holistic understanding of how their work impacts other areas of the company and insight into how they might help or generate additional revenue from those areas.

System development tools and techniques

Tools and Techniques:

A tool can be anything that makes a tech task easier, like an app or an API. A technique is how to use the tool correctly.

The first question in any development process should be “what problem are we solving?” and the answer determines which tools are used.

For example, if you need to provide visitors with information about a new product before they buy it, then a CRM may not be helpful. But email might offer some value as it offers features such as automation and analytics without requiring much input from developers or IT staff.

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